Eve Rebecca Habat / Dumblr Feminist - She threatened to sue ED




Sometimes people can take feminism too far, and sometimes people can take the opposite extreme were you well meet Dumblr Feminist

A notable tumblr anti-feminist who seems to be a sex worker in real life. Online she is a fedora wearing female MRA. She started out the internet as an innocent fangirl writing rape fanfics. But then she discovered tumblr and the SJW crowd, and went the opposite extreme.

She gets butthurt with feminists instead of just trolling them. She is notable for lying about being raped despite that being a deadly sin in the MRA movement.

She tried to use ED as her personal army and went over to the forums were she ended up being trolled and threatened to sue them. She claims doxing is illegal despite having doxed people herself

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Not surprised this bitch made it on here. Many of the anti-SJWs on tumblr have become very milkable lolcows along with the SJWs on tumblr, perhaps even more Autistic in their views than their SJW counterparts depending on the cow that is being milked. Dumblr Feminist is one of them along with Jetpack Johnny and Logicd, those are the three main anti-SJWs that I know of that are DEFINITELY lolcows. Basically why I mainly stay on my fandom blog and reblog TF2 and Blue Exorcist on there rather than my main blog, which has politics at times. I find both sides of the political/social justice crowd on tumblr to be fucking ridiculous in all honesty.

It is beautiful and fantastic that the first picture of Doucheler Feminist is of that bitch wearing a fedora though~

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Apparently in 2011 she posted on an asexuality forum saying that that she was "far from sexually active" and "[found] sex to be extremely awkward". Obviously something changed in the last few years if she is a "sex worker"/strip dancer now.

She also says she was molested as a child and raped. According to ED she's lying, but they're not exactly objective so I'm not sure.


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Back on topic - while I do like what dumblr-feminist has to say on SOME topics to do with modern feminism, I do feel she takes it a bit too far A LOT. Besides, what's the point of fighting a virtual battle when you could be outside enjoying life?


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She's an obese shut-in with bad hygiene who thinks she's Freddie Lounds from the TV show Hannibal. She has convinced other unstable people that she really is. The baphomet thread I linked was made by the friend of someone she's scamming-- he thinks she is the real Freddie and is sending her money. She has a few other Hannibal fans living with her. She has full control of their paychecks and their lives in general. She seems to be forcing them to roleplay 24/7, and it sounds like she sexually abused at least one girl . It's fucking bizarre.

Autisticdragon, it isn't. I found out about this from the baphomet thread. Monica is the girl who owns tattlecrime.org.
Her name is Monica Edwards