Ethan Ralph Prosecution File - Compile Evidence Of Ethan Ralph Breaking The Law To Forward To Prosecutors

The Demon Baby

Where's my fucking child support, dad?
Dec 8, 2020
Moments ago, Ralph tweeted that he was just released from the Richmond City Justice Center.


He has definitely been charged with something, as he is claiming that he is "going to beat this." Let's use this thread to give the prosecutors enough ammo to bury him in court.

Ethan Ralph releasing Revenge Porn:

Fan offers Ethan Ralph methamphetamines. Ethan Ralph eagerly accepts:

Fan discussing how he just smoked meth with Ethan Ralph:

Ethan Ralph claiming he'd have assaulted someone for filming him:

Zip file of evidence of Ethan Ralph breaking the law:


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The Demon Baby

Where's my fucking child support, dad?
Dec 8, 2020
It should be noted he may not have even been booked. He may have been told to show up to take a drug test, because I believe that's where the POs are located.
He's claiming he will "beat this," and that "Faith Vickers is a liar." He got charged with something. We should start combing through arrest records to find out what he's been charged with.

Mr. Manchester

Oct 10, 2014
I'm not going to lie, little Demon Baby, I went and had to check myself. Holy fuck Ralph.

I don't even know where to start. Do I say something about how, you know, she's the mother of your future child? Do I mention that it's probably a really bad idea to post shit about pending legal stuff on twitter?

Guess I'll just say thank you the entertainment.

Dumpster dived waifu

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Apr 5, 2019
Even funnier, he claims he'll defend himself against the Vickers, but the gunt can't even defend himself from himself.

He's either gonna try to get the cheapest lawyer or he'll (poorly) represent himself.
Keep in mind, convicted felons aren't given the benefit of the doubt, this will be an uphill battle if Faith counters this with "he assualted/abused me".

Truly Rural

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Aug 20, 2020
If he is smart he'll publish everything on the stream tonight (if he streams). I'd love to watch him gloat how he beat the Farms in releasing his own charges. Suck on that broken dick farms.

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