Everyone I Don't Like is Literally Hitler

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Disclaimer: Because of the clusterfuck that happened last time I’m gonna set some ground rules.

1) No troll shielding. The SJW thread works great when people don’t go overboard.
2) Try to keep derailments to a minimum. We don’t need to know why the alt right speds we’ll be mocking aren’t cucks. Nobody cares
3) Keep political axe grinding to a minimum. Massive essays about how the alt right are wrong and should be grounded are pointless. We’re here to laugh at people not win.
4) These kinds of people are not necessarily Alt right:

· Trump Supporters
· Pepe lovers
· Meme posters
· Everyone who posts on an imageboard

5) Have fun!

The Salt Right: RACE to the bottom

Welcome to the alt right! Germinating on websites such as 4/8 chan for years and catapulted to the limelight by Donald Trump (pbuh), the premier movement has found itself at odds with the mainstream internet. The largest contingent of said internet being assblasted SJWs. Unable to deal with irony or detect obvious trolling, the alt right has found its calling- Triggering SJWs on the internet and terrorising liberals IRL.

Anywhere you travel on the internet from the rolling plains of facebook to the grand rapids of twitter and the canyons of reddit the users’ quake at the presence of the alt right’s dank memes. The bogyman they’ve been warned of has finally arrived rolling in on a wave of pepe shitposts and hashtags. Behold: your grand and terrible fate…


lol jk

The reality of the alt right is that they’re a by-product of modern cultural trends as much as anyone is. In essence if given the opportunity they’ll behave as badly as any dangerhair tumblrite would.

The regular reader will recall that I was extremely concerned when the faggot kike MILO wrote a piece about the Alt-Right, claiming that we were not really racists and that “1488ers” were a small and irrelevant minority in the movement.
It was clear to me that they were attempting to do to our movement what they did to the Tea Party – flood it with “celebrity” figures who didn’t care about the ideals of the movement – and were in fact actively working to subvert those ideals – and thus make it impotent.
MILO attempting to steal our memes, our tone, our image – our entire brand – and rebrand it as cultural libertarianism.
You know, one person who supported allowing MILO onto our platform was Richard Spencer. Honestly fam, I was flipping out about that, privately. A lot of people were. I was like “someone has to stop this Spencer!”

Fittingly, Spencer was the one who made sure he would never be on it again by creating the #Heilgate media storm at NPI.

"Heil Pepe!"
Speaking of which here's some excepts from that speech. Try not to cringe

If the alt-right is a human body their major organs would be several websites that daisy chain together into active platform driving their beliefs. These websites have openly embraced Chan culture and meme magic. The less vital organ’s would be where they maintain a presence but aren’t dominant. I'll let the degenerates at the daily stormer point you all in the right direction

