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The Penultimate Warrior

Mar 6, 2019

wanted to show some love to suprcrzy. He has a series called To Catch a Paypig that goes in on some of Phil's whales. He knows a lot of interesting lore I dont hear too often. His first couple uploads are low quality but still worth the watch. He has gotten way better though.

Honestly I enjoy his content even more than Tevin's atm, no knock on the Almighty.

Problem with him is he gets way too angry and invested, so will likely burn out soon. Sit back and laugh at Phil and his circle, don't start getting angry.


Apr 23, 2018

this dude was making insane money while on twitch and still crying poor

and now its very tough and hes barely making ends meet minus thousands of dollars.

where does this dudes begging end. how much money does he need a month? 50000? 100000?


May 21, 2018
This is one of those videos that shows Phil at his worst. Talking about things other than Phil, trying to have a good time in his chat? Banned. He may as well tell his viewers that if they aren't there to hold his hand through a game, they can fuck right off.

Cistern Rumbler

Mostly here to lol... mostly.
Oct 3, 2018

Edit: Loving this KingDDDuke channel.

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