Everyone should legally be allowed to commit one murder in their lifetime - How would you use yours?

Basketball Jones

Oh that’s easy. My ex. We haven’t spoken in years, and I have gone to extreme lengths to keep him from attempting to communicate with me and/or finding out where I live/work. But he keeps trying to find me by going around to all my friends and asking for my contact info.

I would happily waste a bullet and my one kill pass on him.


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I'd build a business out of it. I'd build an orphanage and help straigthen kids lives out, give them all the love I can, don't skimp on education, amenities or attention. Then when they're 18 the only thing they have to pay is their one appointed murder. I'd fund it all by selling legal murders.

It'd create a situation where you'd have to plot and hide your murders just as you had to before. If somebody murders someone else's family member and they know who it is, they're probably going to use their murder ticket to kill you. Better to do it in secret so you don't have to use your ticket, and keep it around in case they trace it back to you.
No, read OP again. It actually accounts for this. You have to report it right away, otherwise it doesn't count as your assigned legal murder.

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