Cultcow EvaXephon / Yanderedev / Alex Mahan / Alexander Stuart Mahan - Developer of Osana from 2014 till the sun fucking explodes

What will happen to Yansim?

  • Alex works less and less on his game as he rides out his tugboat

    Votes: 516 46.7%
  • Alex drops the game and becomes a fulltime streamer

    Votes: 179 16.2%
  • Alex opens up a Kickstarter that will fail because of gremlins (no refunds)

    Votes: 244 22.1%
  • Alex adds more useless features asking for more money

    Votes: 465 42.0%
  • Alex goes full skitzo drawing crayon comics about his battles with gremlins

    Votes: 128 11.6%
  • Alex takes all the criticism to heart and improve his life

    Votes: 25 2.3%
  • Alex will troon out becoming Alexia

    Votes: 300 27.1%
  • Alex does a flip

    Votes: 189 17.1%

  • Total voters

Cast Away

I shall sing a lost requiem
Which is sadly the worst part of this story and why I don’t actively follow the thread anymore. You can only spend so much time asking where Osana is before it’s tedious. Nothing else has really happened
The reason I think Alex had been so interesting was because he is 99% just a product of his own personality flaws. He doesn't have to rely on a "gross and fucked up" factor like Horrorcows or "fucking insane" factor like Schizocows to draw clicks. Chris is Autistic, Brianna Wu is a troon. Alex was born as just a regular dude. Being homeschooled isn't an excuse. You can still go out and attend Boy Scouts and be social outside of school and grow up relatively normal. Alex chose to shut himself in and play vidya all day to the point where he was incapable of social interaction. Alex chose to be a loser who was not able to get into college and had to go to a Community College. He chose to act like he was a messiah and began to show his true colors to his fanbase. He chose every wrong choice that led to his demise, which makes him all the more fascinating to watch knowing he isn't the byproduct of something else.

But now he's gotten incredibly boring as we basically just watch the train crash in slow motion.


Friendly Mexican Ghost
But now he's gotten incredibly boring as we basically just watch the train crash in slow motion.
Patience, man, just wait. Mundane Matt, who is the product of his own flaws and inability to change, hasn't been particularly interesting to some point, but now people make fun of him constantly.

Blue Canary in the outlet the lightswitch, who's watching you...
Wow, I wasn't active since page 1200 or something and I'm impressed that he doesn't have Osana fully implemented yet.
It just popped on my mind and I looked it up on YT to see how far he has come and if there's any noteworthy progress.

The "game" looks totally outdated. In 2015 it would be okay for a meme game, but since he insisting that it's a totally serious game it looks like crap.


You're a faggot Harry
I literally left for almost a year to see if dev had made any developments on Osana or anything actually important to the main game by the time I got back just to see maybe he is actually working on the game.

Well, see you again next year because that didn't happen even though he promised this in April of 2019 of most of the shit being done.

Blue Canary in the outlet the lightswitch, who's watching you...
Oh yeah does that guy is still alive ?
Last time I heard of him was when "The Fall of Yandere Dev" came out and Yandere Dev DataMiner was caught into the drama.
What happened since then ?
Apparently he's found on a Sex doll forum. But it's not confirmed but it looks like him. Must be around Page 1500.

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