Ethan Ralph / TheRalphRetort - Host of the aborted #Killstream, mixes liquor and xanax, impregnated a depressed teenager, savior of the white race, World's Best Dad 🏆.

What is the fate of the Demon Baby?

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He had a thread but the weirdos in Ralph's Discord started throwing a fit over me "stealing credit" for their truly epic lulz so I just deleted it. It was like 2 pages long.

Here, I've moved it to PG.
I wonder... who ever could it be? Creepy weirdos that were floating around the Killstream.... who could that possibly be? Sounds like some random a-logs who stalk z-list youtubes and cows on discord . You don't think they were motivated by a fat pedophile who's obsessed with running fast because his fat ass can't walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded? It's not like putting those comments on your videos would encourage Kenny to continue his bizarre behavior or anything.

I wonder... who ever could it be? Creepy weirdos that were floating around the Killstream.... who could that possibly be? Sounds like some random a-logs who stalk z-list youtubes and cows on discord .

At this point is there a legitimate reason for sane people to use discord regularly?

I can understand popping in to one occasionally to call in to a show or something but being a full time discord denizen is fucking weird.

At this point is there a legitimate reason for sane people to use discord regularly?

I can understand popping in to one occasionally to call in to a show or something but being a full time discord denizen is fucking weird.

There is, of course, discord's intended purpose: voice chat in your favorite game. I suppose that's a reason to use it regularly
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At this point is there a legitimate reason for sane people to use discord regularly?

I can understand popping in to one occasionally to call in to a show or something but being a full time discord denizen is fucking weird.

No. Nothing good happens in discord’s. It’s all faggotry and gay ops.

I suspect Ralph will relapse in a few months for 2 weeks and then jump back on. I can’t really see anything too crazy happening. He basically did hit rock bottom with the Pillstream.

Rand asked Ralph if he's going full absolutism on one of his gaming streams a week or so ago, I can't remember what he said exactly but it wasn't a definitive no, it was more like no, for now. My guess is Ralph might have a couple of drinks in LA, he's under the watchful eye of Dick so he'll feel confident things don't go overboard. Back home he'll again stay sober, gaining more confidence in his ability to hold his drink and not relapse into alcoholism... until Christmas & New Years. You can't have a holiday without celebratory drinks after all, couple of drinks turn into a week long bender and we have another Pillstream arc

Marco Fucko

I fantasized about this back in Chicago
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Rand asked Ralph if he's going full absolutism on one of his gaming streams a week or so ago, I can't remember what he said exactly but it wasn't a definitive no, it was more like no, for now. My guess is Ralph might have a couple of drinks in LA, he's under the watchful eye of Dick so he'll feel confident things don't go overboard. Back home he'll again stay sober, gaining more confidence in his ability to hold his drink and not relapse into alcoholism... until Christmas & New Years. You can't have a holiday without celebratory drinks after all, couple of drinks turn into a week long bender and we have another Pillstream arc

Ralph: Ha, I didn't relapse until February! Fuck you Kiwis!


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You know if we put aside for a second that Ethan Ralph, or Jcaesar187, is a thin skinned pussy that is one of the most remarkably slimy exceptional individuals to have graced us. He’s doing better than I think anyone would’ve expected after the fucking Pillstream.

Andy, has to hide in Discord with Geek playing bodyguard
Tonka, down to only getting sub 100 viewers per stream
Zoom, got bored because he couldn’t fuck with Ralph enough
JF, can barely hit 1k live viewers if that per stream
Kraut, still a massive failure after patebin
Coach, outs himself even harder as a snake and has to step away from IBS
Cog, got cucked by a methhead and 5 guys
Sargon, still doesn’t have a patreon and is slowly circling the drain
Skeptics, overall are stagnant as fuck

Ralph in comparison right now might actually be doing better than them. At least they don’t have the ire of social media giants, fuck methheads (as far as we know), or have totally lost their base.

Hell if Friday goes well he might end up going on an incline and make viewership gains.

Really if you think about it, Gunt wins IBS
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The gunt will always have a somewhat decent show with his access to various spergs on the left and the right. All he has to do is stay away from the bottle and not sperge out at guests.
We all know he can't put down the bottle, so the gunt cycle will continue.