Sites and People:
  • /pol/ – Effectively ground zero of the Alt-Right, in that this is where the aesthetic and basic ideology of the Alt-Right originated.
  • weev – Troll zero, weev was the key non-anon originator of what we now understand as troll culture.
  • Daily Stormer – A neo-Nazi website which rips-off memes from 4chan and refuses to give them credit.
  • The Right Stuff – An edgy website for trolls, which features a wide array of podcasts, some of which are professionally produced. Originator of the echoes meme.
  • My Posting Career – It doesn’t really go in this category, but has to be put somewhere, as it has been an extremely influential site. Originator of the term “cuckservative.”
  • Ricky Vaughn – A Twitter personality.
  • Paul Town – Another Twitter personality.
  • GotNews.com – Another one that doesn’t exactly go here, but the site’s proprieter, Chuck Johnson, has been confirmed to have Internet Troll Personality Disorder (ITPD).
  • Infowars – The world’s foremost conspiracy website, run by a large man named Alex Jones. The site has, over the last year, become increasingly aligned with Alt-Right ideas, though without talking about the Jews. They have dumped a lot of the hardline kookery of the 00’s conspiracy movement.
  • Rense – The world’s secondmost conspiracy website, run by Jeff Rense. It is just a link site, but it has influenced the narrative of the conspiracy movement in the way it chooses links. If you browse it now, a lot of the content is Alt-Rightish.
  • Red Ice – Heinrich Palmgren’s radio program started with a focus on conspiracies, but he has since moved into the Alt-Right. He has also expanded into other media.
  • Paul Joseph Watson – Lead agent of Infowars, Watson made a huge pivot from promoting chemtrails-tier kookery to anti-SJW materials last year. He has claimedthat Jews do not control the media.
  • Veteran’s Today – The commentary website of Jewish conspiracy theorist Gordon Duff. The site is the last remaining bastion of hardline “tinfoil hat” type conspiracy theories. Duff has admitted to purposefully publishing disinformation.
  • David Icke – A British person who believes the world is controlled by lizard people from another dimension (all of whom happen to be Jewish).
  • TakiMag – A politically incorrect paleoconservative blog published by Taki Theodoracopulos.
  • Stefan Molyneux – A Libertarian YouTuber who has progressively moved away from hardline Libertarian cult doctrine and toward social criticism. He still doesn’t talk about the Jews.
  • Pat Buchanan – A former Presidential candidate and current columnist and commentator, he is one of the only modern mainstream politicians to criticize Jews.
  • Joe Sobran – Anti-Semitic Catholic columnist, now deceased.
  • Ron Paul – Failed presidential candidate.
  • Council of Conservative Citizens – An paleoconservative and pro-White organization founded in the 80’s. Recently accused of brainwashing Dylann Roof.
  • American Free Press – A newspaper and website which promotes Libertarian-conservative politics and anti-Semitism.
  • Return of Kings – The blog of Roosh V, originally a purely Manosphere-oriented site which now covers a variety of political and social issues.
  • Chateau Heartiste – A pick-up artist and anti-feminist blog which has moved progressively into politics.
  • Davis Aurini – A Manosphere figure who has become more political.
  • Matt Forney – A Manosphere blogger who now writes various right-wing materials.
  • 8ch.net/v/ – The de facto home of the movement.
  • /r/KokatuInAction – The other de facto home of the movement.
  • Vox Day – A blogger, science fiction writer and various other things.
  • Stormfront – The original WN spot on the internet.
  • David Duke – The grandfather of the White Nationalist movement.
  • VDARE – Edited and run by Peter Brimelow, VDARE is mainly focused on the immigration issue. They have some great writers, including James Kirkpatrick.
  • The Occidental Observer – Run by Dr. Kevin MacDonald, TOO publishes long essays on Jews, some of which are pretty good.
  • Traditionalist Youth Network – The home of Matt Heimbach’s Traditonalist Workers Party.
  • VNN – Alex Linder’s forum, VNN is a classic WN site.
  • American Renaissance – Jared Taylor’s organization, which is also the name of his news website.
  • Occidental Dissent – The blog of the League of the South’s Hunter Wallace.
  • Counter-Currents – Greg Johnson’s blog, publishes a lot of highly excellent essays. They also publish books.
  • Radix Journal – Richard Spencer’s blog.

While anyone could browse /pol/ its counterproductive because its 80% trolling. Breitbart is a far more comprehensive and has most of the lulz tied up in neat bow. What's on the front page today?


(totally not assblasted)


Ah yes, like any SJW that doesn't get what they want, Breightbart has resorted to crying over pulled Kelloggs adverts. They've started a Hashtag campaign that'll be on the front page for a full week!

“Today is a very sad day,” Joey’s Garage says in the video under the title “Goodbye.”

“I’ve got to say goodbye,” he adds. “Not to you guys, but to Kellogg’s. If you haven’t seen it on the news, if you haven’t seen it on social media, there is a Dump Kellogg’s going around because our values don’t align. So, it is what it is.”

The YouTuber then cuts to a box of s’mores Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts that he blows up.


Sounds Islamic


'Fucking liberals need to check their privilege...'

When not obsessing about breakfast cereals the hot topic is race, especially how white people are defined.

Justin Trudeau is Not White 21.jpg


We have a problem with Canada’s Dear Leader.

Say what you want, but a quick glance tells you this guy is not a Western European. It’s not just the dark, bushy hair, but the overall coloring, and mainly the cast and shape of the face. The man’s visage, smashingly handsome though it may be, is ethnic.

This might be inconsequential, except for a couple of things. First of all, both of Trudeau’s alleged parents, as well as his alleged siblings, are inarguably white.

When white nationalism and meme's collide-
"[An] international network that promotes race war"

"Welcome to IRONMARCH.ORG the Online HQ for the IronMarch Global Fascist Fraternity and the Forge of the 21st Century Fascist! "





The defining value of the movement and the foundation of its ideology is that the Jews are fundamentally opposed to the White race and Western civilization and so must be confronted and ultimately removed from White societies completely.

Jews are behind all of the things which we are against, the diametric opposite of everything that we stand for. In a very real sense, defeating and physically removing the Jews will solve every other problem. None of this would be happening if it were not for the Jews.

It is now fully-documented that Jews are behind mass-immigration, feminism, the news media and Hollywood, pornography, the global banking system, global communism, the homosexual political agenda, the wars in the Middle East and virtually everything else the Alt-Right is opposed to. This is, to a shocking extent, simply admitted by the Jews themselves.


