Ethan Ralph Gunt Report - From /Baph/ to ED to /cow/ and kiwi the internet's toy

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You should seen an icon that is three dots above the op message. Click that and you should find a button to edit the post.

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You should seen an icon that is three dots above the op message. Click that and you should find a button to edit the post.
I'm pretty sure it's an account age issue. I could only edit the OP of my thread about the arrest for 24 hours, not indefinitely (luckily it's an important thread and so Josh has been updating it himself). If you can do it and I can't, it's probably a 6-month account age requirement, if I had to guess.
Nice work, people have been searching for that missing stream for around a year now. How did you find it?

I've got a local archive, I've put it over in this thread.

Made a local copy the day of the stream, however there has been a few uploads by other people to youtube but a lot have gotten the good ol Warski / Ralph copyright strikes. Good idea to add it to the Killstream thread.

Does anyone have pictures of his current vehicle? I saw someone that looked just like ralph at one of Virginia's borders and he was comically fucking short, I'm talking he was shoulder to window level short

The console looked just like the pre Tampa pic and he had the grey shirt black hat and sunglasses combo as well, strangley enough he was not accompanied by pantsu


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Ethan Ralph has a thread on yet another forum, it's not encyclopedia dramatica it's not 8kun, it's the onion farms run by @Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt
They used the old Op verbatim.


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Imagine it, being the man, Ethan Oliver Ralph, and becoming such a greasy shit that you are now immortalized in the annals of Internet infamy, amongst the greats like Tommy Tooter, Jessica Yaniv, and CWC.

@theralph how's it feel bud? There's an entire culture around laughing at your pathetic wrinkly fat hanging gunt, your provably small micro-dick, and impending jail time.
He crashed that car iirc,

That was the funniest thing from the Zoom leaks. Insurance calling you up saying "hey you missin your bumper because we got it Ralph so call us back". He was drunk when that happened so he fled the scene. How many demerits do you get for fleeing the scene of an accident in Virginia? They make it sound serious online but as we know nothing ever came of it.

He'll probably lose his license by not paying child support on time.


I'm going to unlock all the achievements.
Not sure where else to post this. Ralph is currently a guest on a weird little live show at called Kermit and Friends. The call in line is 917.803.3705 and its completely empty.
UPDATE; he just left, a couple people got some jabs in though
Odd, the Twitter was archived six years ago.

Her other channel.

A highlight from the stream.

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Seriously what is this shit? A bunch of milquetoast boomers who can't stop talking? What a bizarre crossover.
So I've made it three minutes in from the afore-mentioned timestamp and it really, REALLY looks like the main viewer demo is faggots who like staring at Plastic Surgery Ghouls.

EDIT @ 5mins in: Yes please, do this, listeners, you won't regret it.ethanralphgoogle.pngethanralphboring.png
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