exercise with me 8/29/19 -

Captain Ahab

She has zero understanding of how to train properly. She’s been doing those pathetic exercises for years now and has made ZERO progress so far.

You need progressive overload. When you lift weights, you try to add some weight each week, if possible. When you do cardio, you add distance or intensity as often as you can. At first, ideally each training session. Day 1, walk to the tree and back 10 times. Day 2, 11 times. Day 3, 12 times. Etc. Before you know it, the tree is no longer a challenge and you go on longer walks. Then maybe add some stairs and inclines. Try walking less distance but faster.

Lastly, walking in place is not good enough. She can’t even jog in place. All she does is lift her feet. It’s not enough effort even for someone her size. Counting those feet lifts are steps is disingenuous. Walking engages more muscles and is way more functional.


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I think Twinkie's borked. Did they have her stuffed or what? That dog's thousand yard stare looks how we feel watching her riveteen uploads. Poor thing didn't move a muscle in the background.

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Wait, isn't that Trixie? If so, all those dogs are fucked. You know what's weird? The animals I care the most about...and that's including the human variety...are the one's I don't see that often like Wasabi or Chubbs. I love seeing all the animals because frankly the humans have no inherit value, but those are the two I watch out for and love getting little sightings. I guess I'm saying you can tell who the favorite children are in that household.
UG UG UG I see BECK*EYE the Sailor Lesbian is back !

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Goddamn, what has happened to Twinkie???? Fucking hell, that poor girl.


I am your Fairy Wish Prince, at your service
Exercise for her is literally pointless because she refuses to stop shoving carbs down her fucking cakehole. She is one of those people that bread is their biggest enemy. That "awesome" organic, whole grain bullshit that she showed in a previous video where she just had to have two sandwichs because she slept through a meal????? was 520 calories in bread alone and let's not forget the 92g of carbs.

A serving of that bread is ONE SLICE...she had four. I just...I cant. her purposeful ignorance about what she eats is sickening. She is the perfect consumer for junk food masquerading as healthy. That Lipton berry-flavored tea that was in the fridge has 21g of sugar per bottle, so basically a days worth of refined sugar intake. Wonder how many of those she guzzles down a day? Neuro drink? 9 grams. Cheesecake Jello Cups? 21g. I am willing to bet my life she consumes about 80-100g's of sugar a day just in drinks.

She is one of those people who would drink Sprite with a meal and feel good about it because it looks healthy. There is a reason that when McDonalds advertises their salads there is a fucking Sprite next too it. Because sheeple see it, and since its clear, their brain associates it with something healthy, like water so they order one. She is that person. She literally looks at something and because it looks healthy she thinks that it is healthy.
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Orange Chicken Bad. Cheeto Amber.
The last time she LARPed any kind of "exercising" was with 3lb baby weights and it was for that brief period of time immediately after ShimpGate - when she was crapping her enormous pants over losing subscibers.

This is even worse than that.
Those weights are now decoration on her window "seal". They have been memoryholed.


UG UG UG I see BECK*EYE the Sailor Lesbian is back !

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The poor baby can barely catch her breath sitting up right. Why do they always put her on her back like this? It's gotta be almost impossible for her to take a breath.

I guess it's a good thing they barely pick her up. I can understand ALR (and Becky) eating themselves to death but I will never be able to grasp how they put this poor helpless dog in this position and pet her like she's not slowly dying.

I don't know if it's denial, stupidity or neglect but I do know it's just plain depressing at this point.

I don't usually think too much about her animals but that screenshot really bums me out.

How does a tooth even get to that state? That's a really deep cavity, right? Doesn't seem like she had any other issue people usually have with wisdom teeth
Have you seen Boogie's teeth? Amber probably only has a few teeth like that. Boogie's whole mouth looked like that. It is truly horrifying.
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