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slightly off topic... but whats the name of that fortnite player that rages during darkspadills breaks when Tevin is restreaming?


To anyone who hasn't seen it, Phil's handling of Jaffar in Aladdin truly is a thing to behold. Hopefully linked and timestamped here for your convenience.

For 5 minutes he burns his feet off on the platforms, and at no moment does it cross his mind that maybe this means he shouldn't be staying on them. If you go back to the beginning of the video you'll also be graced by his singing, because no moment, no thing can go unscathed in his presence.


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Video featuring Thyri from Twitter discussing the foreclosure situation. I will say that she pretty badly underestimates his Twitch income (like by $20k-30k or so).
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Praise 'til you're hollow

Top 10 Worst DSP moments of 2019. Haven't watched it, so no idea on quality. @Proper Pangolin is the author.
That's some fine video there. Good interjections to supplement the claims and such, some Mighty D lawnmower action, and the background music is solid and helps make listening to non-sped-up Phil more tolerable. Good job @Proper Pangolin.