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Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by vertexwindi, Apr 10, 2016.

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  1. Speaking of TinyBuild, I see they've pushed the release date of Hello Neighbour back to December sometime. Seems the bug reports got too much for them.
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    Solzhenitsyn me in the middle
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  2. Gee, that's a good sign. It's :autism: when you try to push a release date and end up going back on it, sure you want to generate "hype" but that usually just gives negative feedback in return if your game is not polished.
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    IngusNSFW ~Weeaboo who faps/flaps/fingers to Ingus~

  3. It's the 15th. He usually posts at 12am on the 1st and 15th about builds. I'm guessing he thinks the fans are satisfied with the surplus in bug fixes he's made.
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    MonsterDong2 seize the means of production

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  4. Aw no need to be hard on yourself maybe by the time its Christmas on Venus Osana might be an unpolished twitching mess but considered complete by Christmas (a day on Venus is 243 days for us).
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  5. is Alex getting fatter?
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    Luigi Witness, bathed in the glory of my countenance!

  6. Fat? Nah, not exactly. "Decaying" is a word someone used before to describe his current appearance. I think it's a pretty accurate adjective:

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  7. Well due to his face "filling out" his nose looks comparatively smaller.
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  8. archived

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    DICKPICSRUS indecisive about my avatar

  9. Wait is Alex talking about the tinybuild video he made 5 months ago? And just NOW, after he just admits he didn't credit the artist, he says he "felt guilt ever since"? He doesn't care about other stuff he steals so is he really guilty? wow that's some darn hypocrisy there.
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  10. The reddit is panicking because Alex hasn't posted in a couple of days. What video will you do on now?
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    #15012 princess13456789, Aug 16, 2017
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    princess13456789 Making cookies


  11. It is now almost a full month since TinyBuild made the port over from Unity4 and JS to Unity5 and C#, and very little progress has been made at all on Osana or the game. My money is still on YanDev continuing to work super slowly on Osana rather than hurt his ego and ask for help.
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  12. Is the game finished yet
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  13. At this rate it'll take about a decade.
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    vertexwindi Diddy does it for free
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  14. I love how he dragged this update video out to be 10 minutes long as well. Not even trying to be subtle.
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    Virus goddamn rolos

  15. Is Gen Zed finished yet?
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    trombonista I keep my ideals
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  16. Remember Yandev did say one it took one hour to make one minute of a video. So using this logic it took him 10 hours to make this video.
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    DICKPICSRUS indecisive about my avatar

  17. [​IMG]
    Knock-off Yandere Sim clones are hitting steam faster then the actual Yandere Sim game is.
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    Robotron Jerkin it while waiting for the robot revolution

  18. Rate me dumb if you like, but could that make Yandere Sim a clone of Yandere School, which is getting published first?
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