Ethan Ralph / TheRalphRetort - Host of the aborted #Killstream, mixes liquor and xanax, imported an 18 year old meth head to live with him

Captain Manning

She has 6 tons of hair.
Why is he so scared of JMK?
Have you heard JMK's autistic ramblings? Every stream I've heard him on has been an unlistenable mess.

But really, I think the issue here is that JMK has pathetically begged to be on the show, and crybabies shouldn't get what they want. Not defending Nick per se, but he's been consistent on that policy. See also senpaishome.


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Because he had to google how to spell death throes.
Imagine the insane fight that was had between Ralph and Faith about how throes is spelled. She's there, leg hiked up on the dresser removing a tampon because the bathroom is too tiny, but she's also achieved a higher level of education so she knows it's throes and not throws. Ralph is over in the corner, swearing angrily, telling her to shut her whore mouth and he'll just ask Alexa to explain it to prove him right because he almost has a poli-sci degree fucking bitch he'll call her a goddamn uber.

A loud grinding can be heard through the house, like a belt sander. It's Saundra grinding her teeth, her sanity dwindling. She's thinking about killing them all in the night so she doesn't have to hear the Kingdom Hearts theme play on the TV that SHE bought with HER stimulus money but THEY took because Faith wanted to play her goddamn vidya games. She doesn't understand the big deal with vidya games, Ralph was never good at them and he'd always get her to buy multiple controllers so his "friends" that never came over could come play too. Now she's raising another kid (Faith) and from the way things are going she'll have to raise another.

Just burn it down, burn it all down.

Back to the bedroom: Alexa explains the etymology of Throes, from the middle throwu/thrōwian meaning calamity and to suffer. Saundra wants to rip that goddamn Alexa out of the wall, call it a fucking uber. Call them all an uber.

Captain Manning

She has 6 tons of hair.
@Captain Manning I know people don't like you talking about contacting Jew lawyer about how Ralph is trying to do something similar to deplatforming again but you should do it because it's funny:semperfidelis:

e: lol woops I mentioned the wrong person the first time
I just did. The hope is we'll get another Tweet. Everybody seemed to appreciate the last one. I do what I can for the Farms.

And really, this is the best thing for Nick. Whether he sees it or not.

I'm a little lowkey attracted to Ade.
She's fairly cute.

"Help, help, I'm an autistic right dissident, who's been banned from YouTube, stream me, Patreon etc. Now I'll prove to everyone how I, the biggest white cause advocate, am being vicitimized by ay-lawgs and randos. *takes a deep sniff of a shitty thumb* Now let me write the biggest pipe bomb hit piece ever, lol," Reeethan Loliver Rofl.

Someone noticed that his insults are always identical, may be we can help the tranny slapper, wanking wagon raper, indeterminable slut badger bastard with that.
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