Ethan Ralph / TheRalphRetort - Host of the aborted #Killstream, mixes liquor and xanax, imported an 18 year old meth head to live with him

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Good job to everyone who nearly deciphered the message. We really did basically have it!
Edit: Here is the actual screenshot compared to what we managed to scarp together. I've also put the full screenshot of the full texts in a spoiler
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Also, here are some credits to those who either helped or laughed at the autism and Ralph

@theralph : For being the retard who sent these texts and shit his pants despite how little they were

@adezero: For releasing the texts and making this “project” even happen (and making our jobs a living hell)

@Dell Conagher : For posting the original photo

@ClipBitch: For all their photoshopping and inspiration to using paint to decipher the letters

@ShakkaAhmose : For their photoshopping

@msd : For motivation

@Trusty Patches and @chops: For the Facebook mention

People who managed to make out words: @Freedom Fries, @Mulp, @Civilizing Forces, @temp o'rary, @FakeNewsAnchor, @High Tea, @Least Concern, @Crystal Golem, @Fully Eshay Skits Bruh v2

For the memes (Mostly on asking ade to release the texts and about the autism): @Mr. Manchester, @Delicious Diversity, @Schlomo Silverscreenblatt, @Squire of Gothos, @REGENDarySumanai, @gran_autismo, @Gustav Schuchardt, @BOLDYSPICY!

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Well that was fast, @adezero you should have dumped everything he clearly has been working on this since yesterday and probably prior to it:
I first met Adrienne Blair of Farmington Hills, Michigan about 5 years ago, during the middle of the death throes of GaemrGate. At that time, she was dating a guy named Brian Zaiger. Back then, he was the owner of Encyclopedia Dramatica (ED). The site is dead nowadays and no one really gives a fuck about it, but back then, it really did have some influence. I used to also write on this site daily and have ten’s of thousands of views. Ade, as I usually called her, was also a writer. So, we talked about that sort of thing from time to time.

As for her actual skill, she has no flair or charisma on the page, but she can write a competent article. That’s why I eventually let her write here. But, wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s get back to the timeline…

As I mentioned, Adrienne Blair was dating Zaiger at the time. Before all was said and done, she would break up with him over 5 times. He used to slap her around often and he was also a heroin addict. However, this is a woman who hates herself and usually has about 18 pills worth of Adderall coursing through her veins at any given time. She’s told countless lies about me and others. Now, I’m not so sure about her story. Perhaps she was not telling the full tale and has actually lied about some of the violence allegedly committed against her by Zaiger. Of course, since I didn’t know her true character at the time and she had been a friend, I didn’t even question it.

I didn’t know anything at the time besides what she told me.

Fast forward a bit to 2018 or so and she’s broken up with Zaiger, this time for good (allegedly). I guess he tried to strangle her or something at her apartment. I was appalled by this behavior at the time, and while I still completely disavow it, I can certainly understand the mindset a little bit more (if it even happened). Ms. Blair, in retaliation for this, released pretty much every bit of dirt she had on Zaiger…phone calls, pics, etc. He did indeed look like a mental case. Back then, I thought he deserved it and that this was some kind of special event that justified that kind of release. Now that I know Adrienne Blair, I can tell you that’s just the way she goes through life.

During this period, Zaiger also had Encyclopedia Dramatica stolen out from under him. By most accounts, he deserved this, so I won’t go into all the autistic detail. But I do wonder if that was the final blow that caused her not to take him back. I mean, he had openly cheated on her, slapped her around, stolen money from her, and (according to her) leaked compromising photographs. Still, she took him back every single time. The only thing that was different this time was that he no longer owned ED. You see, Ade is like a whore moth attracted to the e-fame flame. I didn’t realize it then, but some lessons you just have to learn on your own.

Fast forward to early 2020. I’d been friends with Ade for half a decade by now, albeit not close. I was just about to announce my divorce, however she didn’t know this little detail. She was in the Williamsburg area, about an hour away from my home in Richmond, VA. She asked me if I wanted to meet up with her and her 22-year-old boyfriend (she’s 40), and I said sure. The drive wasn’t too bad and the food at the Amber Ox was delicious. But her and her paramour put off a very strange vibe. She would later tell me that it was all the meth and Adderall in her system, but back then I had no idea. Also, her boyfriend Jacob (who she eventually helped take over ED lol) looked like a complete sperg, in a full-length school shooter coat. The only thing missing was a goddamn fedora. He also acted very strange, even more strange than the methed-out Adrienne Blair. Later, while she was describing her own battles with schizophrenia, she would tell me that Jacob imagined himself a living god and would go into deep psychotic states at her house. He thought he had magical powers, basically. I think you’re getting the idea…shit was weird.

