Ethan Ralph might be selling an NFT of his son. - "I am selling my son as an nft to raise funds for my case to see him again, despite what some bitches might prefer I do "

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Oct 10, 2014
As much as I understand that this is an evil alogging, I still cannot help but chuckle at it every now and then. It really is a thing of beauty. Its something that you can just send to the uninitiated with no context given and they would be either disgusted or overjoyed, likely both.

Ralph should do it in earnest.


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Jan 28, 2019
Since the wallets don't match any of Ralph's (including his hidden ones), it's fake.
But I bet it's "kino" and people just hate fun, and being an autistic illuminati is funny.
Probably fake, but the ETH address shown on Rarible not matching Ralph’s known wallets is not evidence of such.

Many NFT platforms let you publish NFTs without minting them on the ETH blockchain since it’s expensive as fuck — once the NFT is sold it get minted. Rarible does such and it’s how people can shit out NFTs without paying hundreds of dollars in gas. As a result it wouldn’t be on any of Ralph’s known ETH wallets. It doesn’t exist on Ethereum at present — the address is just the placeholder pubkey.

Ralph’s a brainlet and likely stores most of his crypto on Coinbase anyway, completely eliminating the potential to neatly tax-evade on a purely crypto income stream.
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Mar 10, 2021
If the boy turns out to not actually be his son, though, then can he still sell the boy's likeness like this?
Given that he isn't legally recognized as having even partial guardianship of the kid right now, it would be... questionable at best, even if he IS the kid's bio dad