The gunt will always have a somewhat decent show with his access to various spergs on the left and the right. All he has to do is stay away from the bottle and not sperge out at guests.
We all know he can't put down the bottle, so the gunt cycle will continue.

I dunno, I could go for a good muting/shouting over a la Diogenes again. It'd have to be an idiot with no redeeming qualities of course, but where would Ralph ever run into one of those?


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I love it when the left and the right climate alarmists attempt to pinpoint "climate change" on a specific race or nation, it is beyond laughable and shows their statistical illiteracy. This is my response to that drunken bogan and idiotic caller blaming Mexico of all places instead of looking at a mirror. It's the Thursday Killstream I believe.

Common contenders:
1. Whitey: While it is true that white countries contribute a lot to climate change per capita and cumulatively, white countries also feature neighbourhoods far spread apart, making travel with a car necessary. Also, most countries such as America are yet to embrace faster forms of transport, how are you going to let people live if you environmentalists deny them car ownership? How would they shop? For example, there's lots of very spread apart gentrified small neighbourhoods that surround a larger one where all the shops really are in Aboland. People from theses areas need to do their shopping once a week or so like any normal family, and how exactly are they going to travel that 100+km round trip without a fucking car? Buses are unreliable as hell.

The thing about not having kids is simply retarded. How about nuking and genocide? That solves the problem too right? To deny the fundamental pillars of sentient beings which is procreate, how can anyone argue for that? I guess Israel, Nazi Germany, and the USSR.

2. India and China: India and China contribute a lot to emissions, totality they are at third and first respectively (USA is second, actually). China has a ton of smog and India is about to catch up. Per capita, the two counties are at 131 and 44 no where near any western country. The two nations have a massive population, so no shit they produce more waste and emissions. It's also very rich when right wingers try to blame China or India for their emissions. China, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea and India consumes 99% of the world's electronic waste. Quite rich for the rest of the world which basically treats these countries as their dumpsters to then point the fingers at them. This is especially bad in countries such as China and SEA where they burn these electronics to extract the pathetic amount of gold. It's now outlawed in China, I don't know about SEA.

When it comes to renewable energy, China and US are the frontiers. One comes first and the other is in top 3 in almost all categories. China and the states are doing incredibly well in renewable coverage and investment. The lefties and right wingers who loves to point fingers around knows jack fucking shit about what they are talking about. How about actually do some fucking research on the subject, then spew your vermin?

The ones that want to point to Latin America are a joke. The spiks while not contributing much emissions both per capita and in totality, they actually invest a lot of their capital into renewable sources, as scarce as it actually is.

This then begs the question, neither America nor Europe, nor China nor India are on the top when it comes to per capita, so who tops the list?

See a trend here? The top spots are occupied by countries which probably some either never heard or know as extremely oil rich Muslim theocracies. What have they done in renewables? They live in deserts where the sun and win can be exploited, yet they've done nothing significant to get on any list I can find.

It's true that countries with the most total emissions can have a greater impact on reducing it, which only a fool will say that China and the States aren't doing enough. The US does indeed come out as overrepresented in both per capita and totality, but the US also comes out on the top when it comes to investment and coverage of renewables. What about asking countries such as Qatar and UAE to instead of building yet another skyscraper to try and beat world records, maybe put that money into solar and wind farms? Or is that too Islamaphobic for lefties? India, China, and the US have been doing incredibly well, for little shits like that Thunberg kike and imbeciles on the left and the right trying to level blame towards countries they no doubt just dislike is pretty rich. Maybe it's time to ask these oil rich countries to do something? They are in deserts that are incredibly hot, so decreasing the use of air conditioning etc isn't going to work, how about use that sun and build some solar farms?


