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Careercow EvaXephon / Yanderedev / Alex Mahan / Alexander Stuart MahanDeveloper of Yandere Simulator & With the face only a mother could love

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by vertexwindi, Apr 10, 2016.

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  1. :offtopic: She's the 8th rival :offtopic:
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  2. Ah I see now, Alex’s approach for working on the rivals is to go from last to first which is why Osana still isn’t done. I guess we’ll be hearing about teachers next.
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    Hopeman College amirite?

  3. Hey, it’s slightly off topic but I drew Kiwi-chan! I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now. She’s always gonna be the thread mascot in my eyes.

    Now to actually catch up on everything that happened recently...
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    Popcorn Apoptosis

    Popcorn Apoptosis disfocused

  4. We are actually living in a time when Kingdom Hearts 3 might be out soon. A game fans have been waiting for for over a decade and was thought to be something Square Enix would never make because it might end the money train. That game will be in our hands, played on Twitch streams, and experienced for real and Alex still won’t be finished with any part of Yandere Simulator.

    Alex seems to have the fans that enjoy getting hyped for games more than playing them. It’s like how Soraalam1 made a video about how KH fans are so focused on all the little tidbits of news, trailers, and leaks that will end up spoiling the game, they don’t even care about the quality of current games being released, even with bugs, crashes, and bad loading. I’m not even sure the fans throwing Alex enough money to buy several new games a year even care to demand something of quality, if they even want to play the game at all instead of just “supporting Alex because he’s such a great guy”.

    Alex is so used to having parties and conventions thrown for him, fans defending him from critics and comforting him, and having to do work or meet deadlines that the next long-anticipated game will be out before Alex finishes YanSim. He has gotten comically inert and lazy and his fans have enabled him the whole way through, like a team of babysitters taking care of one child rather than the other way around.
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  5. Man, the last time I saw Eva was on /v/ back when he was still taking suggestions for his game, before it came out he was Eva. It's surreal to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes with him, holy shit.
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  6. I still remember him posting Lunar Scythe pictures he commissioned and getting banned and then repeating when the ban expired for months, such simpler times, still hasn't improved at all
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  7. Some things never change. The entire discord fiasco is hilarious, dude is legitimately incapable of accepting any criticism that isn't sucking him off for most of it. His new and improved Discord is going to eventually end the same way as his old stream, I guarantee it.
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  8. He's becoming much more of a manchild if he keeps it up.
  9. I don't think he's becoming more of a manchild tbh, I think he's just getting worse and worse at hiding his real behavior. This is like the fourth* community he's stomped away from after a bitchfit, always with the same pattern of him being completely unable to take people who annoy him, demanding they be removed, then throwing a massive tantrum and writing off the entire community when the moderators don't do what he wants. If 4chan and 8chan weren't anonymous, he probably would have been screeching at the mods to ban people there too.

    *just as Yanderedev, not even total
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  10. Alex's reaction to any form of criticism is everything.
    "These fucking losers should fucking have been swallowed by their fucking whore non-animated mothers. I fucking refuse to return to this fucking Discord until there is a fucking holocaust of anyone who isn't one of my fucking sheep."

    (Please call them 'normalfags', Alex. That was some of the funniest, dumbest sh.... I mean, that'll show those normies who's the real cool kid around here!)

    Also, that "trailer" was hilarious. You know how trash something is by how much ridiculous editing and obnoxious music has to be layered over game footage for it to be even slightly passable. Yansim will truly never see the light of day at this point... Alex wouldn't be throwing tantrums this frequently if he wasn't realizing this himself. It takes months for the tiniest cosmetic changes and minigames to release, the actual game hasn't received any slight notion of attention in what, a year?

    ...In all fucking honesty what significant changes and advancements have been made to this game AT ALL in the past several years??
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  11. Hewwo deliquents
    The music made me fucking snort.

    EDIT: what the hell i just got the notif when i posted that how is this late
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    #22331 ectobruise, Apr 16, 2018
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2018

    ectobruise only came for the emotes

  12. Alex confirmed that it was the original music for Yandere Simulator and will post it on Youtube soon.
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  13. Huh, I guess Alex forgot to remind himself that he was supposed to make YanSim instead of Lunar Scythe this month.

    Hopeman College amirite?

  14. He also said that Osana would be finished at some point.
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  15. One thing Yandere Dev complained about is that his game is banned from Twitch. It's easy to stick up for him- he's an opponent of censorship and doesn't want anyone to be separated from their tastes, fetishes, and cute girls because non-audience members don't like them...


    ...EXCEPT! He runs several threads and forums and uses them to subtly control conversations and try to manipulate the popular opinion of him. Not to mention he cries about people (in places not moderated by him) having dissenting opinions about him. That is hypocrisy and him being anti-censorship when it comes to the content of games does NOT change or make up for that!
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  16. Osana and minigames should be banned from here and replaced by Never and quicktime events
    It triggers me every time :drink:
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    Idea Waifu

    Idea Waifu Waffen-SS chan

  17. he also said he was making a game but i dont see it. wheres the fucking game
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    A single cheeto

    A single cheeto one stupid motherfucker

  18. He also says he doesn't stream video games often. I don't know what constitutes "occasionally" to Alex, but he streams WAY too often and WAY too much to develop a shitty vidya.

    Is anyone maintaining a list of these kind of lies from Alex? If not someone REALLY needs to.

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  19. Let's not forget he could also be slacking off and playing vidya offscreen when we aren't looking, not to mention watching anime and jacking to it.
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    Yeeb-Renzo "NUT" :Waving_hand_emoji:

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