Lolcow Evangelist Dr. Robert McKim, Sr. - Carrollton, Ohio: crazy preacher, "doxing is illegal!!!" Apocalypse bacon. BISEXUAL. Downs Syndrome.


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Watched the video he did about it. He's going to call the insurance adjuster tomorrow (Saturday, good luck with that Bob) and tell them his pitchers he emailed them ended up on a hacker blog that wants to hurt him because he is an ordained minister. Someone please hack that conversation.


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Agreed. I scratched my head when he said the truck pulled in next to him and could've taken his door off.....but the damage seems to be in the wrong spots for that scenario
Exactly, how convenient that he didnt upload some dashcam footage of this whole accident on his CAER security force channel like he's done with every other near car crash hes had.

Someone please hack that conversation.
I would give my left nut to hear him argue with some insurance guy and find out the other person on the line is gay and from India or some shit like that and then make another youtube video saying people hacked into his insurance and pretended to be his insurance company on the phone.


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Lots of babble today. Here are some highlights:

He named all his prominent trolls.

He claims his most recent chimpout was basically just a joke; he knew the truth about the pictures posted on KF. (He always says that when someone proves him wrong.)

He's still denying who the source truly is. He's butthurt because Rene can't get her hands on the money they both think is rightfully hers. He also bashes people on Rene's side of the family.

He thinks the signature used on KF was taken from his Christmas cards.

He says a pamphlet is more credible than information on the internet. (It's scary considering he's still waving manuals and papers from 20-40 years ago.)

Subsequent videos put out by his family and admirers:

Mod edit: Unfortunately, the third video wasn't saved.
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Watched Bob’s latest exceptional rant this morning and noticed he had the word “obese” written out in his Bible. Kind of odd. Was Bob researching how God hates a gluttonous lard ass like him?
Don't you know about the spiritual gift of the 'diversity of fat cells' in one body? He got that right after the gifts of false prophesy, infantile discernment, and grand delusions. His exceptional paranoia was more of God's joke than a gift.

He did a great job of defining what the word "retrad" [sic] means...totally forgetting he made a video talking about how he was held back in school. I would love to hear him say "gnashing my teeth in the ganache" in one of his videos.

He's also feels all smug since one of his trolls told him their first name. I think Bob invoked Carl more than Jesus in today's video.

Today's psycho blabber:


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The :epik:s are at it again.
He had GERD at age 10 did he? :story:

Also, I am almost certain he started saying 'because of my girth' instead of 'my GERD'. The first is alot more likely for this fat fuck.

He's in such bad health he's not long for this world, that's pretty clear. Especially if he keeps his blood pressure spiked like this by raging over all the injustices done to him over the interbutts.

Holy shit these videos. They make me wish that Christianity WAS real, and if it was I'd want to die just after him so I could see the reaction on his face when God tears him a new asshole for his hypocracy and choke-slams his ass streight down into fucking hell.
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