Ethan Ralph / TheRalphRetort - Host of the aborted #Killstream, mixes liquor and xanax, imported an 18 year old meth head to live with him

Takayuki Yagami

Justice is Blind, and Autistic
Isaac was the one who brought up Tekken 7 & buying it for Gator was his idea, I guess because he wanted a buddy to play fighting games with. (Which I'll admit made me go "awwww" aloud when I heard it.)
Then the guy should run some sort of search to see if there are any local meetups near him. Fighting games are one of the only genres where going out and playing with someone sitting beside you is still completely normal. Any small to moderate population center is going to have a significant chance of having a weekly or monthly thing. My people meet twice a week and there was a monthly at the moderately sized university I graduated from. Richmond certainly has one if Ralph wanted to have some form of IRL social interaction and whatever college Gator claims to be attending will at least have Smash autists; though both of them would probably melt down or run due to shittalk.
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Is it too late? can Ralph get a normal job now?
Yes he can. Ralph is absolutely capable of finding meaningful work and the same could be said for Fai. It is entirely within their abilities to carve out a life for themselves and support a family. Everyday people with far worse criminal records and disruptive mental illnesses join the ranks of honest taxpayers and establish their independence; there are entire industries in the public and private sector dedicated to this. From my perspective it isn't question of could Ralph do this, it is a question will Ralph do this.

The biggest hindrance for Ralph isn't his criminal record, incomplete education, or his associations with racist grifters, retarded gamers, and other undesirables. Hands down it is his substance abuse that will keep him from any kind of life that has merit. I'm sure Ralph came by it honestly, the poor white trash culture that nurtured him no doubt instilled the love of a good high and the relaxing benefits of a spirit induced stupor into his cholesterol clogged heart. A life time of bad habits meticulously accumulated and refined is what got Ralph where he is now and shedding that gruesome coil before it is too late has dim prospects.

When Ralph claims he hasn't had a drink, he is outright lying. The capillaries in his face betray him and clearly indicate the presence of vasodilation. He needs to drink everyday, I'd bet money one of the first things he does upon waking is to get some alcohol into his system. To go without alcohol at this point would be dangerous and to actually get to a state where he was no longer under the influence of it would require medical supervision. As men approach 40 their body begins to undergo physiological changes, especially the metabolism, and this is where bad habits can really start to have a negative impact. He should probably be on some kind of medication for his blood pressure, but you can't consume alcohol while taking it and so he goes without.

That gunt he carries is his albatross. It is a monument to lazy debauchery and unfettered consumption. The harbinger of his mortality.

God Bless the Kiwis.

shit youre right
phew got it
fuck good on ya, i dont want these archives to be missed a second time around, i wish i could join in the fun with you guys he seems to be going scorched earth at the moment so something might come out of this.

Ade i know you are reading this, Ralph is a vindictive fuck wit who will fuck with you no matter what, just look at what he did because he thought you released his SSN. The guy will blame everyone else but himself, Ade if the messages you have can fuck with him then please release them, let the world see what we truly is and if it can help the Vickers in anyway it would be wonderful

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things are heating up....
Is this the nonce? The man who exchanged nudes with an underage and mentally ill girl? Fucking hell have some dignity and just go gentle into that good night, away from the drama and possibly from the police. He's also extremely boring, his live is 100% going to be shit unless we get another nightmarish gunt mating tape
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