“1488” is an old skinhead and White Nationalist battlecry. “14” refers to the 14 words coined by David Lane (“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children“), with 88 being an 88 word paragraph from Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, volume 1, chapter 8 (“What we must fight for is to safeguard the existence and reproduction of our race and our people, the sustenance of our children and the purity of our blood, the freedom and independence of the fatherland, so that our people may mature for the fulfillment of the mission allotted it by the creator of the universe. Every thought and every idea, every doctrine and all knowledge, must serve this purpose. And everything must be examined from this point of view and used or rejected according to its utility.”).

“88” can also mean “Heil Hitler,” as “H” is the 8th letter of the alphabet.

The Alt-Right certainly believes in these principles, but also uses the number ironically – it is a bit of self-depreciating humor, comparing ourselves to previous incarnations of the White Nationalist movement which are potentially viewed as low-brow.


There's also a growing complex about manhood in general.


Yes this is real

A sample of twitter autism-




Altright on Twitter.png


Have fun!
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Nov 25, 2016
I was worried if my political preferences would classify me as "alt-right" but now I see these guys are way too nutty and obsessed with race for to be counted among them. I can't believe there are people out there that are so obsessed with jews they pour over information on their political senpais to be absolutely sure they're not in league with them.


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Apr 21, 2015
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May 15, 2015
Oh, the alt-right. "Saving" western civilization by whining about women, Jews, & black people on Twitter and /pol/, typing the word “cuck” over and over again, posting Pepe the Frog memes, and disliking YouTube videos. I’m sure Clinton and George Soros and ISIS and the Zionist Occupation Government are just quivering in their shoes. :roll:

Another funny thing is that Alt-Right is the "PC" term that white supremacists/ neo-Nazis created for themselves.


Also anyone who tantrums over cereal like that past the age of 3 is a retard. :lol:

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Aug 5, 2015
The alt-right reacts to a man replacing lube dispensers at a gay sex club with hydrochloric acid:


"A true alt-rightist will look at this and will probably chuckle at the ingenuity; a cuckservative or someone from/r/The_Donald will react with indignation and horror, and demand that we protect homosexual "culture" as an answer to the cultures of the east, including Russia.
This should be considered a test."

"People don't hate gays, they hate the negatives that come from embracing homosexuality in your society.
The gay life style offers a destructive alternative to the heterosexual nuclear family. Since the family is the corner stone of society it's a bad idea to offer alternatives to it and a lot of people opposite it because of it's destructive nature on society rather than a personal grudge against those people.
The Alt-right accepts that life is fucked and some times you have to do "bad" things because the alternative is something much worse happening."

He's upset he can't give flowers to men without being called the faggot he is:

"It spreads diseases which then enter the straight pool because of bisexual people. It encourages people to take sex less seriously because no risk of pregnancy. It also massively damages male bonding, which is important. When homosexuality is out in the open men can't interact with each other too much or share emotions together without looking gay. A straight man who looks gay is not going to get laid ever, it's suicide to his mating strategy. That is why in Russia men can give each other flowers and hugs and it's considered masculine and normal, but in Western society men have to say no homo if they're nice to each other and can only bond over superficial stuff like sports. Open homosexuality is death to a society that needs men to protect it, they can't bond in the same way and as such their ability to function as an unit is weakened."

"They just shouldn't have anal sex, it's unsanitary and it's the biggest transmitter for STDs. What kind of nightclub has lube dispensers anyways? That's so vulgar. It's making gays look like a bunch of nasty mansluts."

"The whole racial IQ debate won't matter now that China's making genius babies. It's too bad that's going on in the rapescape that is China. Now there will be a bunch of highly intelligent rapists."


May 8, 2016


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Dec 27, 2013
It's great to see this thread return. Being without an open thread to laugh at the edgy pseudo neo nazis crying over a breakfast cereal company made it feel like something was missing, y'know?

That being said, some interesting content related to this I found a little while ago is this poorly drawn propaganda comic that tries to rip off Bone's art style known as Red Panels. No crazy online fringe group is complete without a shitty webcomic right? :lol:

Aside from the endless strawmanning and comic panel textwalling, the particularly nutty strips often give some interesting insight into the author's comically absurd views. He unironically believes there's a correlation between race and intelligence and the slogan of the comic he advertises it with is "Red Pill in Webcomic form"

I can only assume that earlier on he tried to make it big with the r/redpill spergs and loveshies before they got absorbed by the now more prominent manosphere crowd this thread covers.


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