Still, it was a free lunch.

A few weeks later, I announced my divorce to the public during the weekend of AFPAC. A few weeks after that, she sent me a message on Twitter and told me she had broken up with Jacob and that he had stolen half her clients on the way out. There was some back and forth for a short period of time, until one day, I sent her a message on Twitter dot com…

Adrienne Blair's self-esteem's self-esteemThis line actually worked on Adrienne Blair. Within one week, she had driven herself across the country to put my dick in her mouth.
I never expected “I just want to fuck you” to land me in the end-zone, but you have to keep something in mind, gentlemen. Most of these whores have no self-esteem. If Ade had any, she wouldn’t have let Zaiger slap her around all those years. She wouldn’t have taken him back every single time, eating shit in public with each degradation. At least I get paid somewhat handsomely for my life being a spectacle. She, to borrow the famous phrase, does it for free. Well, maybe that’s not entirely accurate. She does get something out of the deal…online attention from her more popular boyfriends. That’s what she truly gets off on, because, well, she’s a 40-year-old e-whore.

You see, Adrienne Blair is like a whore moth attracted to the e-fame flame.
I guess when you work at a home reclamation joint all day, you don’t get too much excitement. So, what do you do? Well, you latch onto people more famous than you. But, when your voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard and you’re just bland in general, you don’t have too many options. So, Adrienne Blair drove across the country, during the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic, just to let me stick my dick down her throat. Sadly, she wasn’t even very good at that. You would think that with all the mileage on this old broad that she could at least give a decent blowjob, but, I guess not.

A few things struck me from our time together. One, Ade is methed out literally all the time. I never saw any illegal drugs, but she would often boast of having actual meth at her house. When she was with me, it was just her Adderall prescription 24/7. I don’t know if this was the cause of her mental instability or if she’s just naturally unbalanced, but she would often have debilitating panic attacks that I would have to talk her down from, like you would a child. Again, this is a 40-year-old woman we’re talking about. She may be older than I am by half a decade, but she still comports herself like a strung out teenager.

Another was her clinginess. Believe it or not, I work most of the day. Messages, emails, show prep, show ideas, social media…this shit is basically non-stop. She thought I should pay more attention to her than my job. Speaking of my job, she would get upset that I didn’t mention her on-air enough. I thought maybe it was just insecurity at the time, and maybe that was a part of it. But what I really think it was all about is her massive lust for true e-fame. She would seethe constantly about having to work an actual job. In fact, when we first got together, she wasn’t working at all. When she got the offer to go back to Aaron Builders shortly after we started dating, she had a massive panic attack because she knew she had to take it and go back to work. On the day she actually had to return, she sat on the phone with me in her car and cried for a solid hour before I coaxed her into the building.

40. Years. Old.

The last thing that sticks out, for the purposes of this article, was how she absolutely didn’t want to let me leave. I broke up with her on the day before I went to California. Since she was acting so insecure about me not mentioning her enough for the 100th time (not kidding), I said let’s just downgrade this thing to a “friend’s with benefits” type situation. She agreed and I thought we were all good. It wasn’t until I got back from California that she said that we were still together. Why? Because I had never called her back to “finalize.” You see, towards the end of the call, I said I would ring her again to talk about it some more later. But, I had to catch a flight the next morning and the time slipped away. We had clearly already agreed to the status change, though, so I fucked someone else in California. This crazy bitch considers my actions cheating and that’s why she’s now made up a bunch of lies about me online.

No sane person would agree with her assertion with these facts on the table, facts she has curiously omitted from her drugged-out appearances on live stream.

Finally, I got away from Adrienne Blair. She threatened me and attacked me, but I talked her down into friendship once again. Well, or so I thought. Whores like this will never go back to being cool with you. She was simply taking her time and examining where to stick the knife. This is a lesson that I had to learn the hard way, but I won’t be relearning it. Hopefully, a couple of you will read this and recognize some of the patterns in your own relationships. I guarantee you there is some head-nodding going on.

As for Adrienne’s future, I’m sure she will continue whoring herself around the internet until she dies of a massive meth-induced heart attack. But, until then, be weary, gentlemen! This 40-year-old headcase who acts like a 16-year-old junkie is out there on the loose. Let me be the cautionary tale for all you! Don’t be the next victim on this e-whore’s list.

Oh, and I certainly don’t encourage any of you to call Aaron Builders in Farmington Hills, Michigan and let them know Adrienne Blair published my Social Security number online today (I found that out while I was editing). I don’t think it’s a good look to employ someone like that, but it’s their call!
I can see one of these articles being in Faith's future!
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This faggot is losing it. No one knows who the fuck Ade is, no one in his audience is going to give a fuck.
This as Ralph would describe, very womanly behavior.