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Title: #Killstream: Deadspin/Kotaku On Life Support, UK Xmas Election Set, + Minority Mass Shooter Ignored
OP song(s) : Low Budget - The Kinks + normal intro
Stream Starts Soon: Replaced with Metokur/Masterson/Pesos This Friday @ 9:30PM EST
ED: Usual outro
Runtime: 35:15+ 2:06:00
Co-hosts: Gator + Flamenco + Bibble
Guest: Scratchpoint for a bit

Ralph leads today with talking about the new website, and he hopes to have it up by friday and talks about the Friday show's guest. He then talks about his love of england and that he finds the media entertaining, he mentions his british-paki wife and says that some people may have a problem with that.

The he discusses the UK election finally being decided that it's going to happen, as well as the metrics of the pod casts. As well as that he would have a killstream on the day of the UK election starting at 5pm(EST? or GMT?) and keep going until the winner is decided, he then talks about being in LA and that the Dr Phil tapes are out and that he will be hoping to do a live viewing (recorded live) with Dick and have reactions then. The mic appears to be crackling a little each time Ralph talks, some in the chat mentioned it but it wasnt acknowledged.

He plays a clip from the UK parliament, and then mentions that Jess Philips (the woman that Sargon said he wouldn't rape) was there and referenced Sargon, Ralph then reads an article and says "I'll just search rape" (he actually only typed rap in the search though).

Ralph mentions he would like for Sagon to run again, he plays a clip of Jess Philips and comments "she really is annoying" and then swaps back to the other clip. As he finishes the clip he says "enough brit bong stuff" and then plays a Charlie Kirk clip with someone asking him a question about dancing Israelis. Ralph then shows a pic of candance owens with a tweet suggesting how much to pay for her "for charity of course".

He mentions that $6mil is the highest he has seen from the chat.

Ralph noticed people talking about the crackling in the chat and appears to fix it.

He talks a bit more about brexit and reads some chats out, then he welcomes Flamenco and Bibble, however it wasn't working, he mentions if the mic is crackling and Flamenco says it is but not to the stream. Which at this point it wasn't.

Bibble mentions he wouldn't rape Jess Philips as well, but would suck on the titties of another brit that was shown on the clip, Ralph says about british girls that "a lot of them with huge ass titties" "some have no ass though so if you see a British chick with ass and titties like wow you know" "they do have some large chesticles". Bibble mentions the dancing Israelis and Ralph searches for some videos related to them, and suddenly the stream shuts off.

When the stream comes back, he opens with "Mossad NO!"

The first article Ralph brings up is this, Ralph reads the headline "Keith Vaz faces losing his seat over cocaine and rent-boy scandal" as well as some of the article "apparently he was calling male prostitutes to his flat " "exchanging cocaine for sexual favors" Bibble says "it takes all sorts to make the world go round" "the old brits would never let this happen [..] all their shit was planned out and taken care of behind hte scenes [..] underground rail roads for pedophilia [..] what has happened to the state of britian... remember the old days" in a joking way suggesting that it used to be a lot easier to be degenerate in the old days.

Ralph goes into talking about Deadspin (and this article) and that a editor was fired for not "sticking to sports" and instead talking about woke bullshit because of clicks. And that deadspin turned into "all about wokeness how can we stick it to the man" Flamenco says "everyone loves women talking about sports and shit" sarcastically.

Ralph continues, "deadspin was amazing they had good long form writing" "now it's just complete garbage", Ralph reads the article and comments further about auto play ads and how he uses adblock so hasn't seen them "sports people -- we don't theyve overplayed the wokeness to such an amazing degree theres a whole industry in the sports media that sprung up just to protest that basically in reaction to that" and that you cant watch some sports channel without seeing some "tranny make out session". Ralph shows a collection of tweets and reads one about how they don't get job enquiries much anymore, ralph says "perhaps him and his buddies have run down the repretation and prestige of this industry to such a degree that no one even considers voluntarally getting involved with it anymore and its thanks to people like him, do you think thats something to consider if you're LukePlunkett?" Bibble responds saying that anyone wanting to do this job are actually on tumblr when before people would write about games "and people that love games so much they're just twitch streamers".

