Lolcow Evangelist Dr. Robert McKim, Sr. - Carrollton, Ohio: crazy preacher, "doxing is illegal!!!" Apocalypse bacon. BISEXUAL. Downs Syndrome.

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Bob is comparing himself to King David on his FB page, posting a quote from Psalms (written by King David) by way of bellyaching about his haters. Delusions of relevance AND grandeur!

I’m THRILLED to see my namesake is not letting Bob get away with his reeeetardation of claiming there are religious Jews who believe JC is the messiah. Bob has well and truly drunk the Jim Bakker Kool-Aid. And probably sends Bakker money after begging his own pastor to pay his cable bill.


Update: Bob has been awfully quiet for the past few weeks, apart from getting his ass handed to him on his FB page by my namesake. Could it be because Bob has discovered NextDoor, AKA Twitter for old people?

I’m just gonna leave this here.

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Bob just reported today that he and Rene both have the Coronavirus!!
Oh yeah? Bob is planning to sic the Health Department on you splicing trolls!

Sad news fellow Christians, he's admitted he has the coronavirus on a video. Please take caution when travelling to Ohio, hopefully Trump will enact a travel ban for Carrollton, OH: