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Careercow EvaXephon / Yanderedev / Alex Mahan / Alexander Stuart MahanDeveloper of Yandere Simulator & With the face only a mother could love

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by vertexwindi, Apr 10, 2016.

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  1. I frequently notice that people naïvely assume that a group of mostly young people would finally learn that a certain heavily marketed thing is harmful for them or is a scam.
    For every YS fan that gets bored or annoyed with Alex, a new young one discovers the game while browsing carcinogenic letsplayers on Youtube. It's an unending cycle of gullibility, so until Alex gives up, he will always have a group of teenagers looking forward to his creation.

    In other news, college graduates will never learn that MLMs are scams, gamers will never learn that preorders in the digital era are pointless, and young girls will never learn that their teen idols are cleverly manufactured personas.
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  2. You bring up a valid point here that has been sadly almost never brought up on the farms. Almost all of the fans supporting YanSim since the beginning are gone, those currently supporting the game became interested in it later in the developpement.

    But I still think there is a dynamic here of the YanSim fanbase becoming slowly more desillusioned with the product and it's because of the product itself. It has become such a mess that it now doesn't take as long for each individual fan on average to realize that something's wrong. You can see the dynamic on reddit, if you have a lot of time to lose. People become critical of the game faster and faster.

    Another thing: YandereDev relies on the hype to keep his sheckels flowing, namely on Youtubers. Even the most devoted Youtubers are trying to produce less videos, because of the colossal lack of content. They openly say that there hasn't been much going on.

    TinyBuild will try to chirn out the game as fast as possible. That's when I think the whole thing will crash. For some people, the fact that Alex-chan is a narcisistic ephebophilic man-baby is easy to ignore, but an unplayable game, after all his promises... Those fanboys/girls who defended him with such passion will turn on him really fast.
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    Jerkop Assigned Stupid

  3. Hey, separation of art and artist. If the game is good, it doesn't matter if the maker is a piece of shit.

    Too bad YS isn't good. It's barely a game.
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  4. Alex and TB have different goals. Alex is content with Patreon, TinyBuild want to earn money in Kickstarter and by selling the game – and the end of free demos that is supposed to happen will cause a rift in the fanbase.
    So far, the inflow of Patreon shekels stopped dropping and even rose a bit this month: https://graphtreon.com/creator/YandereDev
    Meanwhile, the search trends for YS are going down: https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?gprop=youtube&q=/g/11btwsp6t7 so TB will have to reignite the hype, and do it soon.

    EDIT: someone on the YS subreddit summarised the progress on Osana:
    If the estimate is correct, she might be ready for Christmas.
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    #15004 DieselBoogaloo, Aug 12, 2017
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2017
  5. Christmas of 2030
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    Chimerian Godhead

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  6. Remember, YandereDev would be pushing his changes to the repository setup so from tinyBuild's perspective when looking at commits made it would appear as if YandereDev is doing a lot of work, however if they are looking closely they'll just see it's minor changes being pushed.
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  7. I am back from holiday, motherfuckers. What has alex got up to recently?

    MeanyBoomBoom Amai's Morning Events Delayed to 4th Millenium

  8. You can now trap the 4 main doors leading to the school plaza with buckets (only water though, gazoline's not cool enough)... But he's working on Osana, I swear!

    @zFlarex I'm currently rereading the thread gathering info, could I PM you about about some of your comments in the thread? Your profile is restricted.
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    Jerkop Assigned Stupid

  9. I love how youtubers literally make a video with every build, even with something like slightly modified text and a new hairstyle
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    MeanyBoomBoom Amai's Morning Events Delayed to 4th Millenium

  10. You and @Jerkop made me watch the latest Jay video. I love how glitchy the new feature is and how glitchy the fix for another glitch is.

    When you place a bucket of gasoline on top of a door and somebody opens the door, the bucket falls down, but it does not spill – but it will telekinetically spill when Ayano crouches; he probably coded the game to "if bucket full and crouching, spill bucket" without checking if the bucket is held.

    Also, due to shit key mapping, you cannot open a door while holding a full bucket.

    To increase difficulty, Alex added ages ago a feature that if four student witness a murder, they will apprehend you by running towards you, standing around you and performing the apprehension itself when all four are in place. Of course, if just one or two are standing next to Ayano and wait for the others, Ayano could still run around, with students fixed relative to her position, awkwardly motionless and sliding around with her.

    Since it both looked awful and caused some other minor problems, Alex decided that Ayano would no longer be able to move as soon as four students decide to apprehend her – and if some of them get stuck on obstacles, the game gets stuck until the end of the day, waiting for dumb AI to find its way around a trashcan. Two students standing in a battle stance, two running in place, and a scared immobile Ayano in the middle.

    That's why I respect Jay for what he's doing: he's playing around with the main feature of the game: bugs.
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  11. I think that it is honestly in Alex's best interest to never finish the game. He is making a ridiculous amount of money off of the production of this game and the internet "fame" that comes with it. Once the game is finished, I would estimate 75% of the viewers in his streams will lose complete interest, and his youtube channel will be over. He will no longer be getting any money from Patreon as well. And when the game is finally released, the critics who review this videogame will utterly destroy him, warning off many potential buyers.

    Its interesting to consider his economic standing concerning the development of this game, and how significantly it will change once it is released. Honestly, in the end, having TinyBuild working on this project will end up hurting him because they will give him a deadline for release of the finished product, meaning he will not be able to keep it in eternal production. Meaning he will not be able to postpone the production for years and years, meaning his three main sources of income, YouTube, Streaming, and Patreon, will be gone.

    If anything, I am excited for this game to be released because I am excited for Alex to have to deal with the real world and finding an actual job where you can't be a lazy narcissistic asshole for a living.

    ...*me secretly dreaming of riding up on McDonalds and this idiot asking me for my order.*
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  12. She's a big guy.
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    Y2K Baby

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  13. [​IMG]

    >goes to reddit where everyone will jerk him off no questions asked.

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  14. :offtopic:Alex seems like the type of person who, without the support of his parents, would completely devolve to a feral manchild, or something similar to how Stan from South Park acted in "Bebe's boobs destroy society"
    It's safe to say we all know Alex will never be able to function on his own.:offtopic:
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  15. Well, guess what happened over a year ago, just before new features stopped appearing and all that was left was "I'm totes legit working on Osana, guys!"...

    (anyway, that post was already talked over in this thread, staring from page 71)
    (but it's still funny)
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  16. >Goes to 4chan/8chan
    >Wonders why people insult him
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    DailyToastBoat "An ocean full of seamen"

  17. My question is, why does he even need validation from other people in the first place? All it's done is affect him negatively throughout the years. I would say move on, but at the same time it's Eva and there would be no point.
    "You're not my audience anymore"
    Eva, that's not how things work. You can't decide if someone chooses to include themselves in your fanbase, and on top of it all, you came to them in the first place. Not the other way around. lol
    His chimpouts never cease to amaze me.
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    Floof I foking love cereal

  18. Adversity leads to growth. If you are comfortable you don't have a reason to improve.

    Living inside a hugbox only makes content stale.
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    Luigi In the nights, dream delight

  19. Finally caught up on the last ~40 pages only to find out that nothing of importance happened and there's really nothing to comment on... is this how this thread is going to be from now on? I mean, we already know that he streams instead of working, that his code will forever be shit, that Osana won't be implemented in the next two year(:optimistic:), and that he's ugly as sin. What more is there to discuss?
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    Fox What am I fighting for? What are you fighting for?

  20. Nigga on this website just about every tweet CWC posts gets a fifteen-page thread before being locked by moderators. About 90% of the Farms is just autists repeating themselves and talking about nothing, Seinfeld-style.
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