Lolcow Evangelist Dr. Robert McKim, Sr. - Carrollton, Ohio: crazy preacher, "doxing is illegal!!!" Apocalypse bacon. BISEXUAL. Downs Syndrome.

Mentally disabled man wanders around trailer park preaching that the way USPS handles his CPAP equipment is a sign of the Last Days.

Live defending of the Christian faith from terrorists.

First video gets good at 7:15

Sounds like just the kind of guy who deserves a sweet treat like some of these yummy sugarless gummy bears.

Apparently the sugarless sweetener in these will cause the most ungodly things to happen in your digestive tract and ass. You might even be able to fly to heaven to meet God using your new jet powered asshole thanks to these lil babies. They have inspired some pretty epic reviews. Such as.....

"I ate half of a 6 oz bag I picked up at CVS. They changed the color of the bag. I didn't know. I spent 24 hours in the fetal position on my bathroom floor repeating "please God, why?" I still don't have an answer. "

"Did you hear that sonic boom? Yeah, that was me after 3 of these"

New video up.

More ranting about those damn dirty youtube trolls, comments on the Philly shooting, a story about his shirt, and his time as a "segura guard.".

We also get some good glimpses of the hoard that he denies exists at 2:03-2:10, 4:59-5:03, and an extended glimpse from 9:55 until the end of the video.


New video up.

More ranting about those damn dirty youtube trolls, comments on the Philly shooting, a story about his shirt, and his time as a "segura guard.".

We also get some good glimpses of the hoard that he denies exists at 2:03-2:10, 4:59-5:03, and an extended glimpse from 9:55 until the end of the video.

I was watching this thinking - how sad do you have to be to sit around in your mall cop uniform all day - and how much sadder to then scream at your imagined enemies?!


"He who dies with the most stories, wins."
8/24: Slob's latest. He's still ranting about YouTube trolls, as well as the :epik:s who keep signing him up for e-newsletters:

EDIT: Another one, wearing the same shirt. At 10:30 he starts bitching about people who question his educational credentials.

I'm guessing that this was the skeptic that he's addressing. Looks like Slob got caught in yet another lie!

8/28: Slob puts down the Bible, and applies his room-temperature IQ to First Amendment exegesis in this latest video. As usual, he's upset that people are making joke remixes of his brain-dead videos, and thinks they're "criminal" acts not protected under free speech. Slob just doesn't get the concept of parody, which is fully protected by both the 1A and Fair Use doctrine. (At one point, it's spelled out explicitly on the screen he brings up, but he fails to read it -- probably because he stumbles through the rest of the text, as usual, not really comprehending any of it.)

Other stuff: Rene is in the hospital because of an infection -- he provides color pics of her bare legs as proof -- and he debunks one person's challenge of his college credentials. But the main thrust of the video is against the :epik:s doing the joke remixes. Of course, his continuous whining about them throughout the fifteen-odd minutes here will almost guarantee they'll get more numerous and nasty, but I guess that concept is another one that escapes his comprehension.

9/2: A Slob two-fer:

#1 - Slob updates us on Rene's condition, addresses online :epik:s who are trolling him via email, and mentions he's going to be receiving a package via the USPS:

#2 - Slob checks his mailbox, discovers that :epik:s are still signing him up for USPS junk-mail, and thinks it's a sign of the End Times:

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One's feathers become singed
I.umm.. I'm this is Robert l McKim Sr. I wanna make sure you know exactly who this is, so that you can disregard this report for the trash it is.i need to report these two guys (who's books are totally not bigger than my books) on crotch rockets goin adda hi raidda speed (all cops speak Boomer!) even though my dash cam clearly shows them passing me in a passing lane.
Also! It's not just the email, it's the website! After he shows an outage on Yahoo he has to go to his email and show it. It's the last days.
Bob redefines words. The world is not what we live on and share. It's some undefined system. The earth is something different.
Bob once again reads Bible verses to say why he is so much better than everyone else, and how Bob is holier than the crotch rocket riding blasphemous people who have the temerity to disagree with him.
HE IS FULLY EQUIPPED! He has some silence here while he thinks of you kneeling.
Now he's thirsty.

Apteryx Owenii

formerly a jerkop, wants to avoid merge
True & Honest Fan
I didn't think anything was more pathetic than some pudgy old guy constantly talking about his high school football days but then you have Bob who not only has to talk about his 'time' in security but wears all that ridiculous crap because he thinks it gives him some level of perceived authority. It sure steams him when people pass his slow ass up on the road and he can't do anything about it.

Bob would 100% be the kind of guy who tries to pull people over with his orange and white security lights for traffic violations and would end up behind bars when he did it to an actual cop.
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John Andrews Stan
I found this thread last week and am shocked it has not been more popular. Underrated cow!

The first video in the OP actually tugged at my heartstrings. I thought this was going to be a thread about a MRDD elderly man living in poverty and abject squalor. Poor guy!

But then I kept going and realized it’s a thread about a self-pitying crybaby pervert living in poverty and abject squalor. What an asshole!

Here comes some A-logging. (“Born again” busybodies trying to “save” everyone else are the biggest trigger of my own

Message to Bob: You and your ilk are responsible for more atheism in this world than atheists are. You preach values you reject daily and hourly with your actions.

We have years of YouTube videos of you being a whiny bitch ingrate, despite your good fortune of being born in America in the modern era. You have it better than 99.9999999% of humans who ever lived. Your quality of life is higher than that of 99.99999999% of humans alive TODAY.

Yet you never, ever refrain from complaining. There’s not a single video of gratitude you’ve ever produced. You seem to believe with your whole heart that your entire life is and has been unfair.

The only reason you’re not an atheist is because you need someone to be angry at. You need your fellow Christians to blame for your lot in life. That’s your “faith.”

You get out of life what you put in. Garbage in, garbage out. Repent and change your ways while you still can.

Or remain a bitter jerk and keep entertaining us on YouTube with your “preaching” (read: bitching). If you choose that route, we will always win and you will always lose. You’re punching yourself in the nuts with this routine and have been for years. Keep going! The world needs the comedy.

P.S. I wonder how many people every day have renounced your beloved JC based solely on your videos. Literally no one wants to follow any path that leads to turning out like you. What do you think your God thinks of the bad reputation you give Him and christianity? According to your bible, you’ll find out the answer in the fiery pit of eternal damnation. :smug:

John Andrews Stan
I don’t normally watch his videos. The long pauses make me want to burn Tupperware and the overall length is a boner killer. (Tangentially, his fury at not getting that vintage Tupperware is the MOST relatable thing about this guy. Shit is sweet af and it belonged to the mother he loves to trash in print and online. Again, he’s happy to violate commandments—even the big 10–as he sees fit. HERETIC!)

Anyway on the mail vid embedded above (
  • Even Bob dislikes those “Live, laugh, love” signs that Karens everywhere hang in their homes.
  • Bob informs us you can only laugh so much in life. Based on his video output, Bob allows himself a chuckle once every seven years. But only if there’s a rabbit out his kitchen window.
  • The sunlight reveals Bob has skin tags all over his clavicle and décolletage. Try not to imagine how many cover his rarely worshed body.
  • Bob feels sorry for junk mail companies whose time and money is wasted by people making fun of him. Yet he has no such concern for, say, supermarkets forced to pay staff to answer his MRDD calls. (The time he and René called IGA to ask them which of their individual $1.29/lb pork chops was priced lowest is one of the lighter instances of him wasting a business’s time and money).
  • His trailer park is on a relatively nice piece of property with multiple paths that see very little vehicular traffic. On a nice day, I myself would enjoy the weather and rural setting enough to go for a walk around alone with my thoughts or a podcast. Most places in rural areas don’t have ample cleared paths you can walk on. Bob should be grateful for this but of course he’s not.
  • If Bob walked those paths for 15 minutes a day while eating properly, he’d drop weight pretty fast. When you’re that obese, your body sheds the pounds pretty rapidly for months (if you take the actions necessary).
I remain super disgusted by and sad about the René situation. She clearly has many serious health issues. Put depression on top of that and nothing short of her family kidnapping her will get her out of Bob’s trailer. It’s just way too easy to stay in that recliner. Hell, I’d sleep as much as possible too if that was my life and I was on meds that induced extreme fatigue. Depression on its own is enough to drain a person’s energy and will to live.

So the ones I feel bad for are René’s mom, my namesake, and René herself. R. was born with the odds stacked against her. It must have been a struggle for her mom to know the right way to encourage independence while avoiding the kind of shenanigans R. ultimately involved herself in. I can’t imagine ever being able to watch munchie-by-proxy porn videos of my child. Her mother must have lost years’ worth of sleep and cried endless tears for her daughter. Thank God she has the support of a partner like John Andrews.

You know, sometimes it's worth the lengthy silence between videos, because eventually you get some real fire and brimstone preaching bitching and complaining come along, which just hits it out of the park.
There's far too many "You really don't get it" moments in this video to list them all.



"He who dies with the most stories, wins."
You know, sometimes it's worth the lengthy silence between videos, because eventually you get some real fire and brimstone preaching bitching and complaining come along, which just hits it out of the park.
There's far too many "You really don't get it" moments in this video to list them all.

Jonathan Edwards, he ain't.

Here's another recent video:

Along with the Scripture-sperging and bitching about :epik:s sending him junk mail, he spends much of the video whining about the local churches not acting as his personal financial life-support system. As a poster noted above: for a self-proclaimed "Christian," Slob is an entitled ingrate par excellence.

Another preaching bitch and complain session, which starts out with RLM denouncing a 100% true email to a local church (well 100% apart from the ID of the sender), he's claiming a fake email address, but I think the email address is real enough. We then get on to some long words which are hard for him to pronounce/understand. And then we're back into his usual 2 Tim 3 screed.... which occurs to me is another of these "you just don't get it" moments, in his life.


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