exercise with me 8/29/19 -


Not even a 10-minute vid, so must be complaints of swelleen. Will recap shortly. Edit: RECAP!

exercise with me - 8/29/2019 (Day 72 of this 100-Day Nightmare)
Because I hate myself and my blood pressure enough to watch these "inscrutiateen" videos so YOU DON'T HAVE TO:

- She feels SO BAD that it was only 5 minutes. (She probably feels worse it didn't hit 10 minutes for EXTRA ADS.)

- Oh, it's a "new thing" to only film stuff for a day and then upload. Good thing to set up new rules before the impending crash.

- Waddle footage of her "sneaking up" on Wasabi trying to sleep.

- Holy fuck she's painting her hoofnails! She's SO CAREFUL to avoid saying brand names because she'll mispronounce them (and then continues to butcher the English language like it was just something else she can kill and stuff into her gullet).

- This is such great exercising! Painting 2 coats of fingernail polish! *BeetusPaw waggleen*

- She gonna "get some steps in" walking around the house! (She "already burned 400 from walking around already today because she's so fat" - but aren't those technically part of those 2800 she claims to burn just by merely existing? Oh no, booboo - she assures us they're DIFFERENT. That smart watch is SUPER SMART and knows what it's doing.)

- JiggleLynn waddles from 2:43 to 3:00 - a total of 17 seconds.

- Hamber took Necky's sunglasses and now we're talking about Tik Tok and "dancing"? *smash cut to NappingLynn*? Didn't even take the melatonin.

- "I took a nap." (No fucking duh, Hamber. You do that A LOT.)

- OH FUCK SHE FOUND THE SHITTY WISDOM TOOTH. QUALITY CONTENT. (But her teeth are "really healthy" otherwise. Sure, Jan.)

- Overweight Twinkie Storr is NOT HAPPY to receive pettings or being in this position. (Way to read your dog's body language, abusive fucks.)

- Guess we're BURNING CALOREES with another COMMENT OF THE DAY?

Comment from "SWIMMING IN A STORM" (out of ONLY 2,245 - she is so sad about that): "@Des B you're just jealous because she can actually see her jaw line"
(OMG, are we going to address the Des B in the room?)
Reply: She actually understands THIS was a comment to a DIFFERENT person. "A lot of people think Des B is me. I have actually thought about blocking Des B, because it's not me." Claims to have her one and only account (*internet recalls her fake Facebook profile*). Claims to have never even SEEN a comment Des B has posted, but somehow ALSO knows their comments add to toxicity?

- Tomorrow's vlog will include her increased mood stabilizer dosage to 125mg. And then we'll get one more, right? RIGHT???‽!‽?

TL;DR: She "exercised" for 17 seconds. SKIP.

BONUS: You can still have fun randomly freeze-framing the "randomization" to get an idea of all the haydur comments she was SUPER lucky didn't pop up.
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The way she explains how she likes to walk "backwards, forwards" and then shakes things the fuck up by sometimes "walking in place." Then does those things and narrates with the exact same shit she just said. "You can walk in place, it doesn't even matter!" Thanks ALR, appreciate the permission given on how to walk around in my own fucking house. To nobody's surprise walking in place is her favorite way of existing whilst absoluetly having to move your feet.

This is not how a normal person talks about walking. I don't care how many minutes she spent blobbing around her living room, this bitch is bedbound.


Twinkie Stor
Rotten wisdom tooth & beetus paw combo.
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"My teeth are so healthy" and "my mouth didn't accept this wisdom tooth" it has a cavity on it and she's claiming the rest of her teeth are healthy, like that's a big ass cavity, i wanna see an x-ray of her other teeth now to see how many more she has cause that can't be the only one


I was like - whuuuuut???
Seventeen seconds. SEVENTEEN FUCKING SECONDS of 'exercise' albeit 17 FUCKING SECONDS of her pushing how much fatter she is now, 'walking' on the spot
Oh....maybe she classes painting her nails corpse purple as exercise, who the fuck knows
Oh, and she announced she had a two-hour nap
At this point they be one and the same...


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