Ethan Ralph / TheRalphRetort - Host of the aborted #Killstream, mixes liquor and xanax

Saint Regret
Man this Rand shit just shows how much of cuck @theralph is. You have a serious concern of not wanting to be deplatformed. Serious enough, at least, to warn the drunkard to not say anything, and yet he continuously ignores your warnings and you didn't disconnect him. Two temporary time outs and you're still playing with kid gloves?

Weak shit Ralphie. Good luck wrangling the /pol/tard.

My fucking sides. I haven't watched his sad excuse for a show but I'm glad Rand is still fedposting on Ralph's dollar.

Keep it up cunt.

You know he ate every last bite and then licked the containers.

I can't wait until Ralph begins his weight loss journey.

E - I just realized this has like no interaction. Has Ralph blocked everyone on Twitter?
Well he has blocked a lot. There is also a chance some people have muted his account to stop seeing him in their feed, then there is this:
Archive | Link
Ralph seems to be hemorrhaging twitter followers since April 8th. Can't remember exactly what took place that day, but a few hundred people peaced out since that day for some reason. He has lost 334 followers in the past 30 days and has been on a downward trajectory since 2/26/19

Archive | Link

I know he has blocked a lot of people, but his engagement is down because the more active of his followers are leaving. He is like Sargon now with empty followers who don't view his content.

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