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I know I'm also very late, but 3:20 is truly exceptional. The zombie is very difficult to avoid as it's basically a tutorial for the self-defence weapon, but he somehow stands there long enough for it to recover and grab him again.


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Looks like some decently big youtuber really put in the work to make this happen. Even drops some lore right off the bat.
Now here's what would happen if DSP, Wings, Panda and Tevin were to survive on an island. And no, it doesn't seem to end with three of them forcing Tevin to pick cotton.

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. . .and the blackest eyes. The Devil's eyes.
The hypocrisy, pissbaby'ing, and piggy squealing in this one; from 'YouTube IS just an archive. If you are watching this on YouTube, I'm not making any money from the ads so give me money somehow else!' to REE'ing about people who make music 'DOUBLE-DIPPING' on music they've 'ALREADY BEEN PAID FOR!' as if they personally put their music into the ContentID system like Phil babysitting his YouTube uploads and not their music distribution company automatically doing it. According to Phil if someone licenses your music for something everyone else is now allowed to use it for whatever they want because 'you got paid', and you no longer own your own creation.
Also he is now calling the APEX Legends composer 'that MotherFUCKER!'


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I have Streamlabs. You can literally mute just the game audio.

DSP once again chooses to have no understanding of his own software.
Cahmahn, dood. It just doesn't work for him, okay? Alottapeepul tell him that he can just do this thing or that thing, but it just doesn't work for him, okay? He tried a million times to get it to work, but he just can't. It's too hard. Nothing that works for everyone else will ever work for him. This is precisely why you should tip him.