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Maybe instead of imitating make-up fags she should go after Anna/Glitter & Lazers TIk-Tok demographic- Chinese teens who like laughing at morbidly obese Americans dancing and trying to run. Anna got like a million chink subscribers by just running on the beach and letting her blubber fly. Seems like AL could find success in that niche.

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I'm still just horrified at how her body is resorting to distributing fat.

I watched a GG video, I think it's from today and he said (I'm paraphrasing) dont show more concern for these gorls than they do for themselves. Good advice to remember when I feel like being :optimistic:

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I timed her; she started moving at 1:20 & stopped at 8:15, so didn't manage a full 7 minutes. Still, if she did that 3 times a day & slowly worked up to lasting the whole length of the video, it would do her wonders. I suspect she's going to think, (because she's winded & her heart rate is up), that she burned way more calories than she did. Perceived effort doesn't equate to calorie burn. She MIGHT have burned a whole 150-200 calories doing what she did. The sad part is she was out of breath literally 20 seconds in & if she thinks that's normal for simple walking & not fleeing at your best speed from a hungry lion, she's really out of touch.

She mentions how last year she could only walk 1:16 & remembers that because she filmed it. Yet she conviently forgets soooooooooooo many things she says; including her multitude of contradictions & flat out lies... even when the change in "direction" only takes 24 hours .

As to her invitation to her personal pity party on her tik tok - sorry child. Few people reach your age without at least a few emotional scars; life it full of "shit happens" for most to remain untouched. The difference is, they deal with whatever has touched their lives in a negative fashion & with the understanding that mental health is crucial, all forms of therapy from free phone lines to the most expensive shrink - help is readily available. She can acknowledge her great many failings all she wants - talk is cheap. Her continued refusal to actually do something, take ownership of her issues & try to resolve at least some is why this is all... calculated bullshit.
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So...I wonder when this was filmed, since she said in a previously released vid that she went walking with the gays and all the dogs for 30 minutes, but didn't claim she was exhausted or "Shtooooo tired, you guize!", just that she got a tinge of sunburn and she felt great. She said they walked for 30 minutes in that one, but can't do ten minutes here?

It's like being in one of those horrible and scary "fun"houses at a carnival. Nothing makes sense, and you can see giant fucking lardasses in the mirrors.


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What the fuck hahaha it looks like she has a baby foot. Like she broke it when she was young and it never grew right, or she was born that way or something. That's so fucking horrifying but hilarious, how does this happen. I knew someone with a baby arm and that's what I thought of as soon as I saw this. She's beyond even testankles now. Her leg fat is literally trying to consume her own feet.