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So I was recently told by @DispatchCommit that DLive is banning everyone and anyone associated with IBS shit to make room for more bigger stream names. That being said, how long til ralph might get banned from his account? Also to help @theralph out I did suggest to Dispatch to allow him on to see how that goes but dispatch wasnt fond of that idea.
And what proof did he have?


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I read it, basically sounds like any other start-up investment, get in on the ground floor with a Lino stake and we'll toss you an incentive, but once it takes off, it'll decentralize and we'll be able to migrate it. Not sure what Pewds role is, either he bought in and did the 50k as a write-off to help grow it further, or maybe he's just trying to get past youtube with the constant besiegement of bad press he's been getting lately.
Sounds like a pump and dump shitcoin.

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Tuned in for a bit. Rand is especially obnoxious and unfunny tonight. He sounds piss-drunk. Aside from his autistic screeching, there don't seem to be too many interjections to the video they're playing. I thought Ralph was supposed to be an expert on getting arrested.

Now Rand is talking about some movie. This guy is Donga-tier. He then moves onto saying how the government is a lie and how Ralph dindu nuffin and shouldn't have gone to jail and how everyone should own guns.

EDIT: The Sopranos intro was played again. It's a great show but Soprano memes are 10 years too old.

EDIT 2: Rand yelled 'nigger'. I'm sure that will turn out fine.

EDIT 3: Ralph is having adversarial callers on now. There's no point in doing that if he's just going to be a salty bitch. His banter doesn't go a level above "you're a exceptional faggot, I hope your kids die".

EDIT 4: An interesting caller is on. He even gets Ralph to give some nice takes, but Rand's loud, drunk, annoying ass is jumping in the middle of it all the time. The caller is pushing back hard on his dumb ass, Flamenco and Ralph are lowkey trying to calm him down and Ralph finally muted him. Good call.

EDIT 5: Ralph unmuted Rand. Bad call. He keeps talking / yelling over people. Ethan is clearly annoyed. He should just kick him. LMFAO Rand even started talking over Ralph when he was going on about his dead father. I mean this is peak disrespect.
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Doesn't Rand have a young child? Poor kid hearing their dad, drunk out of his mind, screaming 'Nigger' at the top of their lungs doesn't seem like a great home environment. Probably used to it though. :(

It's a Tuesday afternoon in Australia and he's already this drunk, get your shit together Rand.

Also he just got kicked, he just found out about Notre Dame and started screaming about (((them)))


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I was kind of enjoying Rand. If Ralph just let him fly he would make more money from chat tonight... of course no matter how much he disavowed he would lose his livestream so he is fighting to rein Rand in.

If he booted Rand completely, his chat would revolt again. You can feel every fiber in Ralph wanting to raise his voice and cut loose, ban Rand and scream "Damn it this is still my show!" but he is so scared of losing the audience he has left he is coddling Rand like a little baby bird.

If Ralph had never done anything IRL, if he had kept his silly ass away from Knoxville, 85% of his audience would still be on his side for anything he does, no matter what. Prior to the Gunt picture and subsequent insanity and crying and pearl clutching he could do no wrong for most of the chat, they were mostly just Right-Wing normalfags anyway. They left when guys like David Duke quit coming on and all that is left are internet power users and the extremely exceptional.

Honestly he should just stop for a bit, his current audience doesn't have money. The Right Wing guys have money and jobs, internet people hang out on the internet and don't generally have aspirations of wealth. It does not matter what he tries, the real money is over.

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Ralph claims he has to drive to Memphis in a couple hours but is beyond drunk sounding?

LOL he is seriously trying to claim he is sober while slurring his words
Well if that's the case, I'm sure the fine, upstanding law enforcement of Virginia, Kentucky, and especially
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This is Donga tier thin skin bullshit.

He was a pedo apologist apparently.

Wife leaves in the morning, gotta hit the sauce before a 12-hour road trip to visit papa gunt's tombstone.

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