exercise with me 05/17/2020 -


Racist Cunt
Yeah warning to people LITERALLY NO CONTENT AT ALL!!!

She keeps saying Fun and Fresh because James Charles said it.

She is trying to do Curvy Calories again, its clearly old footage and I think I saw the dress in a tik tok but I honestly can't remember they all look like shit.

Even tries to do a body shot to get to 100k views, this cunt is for real.

p.s. Fuck you Amber actually try doing your own content - oh wait.

a llama weighs 450lbs

amber's hump #1 fan
of course the only time this bitch edits is to hide her ankle testicles.

at 3:30 she asks, "can we stop now?"
around the 6 minute mark she waddles over to the computer and is shocked she's only been going 6 minutes because she's visibly struggling
"i think i'm gonna aim for 10... maybe 8"
"you know what... stopped at 7 minutes"

amber's face while crying that all the people in the video were skinny (:_(
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