Ralph shows an image

He reads "what did we get stuck in our rectums last year?" Bibble polls the room and Ralph and Flamenco confirm they had nothing stuck up their rectums, and Ralph says "maybe amongst(sp) the deadspin readership it might be a fucking epidemic but I dont think it's a big think among the killstream viewership"

Gator joins and says "these dirt bag piece of shit journos always get what's coming to them" "karma is a bitch" "boy I hope that they learn to code"

Around this time Ralph fixes the discord overlay as it was broken till around 18 min into part 2.

Ralph plays this video and the panel laughs at how ironic it is because now he is fired.

During this segment, Bibble plays a part here by being on Kenny's side, and after Kenny leaves he breaks character and laughs about the whole thing, its long as fuck but I thought it was funny so included full conversations at times.

Kenny Jones joins the call, he starts talking about Kotaku and their funding, Ralph says they have big backers and talks about Gawker and the sex tape. Ralph makes a wrestling quote before allowing Kenny Jones (KJ)to talk.

KJ: if someone has accusations about you i feel like its the manly thing to do ... i dunno it feels kinda... whats that word.. bitch made(essentially calling gator bitch made)
Gator explains the drama between KJ and Null
Gator: your little crusade to go after Margaret (Margaret mclennan) over the power supply was stupid and cringe and gay ... and you took offence to that ... to go after this internet egirl.... who by the way doesn't do a whole lot of content anymore because you stalked her... right?
Flamenco: did she cite kenny as the absolute reason as to why she left the public sphere
Gator: she specificly cited you as to why she stopped
Gator asks how much the video he commissioned cost
KJ says the video was $300
Bibble runs defense as a joke for Kenny and Ralph asks for the video he made again, KJ says also there are other videos that highlights his points
KJ then starts explaining that the reason she stopped streaming was not because of kenny, Gator and Flamenco interrupt KJ, KJ says "hello I didn't interrupt you"
KJ carries on with this and says theres a video she made that proves his point, and that this video was made before any accusations of stalking came out (but kenny that might be the case but were you stalking her before the video? just because the accusations came out after the video (according to you) that doesnt mean you weren't stalking her before....just that the accusations came out after the video right?), Gator says "the reason you're mad is she stopped streaming after you sent her a powersupply because she got sick, are you trying to conflate the fact that she got sick and that you started going after her cause she didnt start streaming with her not returning to streaming after getting well are you trying to conflate the two together.
KJ: one tthing is youre incorrect that she stopped streaming because she got ill [..] in fac
Gator: That's literally what she said
KJ: I dont give a dam what she said I have proof of the contary.
Gator+Ralph: whats the proof
Ralph: Didnt you say you hired a PI to follow her
KJ: I hired a PI singular to get informatino so I could send her information for a potential lawsuit
Ralph: I didnt know about the lawsuit part
KJ says that the reason for the PI and the lawsuit isn't because of the PSU, it was because she "contacted my work place made up false.. criminal accusations against me"
Ralph: "she put out a tweet saying there had been a spat of murders around your area, and just mentioned that you were a strange charecter, she eluded to you possibly being a dabbler
KJ: She called me a sex offender on instagram
Ralph: Are a sex offender
Flamenco: Are you a sex offender
KJ: no I'm not a sex offender
Gator: Have you ever been a sex offender
KJ: No I am not a sex offender
Ralph: That was kind of a long pause there (and laughs)
KJ: I have never had so much as had a traffic ticket, there is absolutely no grounds to say that I'm a criminal offender whatsoever
Flamenco: Well besides going round trying to get as much information on this woman as possible
Bibble: That's not illegal
Flamenco: There is cause you could be stalking her
Ralph laughs and says "I'm seeing a lot of X's in the chat but I won't say what that's in reference to"
KJ: Its the stone cold truth hey kenny jones is my real name I live in North Carolina if you want to look up my criminal history ..
Ralph: No kenny no! (laughs)
Flamenco: Kenny stop!
KJ: Everybody knows that
Flamenco: No I didn't know that now I do and now everybody like me knows that
Ralph: Which area of NC again?
KJ: Now Flamingo look, I'm not like you guys I dont care if someone knows what state I live in
Bibble: You should do some thot almost got you fired
KJ: I work for myself now so I have no fear of someone knowing the state I live in and if I go around saying I don't have so much as a traffic ticket and people are going to doubt that then I'm gonna have a way to support my claim and the only way to do that is to do a criminal background check.
