Ethan Ralph’s catchphrases

Mar 21, 2020

*dolphin noises

IF i did it (really obscure one there before being an open flaggot, because everyone loved oj after that book obvi)

anything about da south (southern boy pandering)

anything related to his wiggeracity

butters youre on the killstream

matt noooooooooooooo


get em out of here gaytor

nool's penis

do the right thing/peacefully sunset

if you dont like me i dont like you

faggot14884bbc with the big ninjaghini (>$9)

should i just go to the guests/callers/andy/gaytor immediately chat?

please just follow the rules of msm/dlive/trovo/adl/fbi chat

1k whole viewers tonight, 900/500/400/100 whole viewers tonight!

ive spent more on spilt liquor than i have on faith some new shoes

smash or pass greta thunberg chat

if you dont like it you do a show