Ethan Ralph / TheRalphRetort - Host of the aborted #Killstream, mixes liquor and xanax, imported an 18 year old meth head to live with him

Glade Candles
Seriously. How difficult should it have been to paint Ethan Ralph as a dangerous racist platforming and promoting dangerous racists over the last two years where Rand was a co-host with quarter hourly shoutouts to 1488 podcast gang gang?
The problem is any journo who wanted to do a proper hit piece on Ralph would have to comb through hundreds of hours of Killstreams. Or they could read the thread, but they wouldn't.

Captain Manning

She has 6 tons of hair.

Burger Fox

Gator steals my jokes for the Killstream
Also I want to bring up when Gator was trying to dunk on Jihadi Jarbo, bragging about how hes more relevant as a cohost of a show.

Gator, you barely speak and if you do no one cares for your stale wonder bread takes, or your shit jokes. Or ya know, the ones you steal from me. Youre not a cohost, youre Ralph's Failya. dont forget that.

Burger Fox

Gator steals my jokes for the Killstream
Most women hate that kind of thing. Makes you super self conscious of yourself and your relationship. Nearly all his past s.o.'s said it made them uncomfortable. Why would do that when you know it drives your s.o.'s nuts?
Well you see, when you have the mental maturity of a 14 year old, you dont think about how others feel when in a relationship youre to busy "getting your dick wet" As he put it at the top of the show.