Ralph reads a superchat asking what KJ's type of train is, he responds with "thomas the tank engine.... thats the only one I can think of off the top of my head"
KJ: Herself has said why she quit streaming and why she made videos in that video she made on twitter she says nothing about being sick..harassed...stalked.. I can go to the video and give it to you and you can play it to the stream right now
Ralph: Only if I can play your video
Bibble: This is some brianna wu shit this woman not only maligned him she took money from him and didnt reciprocate in any way
Ralph: What was she supposed to do
Flamenco says he thought that KJ was done with this whole drama, he responds saying he was, but also that KJ asked him if she hangs out in any discords, Ralph asks when this was and Flamenco says it was today.
Ralph: OOOhhhh Kenny when did this..when did this happen flamenco...
Flamenco: This happened today
Ralph: OOH GOD ok gator go ahead
KJ: Is there a secret stream [discord] where streamers hang out, he came out with some round about lawyer speak
Flamenco: I was flat out telling you theres not any....
Ralph: He doesn't want to be part to any felonies Kenny!
Flamenco: First off I am not part of any super secret network of streamers not all streamers get together in the same discord server and talk about our streams thats not what we do...
Bibble jokes: Speak for yourself
Flamenco: and I wasn't interested in helping you stalk this woman anymore
KJ: Uhuh
Gator: This is the exact point that I was making the other day when I was talking about how you were so super ass mad about josh because he was laughing at you about the Margaret thing and then you immediatly started talking about the Margaret stuff
KJ: That's a lie thats a stone cold lie you brought it up first
Gator: I literally just said I mentioned the Margaret thing first
KJ: ok Alright I just wanted to make it clear you brought it up first
KJ: all of this today and all of this thats been going on this week was because you started making accusations that you were unwilling and unable to back up
Gator: I said I was in a server with Margaret I posted the screenshot then all of a sudden you started trying to find where ever Margaret was so you could go and stalk her
Ralph laughs and says: you posted a screenshot showing you were in a server with her and that set kenny off?
Gator: It did
KJ: I wanted to know if that was a discord or was that a DM
Flamenco: Gator likely made an edit to make fun of you
Gator: It was not an edit
Ralph reads some super chats, one saying why this thot get TRR white knighting and KJ says "thats a stone cold good question", another chat "stop creeping on Margaret you creepy fucker, what do you think about that comment" and KJ replies, "that's a good comment to".
Flamenco asks what reignited the interest in Margaret, and KJ responds "i answered that question flamingo", KJ says "I was only trying to clarify if that was a DM or a discord" and Flamenco "why do you need to know" and KJ stutters in his response "wh why i i wh" and Flamenco continues "why are you obsessed with finding this girl on discord" and the conversation continues;
KJ: The reason it all is, the reason it was is I wanted to see if there was a discord that had conspiring individuals
Gator laughs and says: did you know that Ethan Ralph has a slack chat where we all hang out and converse with each other
KJ: Yes as a matter of fact its been leaked
Gator: Numerous times unfortunately
KJ: I messaged you about it
Ralph: Did he?
Gator: Probably
KJ: It was about some nonsense gator making some whack puns as usual
Gator says he wasnt in the leaks cause he wasnt in the slack chat at the time
KJ: I'm actually here to talk about the accusations more than anything else I don't consider following someone on twitter to be stalking
Flamenco: Do you consider hiring PI's stalking
KJ: so you think making videos on someone is stalking
Gator: I think when you look at the entire body of work against Margaret I think a reasonable individual would consider it stalking
KJ: Lets add it all up, I followed her on twitter, hired a PI and made a video about her heh, ok ...and?
Gator: I think you're missing one cruicial piece and I have a question in regards to this..
KJ: Go ahead I'm listening I'm here
Gator: There is a twitter account that is called @yMargaretsbelly which is yes Margaret which was the name of her twitch channel and Margaret's belly which is the name of her twitter account, do you own, operate or coordinate with that account?
KJ: Yes I do
Gator: ok well that's another piece of evidence you can see how people ....
KJ: Wait a minute You're missing some context you need to read what it says on the top of that twitter
Gator: I'll read it right now. (This isn't Margaret MacLennans account and isn't trying to impersonate her. The video Exposing @margaretsbelly is linked )
