Lolcow Evangelist Dr. Robert McKim, Sr. - Carrollton, Ohio: crazy preacher, "doxing is illegal!!!" Apocalypse bacon. BISEXUAL. Downs Syndrome.

I love it when he starts ranting and raving directly to these websites on his videos. I guess he thinks that because he puts it on the Internet someone at all these companies gets an alert that they were mentioned.

Also, he doesn’t have any friends. At the beginning of the video when he said “people he knows asked why he goes to Kiwi Farms” he probably meant The Carrollton Sheriffs Office. Those are the only people who know him well in town.

He made a video on his other channel today saying that he's going to sue PornHub for "revenge porn."
Someone is telling Bob that they're reporting him, so he put up a safe community sign on his wall probably to show the authorities who may show up that he's a really good guy. You know, the kind of good guy who threatens to shoot the mayor and fondle little girls.

jenffer a jay

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Evangelist Dr Robert L. Mckim Sr.1 hour ago
You need to be quiet little boy. You are beyond the help of the Bible. I curse you.

Francisco Chandler
1 hour ago
You tell him.

help me i have just been cures by the slob all i did is i told him the kiwi is not behind what i have being siad about him in my videos he now think is kiwi is putting hatefull word in my mouth

is this ture what bobs said
Evangelist Dr Robert L. Mckim Sr.23 hours ago
You are the only fake. It is wildly known on the internet that you are a fake TROLL!!



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Evangelist Dr Robert L. Mckim Sr.23 hours ago
I am just trying to counsel you in order to bring closer to Jesus. Asking forgiveness is the only way to salvation.

now look at this post the slod had just posted
Evangelist Dr Robert L. Mckim Sr.31 minutes ago
You are a BABY. A big spoiled baby that needs to be spanked by his mommy.
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he still think that you all at kiwi farm use me as your puplet to get him off of yourtube
Nobody controls you or makes fun of you here. You aren't even a lolcow IMO. To me, Robert is the biggest lolcow on planet Earth and whatever he thinks and says I usually assume the opposite to be the truth (just like John used to say). Robert L. McKim Sr. has down syndrome. His IQ is in the high 70's which makes him a sped tard.
Only a person with an IQ in the 70's would brag about having an IQ in the 70's.
It's official, Robert is a moron.
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It's better to just watch this rather than have me describe it. This is an extremely exceptional man.
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now look at this post the slod had just posted
Evangelist Dr Robert L. Mckim Sr.31 minutes ago
You are a BABY. A big spoiled baby that needs to be spanked by his mommy.
That "Dr Robert McKim" channel you linked isn't the channel McKim uses for his videos- it's a different channel with the same name.

It's probably just some random idiot using McKim's name to try to stir up shit.

Just ignore it.
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