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What will happen to Yansim?

  • Alex works less and less on his game as he rides out his tugboat

    Votes: 742 44.9%
  • Alex drops the game and becomes a fulltime streamer

    Votes: 255 15.4%
  • Alex opens up a Kickstarter that will fail because of gremlins (no refunds)

    Votes: 329 19.9%
  • Alex adds more useless features asking for more money

    Votes: 659 39.9%
  • Alex goes full skitzo drawing crayon comics about his battles with gremlins

    Votes: 183 11.1%
  • Alex takes all the criticism to heart and improve his life

    Votes: 32 1.9%
  • Alex will troon out becoming Alexia

    Votes: 459 27.8%
  • Alex does a flip

    Votes: 298 18.0%

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I had to go WAY back to find it but finally got a snippet of it from this:
Reddit link (Archive)
He may not have gone with it but he was imagining it as a post high-school thing so students could enact in escapism and he'd have his safe 18-20 range instead.


Link to the KF post I used:
That Reddit post is one of the saddest things I've ever seen. I feel like Alex is projecting his desire to have had a proper high school experience onto the game. Isn't Senpai a self-insert of his? I imagine that Alex likes to imagine himself having a woman willing to kill for him while having friends and clubs in an actual high school. He probably thinks that having an RP high school is a completely reasonable thing to do, and not a sign of stunted maturity.


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That's it? So, you mean to tell me that the long awaited snap is just Ayano walking with her head down and slightly twitching? Oh, Alex, you never cease to disappoint me
Great. I come back to the thread after like, a year, and I find out the mythic SNAP mode is just this. This. I'm more mad at myself for being disappointed at this point...


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I guess you haven't seen this:
There are like four more with different outfits, I think you'll manage to find them by yourself.
Yeah I can confirm, when I used to watch his streams, he had mulberry make these weird ass fuckin things. If I remember correctly a few of the outfits were, a swim suit, and zero samus.


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It's telling that you're a person who realized what a slug Alex is, or just new to him in general when you bring up old news like how he wanted genderflipped art of himself in Bulma's bunny outfit or the Zero suit.
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Surprised no one brought this up yet, but there's an official crossover between Yandere Simulator and Dark Deception (an episodic horror game best described as "Pac-Man meets Outlast") currently in the works.
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Surprised no one brought this up yet, but there's an official crossover between Yandere Simulator and Dark Deception (an episodic horror game best described as "Pac-Man meets Outlast") currently in the works.
Dark Deception is probably too scary to cater to YanDev's audience who'll hear about that game through this collab.

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Once again, I have to ask who is even the target audience of Yandere Simulator. He doesn't want the target audience to be underaged kids because of COPPA guidelines and he even discourages it (and this NSFW shitty gacha game isn't helping either). I would say the aforementioned "hardcore gaming indie anime fans" but even then once again, way too niche and that hentai game crossover is gonna greatly decrease that niche either.

At least Alex might get some funding from this collaboration.
And he wants this game to be 100% Twitch &YouTube friendly too. I have no idea why he can’t just keep his head down. Be an actual anon, don’t talk about ages and all that, get patreon welfare and make a smutty porn game. I honestly think he would make more bank like that since this game will never get a full release.

then again, if Alex could do all that he would not be on this website

Is there a chance of his more overzealous defenders being a side feature on this thread?


Funnily enough cleveland tried to report the post on the osana subreddit claiming "targeted harassment" when someone talked about being banned because cleveland is such a coward.

So, k gon just came back from the dead with a 20-minute video
The person who made the video made an interesting point about one of the assets looking too out of place to have been made by a volunteer. It wouldn't be out of character for this to be from the unity store, or downloaded from an mmd model.