Ralph: Don't you also run a Margaret mclennan archive channel as well?
KJ: yeah
KJ: What you're doing is you're bringing up things out of context and out of order the reason the archive channel is up is because peopel pay for her content pay to view her videos and patreon supporters not to mention donating different computer components so she can make the streams and make the videos right and all over a sudden over night without warning what so ever she took them all down, the archive channel is up just like people archive Jim's streams & videos so if the main channel ever goes down theres a place for people to watch them who have already paid for the content
Gator: Do you remember her patreon perks were by any chance
KJ: there were multiple different things gator over the years
Gator: did she have a model where people paid to release certain videos monthly or was it a system where you got perticular perks in exchange for your patreon goals
KJ: Every patreon is support the content creator gator it doesnt matter
Gator: The reason I'm asking is the way Margaret may have structured her patreon may have played this idea as to whether or not you own the videos
KJ: I never suggested I owned them
Gator: You say that you're entitled to them because you gave...
KJ: LIke I said people archive Jim's video I don't see you saying a dam thing about them
Ralph reads some super chats and one says "your stream is listed playing outer worlds" and Flamenco says "This is WAY of the normal realm this is out into deep space right now"
Ralph asks a crucial question..
Ralph: Have you ever pleasured yourself to any Margaret mclennan content?
KJ: Heres a better question if I did would I admit it?
Ralph: Well you said you were a honest man to me and the honest answer is yes so I'm expecting you to say yes
KJ: (gator talks over him a little here saying "As your friend I would advise you not to answer this question") hold on its like asking did you kill the [sic] next door neighbor yesterday?
Ralph: We all know... every single person that can hear the sound of your voice knows the answer is yes. So you said you were an honest man so I would just expcet you to say yes
KJ: The answer is no
Gator: Thats a good answer kenny
Ralph laughs
Bibble: I dont see why you're all attacking kenny the fact of the matter is she had a patreon one of the goals was the used colostomy bag and she didnt send that one
Gator: Now I will agree with bibble there you should've got the bag, if she promised you the bag she should've sent the bag
KJ: If she promised anything she should've held up on her commitments theres kind of a trust system when it comes to patreon and content supporters if you donate or give money to a perticular reason or cause its going to be use for that reason and the content creator is going to uphold their end of the bargin
Gator: That's why I'm trying to as you what the bargin was, thats why the patreon stuff is important, because if you cant say "well I'm going to make X videos for whatever reason per month based on how much i get that kind of is a little important in to your previous statement where you said she owed us the videos she was suppose to release these videos therefor you have some sort of ownership stake in the production of those videos
Bibble: He didnt say he owned the videos
KJ: I never said that we owned the videos, once again it's a archive channel
Gator: You're conflating two different issues together, I'm says that she was suppose to create content because you guys paid was that the patreon agreement
KJ: Yes thats the point thats the entire point of patreon
Ralph: alright kenny now what's your other points lets go ahead and get through this
KJ: My point my basic point is today right is if someone accuses you of something you should have you should have if you want to accuse someone of something you should have the guts to go and talk to that individual one on one and have a conversation with them not you know to have some blood sports battle in some kind of discord and not have to go on some live stream you know where every one else is going to interfere.
Gator: you literally tried to invite me into a solo stream with you that completely is the absolute opposite of what you just said (gator misses the point here a little)
KJ and gator talk over each other here...
Kenny: no no no
Gator: You're lying on the air to all of these people
Kenny: no I didn't just lie what I said was
Gator: because you invited me to a stream with just you
(I think Gator muted kenny here cause he was cut off quite sharply)
Gator: With just you, you just said, just came out of your mouth kenny stop lying
Kenny: I'm not lying once again what I said was is you should have a one on one conversation with that individual not inviting that individual to a stream where other people's gonna constantly interfere thats what I said
Gator: You can change your story all you want kenny
Ralph: alright lets roll in the callers I think someone wants to talk to you kenny

