Ethan Ralph Loses Bet, Shills for DSP - Expect flying pigs


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So Ethan Ralph of The Ralph Retort had a bet going with Mister Metokur over Mortal Kombat. If Metokur lost, he had to do some gay shit with King of Pol. And if Ethan lost, he had to promote DSP for a week (with requests to go donate to him)

Well, today was the day of the fight, and Ralph lost.

Which means a week of nightly promotions for DSP involving a (shunned from YouTube) talkshow. I assume the amount of troll cheers will quadruple.

For those interested in seeing the frankly disappointing loss, tune in here:

Flawless Victory...

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Prince Lotor

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Will DSP acknowledge that Jim Metokur has graciously extended a helping hand during his time of need after suffering from an extended illness? Will DSP act like the shitty piss-baby he always does? Will this cause DSP to get "Sick with Worry' again?
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I would have been more amused if Ralph had actually taken it seriously. I mean come on, at least if he had trained more he would have not lost 7-0. If it had been 7-1 it would have repeated the World cup final meme.



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I look forward to DSP getting 14.88 cheers, here's hoping enough people come over to over-power the moderation. Either way should be an interesting episode.

Edit: Ralph was actually talking about getting DSP on Killstream. That's fascinating.
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