Everyone should legally be allowed to commit one murder in their lifetime - How would you use yours?

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I disagree with OP. Rather I think we should instate a barbaric Abrahamic/Hammurabi-esque punishment system wherein someone who provably commits a crime they are punished appropriately.

Say, for instance, someone feels like raping a kid. If it gets proven, with hard evidence, we can use some of those South American dogs to rape them in return. OR, if the Judge is feeling extra old school, we could just castrate them.

Do it in public too so people get the message.

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Disagree about murder, but people should maybe be given a one time mulligan for other serious crimes, provided no one was killed and the damage wasn't too bad.


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I think I could kill 4 because one is only worth a quarter of a person.


Instead of murder, each one should be chained or imprisoned together for as long as one of them wished.
Payment for the food and other necessities to be provided by the requesting party. No time limit. Anyone that agreed with punishing one of them could donate money to keep it going.

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What if it's in self defense, not just kill for fun? For example, a robbery or a rape?


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Probably my ex. She's almost 31, still lives with her mother, and can barely keep a job. Not to mention she is a narcissist who pushes all of her friends away. On the rare occasion she has a job she blows all of her money then begs her mother for more so she can go out eating and drinking alcohol.


There are a lot of holes in this plan. Firstly how would one reliably keep track of another's murder count? If you're allowed one and lets say you use your friend's as witnesses to lets say lie and report that you didn't then you still have one free murder for when you get caught. What you're suggesting is chaos. No one is innocent and no one is pure. As human we are by our very nature flawed and prone to weakness. Do you really believe people wouldn't exploit a system like this?

I for one don't know of anyone I'd want to kill. Everyone I want dead will die on their own eventually anyway and suffering is a far worse fate than death. Besides, I think harboring those sort of feelings towards another person is a bit unhealthy and likely signifies some deeper issues that need attention.


It'd create a situation where you'd have to plot and hide your murders just as you had to before. If somebody murders someone else's family member and they know who it is, they're probably going to use their murder ticket to kill you. Better to do it in secret so you don't have to use your ticket, and keep it around in case they trace it back to you.
But if we're talking getting off scot-free which seems to be the point of this question, then I'd say Soros/one of the Rothschilds, if no one else did it.


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I would post an autistic manifesto on whatever -chan board was most popular at the time, go to eliminate my target, but trip over a couch and somehow kill myself in the process.

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idk the persons I'd want to kill are already dead (drugs, disease and accidents related to drugs, ect). Feels good outliving them.


I'd kill whoever the president happens to be with a nerf gun loaded with gasoline and a lens, for the sake of seeing the media report on the event.

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My one hit would probably be on Anjem Choudary, as he's a radical Islamist, ISIS supporting, extremist hate preacher who despises my country & people like me but is more than happy to suckle at the taxpayers teat with all the benefits (welfare) that he & his extended family sponge off the state. And he's a smug looking Paki too.


If we were playing Cluedo : It was Rancid Flid, in the mosque, with a chainsaw (or an axe as a secondary weapon).

Choudary referred to the 11 September 2001 terrorists as "magnificent martyrs". In 2003 he said that al-Muhajiroun would "encourage people to fulfil their Islamic duties and responsibilities", although he also said that the group was a political movement and not responsible for individual actions. In 2004 he said that a terror attack on British soil was "a matter of time". He refused to condemn the 7 July 2005 London bombings,[56] but accused the Muslim Council of Britain (who had) of "selling their souls to the devil".[57] He blamed the 2013 murder of Lee Rigby, an off-duty British soldier, on British foreign policy