Everyday Detractor Videos - A place for those videos that come out everyday, by DSP fans.


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This thread will be dedicated to all of those "Detractor" videos that come out on YouTube every single day, or every other day.


*Snort Burnell
*Memology 101
*David Davidson
*Almighty Tevin
*Mrhuth Stuff
*MTCdood (The new guy)

And the many, many more.

Post the DAILY videos here, so we don't miss them and don't have to dig through the general discussion thread for salty gold.

(Here's lookin' at you @BrunoMattei)
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You want us to post Fred Fuch's 24 hour long podcasts?
No, lol. Edited kahntent only.
Here's some great compilations of our beloved pigroach.
These are a great starting off point for the thread. But I'm talking about NEW content from here on out.

Any videos made by DSP "detractors" from today on, Should be posted to this thread in order to keep the main general thread less bogged down with bloat.

Examples Given.

June 21st 2018:

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Here's a vid that starts off with the infamous Friday the 13th roasting that began the "masturbating in front of children" meme.

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I like memology a lot more than snort burnell now. snort burnell has used the same repetitive memes for about 3 months now. meme has some newer ones and switches them up

that said ardnas/snort burnell was the first one to do it and a ton of channels rip her off
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Tevins (Restream?) of the Kat QnA:

Choice Tevin quotes from this stream:

Regarding Mexican lasagna "Ground turkey is Mexican BTW, Turkeys come from Mexico...That's their homeland"

and my personal fave:

"Thats the look you give a dude in the club, If you leave with the girl he came in with. Like: "Yea I took your bitch, nigga""



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Final ones for a few days.
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Some of you have wondered how DSP is able to pay his bills with his dwindling twitch/YT "career", but as it turns out, he's also a musician on the side.

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