Campaign Ammo Experts Debate Warren’s Big Tech Break-Up Idea -


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This is pleasure!
I'm sorry I cannot stomach watching or listening these morons talk am I correct in surmising that the reason these three exceptional humans want to break up some large corporations is not because they are choking the market but because they want government regulation on speech online?

That's what I got from the snippets I could tolerate but please feel free to correct me.

The moderate and far-left have a real hard-on for stomping out free speech lately. Must have something to do with their loss of power and inability to get it back. I have to admit it is starting to simultaneously enrage me and concern me.


My skin crawlith
nice to know that all it takes to become a tech expert is to be, what did he call it? an unreal expert? and 77.1k tweets.

also, for the love of god wu, brush your fucking hair. I can't fucking stand it. does he not use enough conditioner? are the wind gods upset at him and constantly fuck his hair up? is it meth? with those teeth it has to be meth, right?

Wow she looks even more haggard and batshit than she usually does

Speakin o which...
these pictures legitimately activate some primal fear reaction in my brain


Wants to see the photo of the bee vagina
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This adventitious HD still really shows what a cobbled-together wreck John's facial structure is.

View attachment 722920

Notice also The Scar at his hairline, in its full livid white glory.
Goddamn spoiler that shit, the last thing I need is a jump scare of Wu proportions over breakfast.

He's aging so fast. Probably could've pulled off the One True Politician Dress back in the gaymer gayte days, but he just looks like a half-deflated balloon now. That John believes showing so much skin is acceptable for a professional woman his age will never not be hilarious - yet horrifying. It should be a comedy show skit, but it's real life. How the fuck did society end up in this mess?


Bless me Father, I ate a lizard.
If this is the best Boston has, god help them...
God abandoned Boston long ago.

I swear she's wearing those racist chinaman glasses with the tiny little eyes printed on them
Did Frank shave and put on a wig? Someone check and see whether the third panelist was the Wu's surviving dogs standing on top of each other under a trenchcoat.


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The TV studio makeup crew must have banned him from bringing the problem glasses onto the set.

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