Here Ralph brings in some callers, ultimatepotatowedge (someone who uses TTS to talk) said "Margaret is big gay and kenny the colostomy connoisseur is right and innocent" Kenny says "I agree with that the man knows what hes talking about" and Gator laughs, the next caller says "hello can you hear me I wasn't expecting to him in here so like ... err .. my bad", the next caller says that KJ should be a public speaker, Bibble asks the caller for his opinion on Margaret, he replies "a thot's a thot" and bibble replies, "Look at all these guys on this stream trying to white knight for some white girl out there shitting in a bed" the caller then says that white girls fuck dogs, flamenco agrees and then KJ says "that's how she got the colostomy bag", flamenco laughs and says "nice kenny". The next caller says he stands with Bibble, but Bibble says the caller should standing with kenny, and the caller says that he believes KJ has a clean record because its not rape its surprise sex.

After that batch of callers, KJ calls Flamenco out for not talking in chats, Flamenco says he chats in his own discord and denies the accusation that he doesn't talk in chat or VC, KJ says he is happy to have a "nice long discussion in general" but Flamenco says he "has shit to do" which KJ comes back with "you don't care or you're not interested that's what you said in dms" Flamenco says again that he isnt interested in helping KJ stalk Margaret more.

KJ :Why are you taking jabs now
Flamenco: Because it's funny
KJ: It kind of contradicts what you said before
Flamenco: how is it contradictive I'm not helping you stalk this women
KJ: You said you had no interest in it at all
Flamenco: ok
Bibble: And now you do?
Ralph: Kenny you came on the show
KJ: I know i came on the show I realize that
Bibble: This is between Kenny and Gator and then all of a sudden flamenco----
Ralph: Alright alright...
KJ: And then flamenco puts his big nose in everything
Ralph: Big nose is that right oh
Gator: Oy vey
KJ: Hes got the asthma
Flamenco: Wait why do you think I've got Asthma
KJ: Nevermind flamingo you wouldn't understand
Gator and Bibble laugh and Ralph laughingly says "noo"
Bibble: You gotta pick up on those social cues man
Gator: I take back everything I said kenny... I take back everything I said (while laughing)
Ralph laughs "what was that" and brings in a caller who asks when are you going to let this go
KJ: I'd let it go
Flamenco: No you havent
KJ: I didnt bring it up
Caller: If you promise to let it go I'll shit in the fucking bag and send it to you
The panel laughs and KJ says that he hasn't spoken about this in months... "over 6-8 months"
Flamenco seems to not be getting the point about how KJ's point is that Gator brought it up.
KJ: He was the one bringing it up in general
Bibble: The man was just defending himself
KJ: He brought this old dying zombie up again
Caller: You're so triggered by it you decided to come and derail the whole --
KJ: Yeah I I I -- when I'm challenged bought something I come out and talk about it
Caller: I dont think it's that serious man if people are talking shit or making fun of me in discord you have two options, you either defend yourself in the discord or you just leave the server for a little bit
KJ: I tried defending myself in the discord but the problem is Gator just disappears all of a sudden, I just wanted to have a talk with him I would've had a nice civilized talk without bloodsports

Ralph asks KJ if he would sing a little Joy to the world, KJ says he would do it around christmas time, and KJ says he would do it if everyone sang with him, Flamenco replies with "absolutely" but Ralph says "we were all going to sing songs but we'll have one or two people sing with you how about that", KJ believes Ralph is being sarcastic "yea you're going to sing with me Ralph", then Ralph says "What would you about a duet with Margaret Joy to the World ---" KJ Replies "I don't want to hear her voice anymore".

Ralph: Why don't we just settle it all with you and Margaret singing Joy to the World a duet
KJ: I can't stand speaking to her
Ralph: It's the christmas season.

