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Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by vertexwindi, Apr 10, 2016.

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    Jerkop Assigned Stupid

  1. This is also not even allowed on YS reddit to talk about other game, what is this kid doing for real
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    Fatcat fat cats are really nice cats

  2. I checked out his blog post, and honestly... it's giving me mixed emotions. His summary of the game seems very off to me.
    First off, the protagonist's name is obviously made up. At least the last name is. A game where you have no choice BUT to murder everyone is also very... bad? I can't find a word for it, but it will probably end up really crappy.

    Most murder/stealth games are a hit or miss to me- either they're very good, or they crash and burn. One of the things that can put down a game is the protagonist. They need to be lethal, yet the player can still like them (Like with Agent 47 in Hitman). I can't believe I'm saying this, but even YanSim has grasped this concept by giving Yandere-chan the ability to do a pacifist route and to give her SOME sort of backstory in order to make the player sympathize with her (thanks to the shitty writing it doesn't really work, but at least he sorta tried to). Meanwhile, I can't sympathize with Uribi.
    Originally, Yandere-chan was a simple lovesick girl, and I could deal with that. Uribi is just... cold-blooded. No backstory to make us sympathize with or like this girl. I'm not even going to start on her parents, Okiori or the stupid name of the 'game'.
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    Orhahine BITCH

  3. Poe's Law? Cue the optimistic ratings.

    On a serious note, those names are what you'd get from a cat walking on the keyboard and sent to a Nigerian proofreader.
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    IceGray "Dude, where's the bus?"

  4. He could always just say that "muh emails" are preventing him from making the game again
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    Pikimon Exceptionally Overachieving Mexican
    True & Honest Fan

  5. To be fair, the rule states that if they are fanworks, they are technically allowed on the subreddit. However, it could easily be interpreted as this kid trying to promote a game that competes with Yandere Sim, which the subreddit does not in fact allow.

    I have to agree though. It may not be Alex, but I find it super fishy that this kid went from "fuck you yandairydev" to "dev inspired me to make a game plox send assets."
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    Parappa does the PPAP

    Parappa does the PPAP Slurp it, suck it, I know you all like it!

  6. Asking for free assets in another game's subreddit is just embarrassing, especially considering said game might never be done itself.
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    Slutpuppies Shake that monkey

  7. Nice of the kid to show his username on his blogpost. Google gave me a Youtube page after searching it.

    This kid barely looks 13 and some of his videos are random having random pictures slapped in it and having porn in it. If you click his recent video, wierd shitholes, it has Amazing World of Gumball porn as the first thing you'll see. Just a NSFW warning if you're gonna browse through his shit.

    He also has some Yansim videos, love how they're recorded with a camera. Some of these poses are so goddamn stiff in these animations.
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    Kaabi Poyo

  8. Nice to have visual proof to back up our statements that his fanbase is largely comprised of underaged edgelord tweens.

    Color me genuinely surprised that it wasn't Alex using a sockpuppet though. Kid writes almost exactly like Alex does. It would be unfortunate if this kid is what Alex was like at that age, and follows the same path.
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  9. You should've archived this. kilnkerman2111's email is kathyjakubowski1@gmail.com. Googling it leads to a G+ account under the name Charlie Jakubowski. Never self-dox yourself
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    #14590 Carcinogenesis, Jul 18, 2017
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    Carcinogenesis Your oncologist will be with you...never

  10. [/
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    DICKPICSRUS indecisive about my avatar

  11. Noooooooo, not Planet Coaster! I feel sick thinking he's playing the same game I do :cryblood:

    I guess his parks sucks anyway, he have the creativity of a rock.
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    Kiui Princess of Autism

  12. look what i gone and done now

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    Blanche Bleach

    Blanche Bleach i like blossoms

  13. I love it and want more.
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    Miel67 Will Dox Their Communist Mother

  14. Holy shit, that was hilarious and accurate.
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    IngusNSFW ~Weeaboo who faps/flaps/fingers to Ingus~

  15. Incredible! You should've added a patreon symbol as Alex's cutie mark, great work nonetheless
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    Carcinogenesis Your oncologist will be with you...never

  16. thanks y'all! :feels: it took a while but it was fun to make and i have plenty of ideas (i don't want to spam though)

    also @Carcinogenesis i thought of that as soon as i uploaded it. i had to look up what a cutie mark was though, i didn't realise the ass tattoo had a name lmao
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    #14597 Blanche Bleach, Jul 18, 2017
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    Blanche Bleach

    Blanche Bleach i like blossoms

  17. That video was absolutely amazing.

    I had to stop watching his update video right at the one-minute mark. Sorry you have to wait 90 seconds for something to compile; it's the same level of entitlement as Chris-Chan's "rainbows are so hard to color!"

    My only hope for the future is that by the time YanSim is actually released, the kids who are 11 and following his work grow up to be old enough to see what a piece of shit it is. OR at least old enough to see what a piece of shit he is.

    Genuinely curious if he's going to keep to this promise or let his ego kick in.
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  18. Funny. In his Reddit thread he mentioned something about still being in college and having a job. First, asking for free assets and now lying to people. It's like a miniature version of Alex.
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  19. "I didnt PROMISE Osana would be done in a month , I have done nothing wrong and theres no reason for ANY of you to get mad at me , a hardworking indie dev."

    inb4 its like that whole "i didnt promise u videos every 1st and 15th of the month" fiasco again
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    Plesioth Hipchecking King

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