Kenny says he would do this singing if both Ralph and Gator came on individual streams with Kenny alone, by themselves. Ralph reads some chats and then brings in callers again, one caller says that Kenny did nothing wrong and "get girls off the internet and back in the kitchen flamenco blown the fuck out" Ralph asks Kenny to give his final thoughts but KJ wonders if other callers have questions to ask him, Ralph says "not all those people want to talk to you, you just happen to be here do you think you are the draw here tonight" "I can take those callers if you want"

KJ: I still want to ask my question and and I want to make a statement 1, I don't hate Josh, I have my criticisms of him but I don't hate josh, he took down the article
Ralph: You dont hate josh you can just leave it at that
KJ: and my question is how in the world can you accuse someone of something and you don't want to talk to them one on one how in the world is that a manly thing to do
Bibble: It's not
KJ: Ralph you told me you don't even do that on twitter most of the time
There is some dead air and Gator verbally pokes Ralph
Ralph: I don't even know what to say to that
KJ: Alright I appreciate you having me on I guess I'll see you guys on those two streams you will be on those two streams won't you
Ralph: Maybe

Ralph shows the crab meme video with Kotaku is over text overlayed.

Then this article, he reads the headline "drag queen accidentally flashes children at story hour" "now they have it blurred out thankfully" he reads the article, "no big deal here".

Next is another Charlie Kirk video, Gator laughs and both mention how by refusing to debate nick it has increased his viewership so isn't the best strategy.

Next article is about the dog who helped in the bagdadi raid/killing, Ralph says the dog looks bad ass and Flamenco says that he is a hologram.

He then reads some super chats before the next story which is about Katie Hill resigning, Gator says "I like how shes turned it from grooming an aide into being a victim of revenge porn" Ralph then plays a video Katie Hill put up Gator says "oh god I'm pausing the stream" "At least shes wearing clothes" Ralph asks the chat, smash or pass, I noticed that Ralph downvoted this, at this point it wouldn't let me attach pictures anymore. Ralph reads some chats "I'd bang her" and says "there were some smashes in the chat" Flamenco says "Usually these congress criters aren't stupid enough to get caught"

Gator leaves at this point and says "it was very autistic but it was a lot of fun"

Next is "NCAA hopes to avoid court fight on compensation", Ralph says he would love to have NCAA footback back again, he has mentioned in the past he likes collage football as well.

Red ice talks in the chat, and Ralph says that he would be on Red Ice and gives the scheduled slot he is on.

Flamenco asks Ralph how he feels about Outer worlds and Ralph plays a clip "my bitch went ham", Ralph brings up a clip Flamenco suggested of Hasan sperging out at his "community", Flamenco reads out the symptoms of taking anabolic steroids. Next Ralph reads this article "Brandon Ray Gonzales: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know" and says "you probably haven't heard about this but a mass shooting happened", he reads the article and says "I just think its odd that we haven't heard about this I thought this is an epidemic and we needed to always have this on our mind and always thinking about ways we could solve the gun problem" Ralph points out that this was trending at first then suddenly vanished when the color of the shooter was revealed.

Next article is "Indian boys assault on black girls proves 'whiteness evolves'" Ralph reads the article and Scratchpoint comments "white supremacy is diverse" Ralph says this is "some next level galaxy wokeness". Last article is "US police sergeant told to 'tone down the gayness' wins $20m in damages", he reads the article and says "$20mil seems a bit exorbitant [..] what is this lebron james [..] what the fuck was he going to get paid". Just as Ralph was closing the show Flamenco points out that Ian Miles Cheong (a swatter and someone who got a dog flash banged, as well as someone who is shit at their job) is running defense for Charlie Kirk "White nationalist trolls have infiltrated @TPUSAspeaking events with @charliekirk11to make the conservative movement look bad, as they shout out disgraced neo-Nazi "academics" no one's heard of. To Charlie's credit, he's handled them all with class, and the audience boos them." Ralph says he is glad IMC is commenting about this because he is enjoying seeing IMC get absolutely stomped on, he mentions that Human Events is tanking in views. Next is this tweet "Cringe. @charliekirk11 triples down on stapling green cards to F-1 diplomas, falsely claims green cards only provide "temporary" residency and no path to citizenship, and falsely claims F-1/OPT workers pay taxes. Stabbing US grads in the back is not America First. #openbordersinc".

Ralph reads some chats out and ends the show with
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