Extreme sexual deviancy


Eric Borsheim
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Feb 25, 2015
With the advent of this thread in community watch
Ever wanted to jerk it to an anime 5 year old getting reamed by a spiked dildo? How about anime trannies getting their dicks cut off? What about self cannibalism?

If you said no then congrats, you are fucking normal unlike the people over on gurochan.ch, a chan dedicated to fiction:
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Deep conversation:
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And of course beautiful masterpieces:

None of that your speed? Don't worry they also have a scat and furry board! Where you can browse hundreds of images of lolis getting shat on and furries getting eaten alive.

For people so eager to get off on gore and degradation one post of real life gore or even gore from a well done horror movie will send the viewers screaming to admins (who being the people they are, seem to be attached to IRC like it was their life blood.) Simly posting reaction images on this chan can get you banned, as can drawing that are too cartoony (only anime allowed), but a pot girl is apparently all good and welcome.

Don't know what a pot girl is? No problem until this week neither did I.

But don't worry, on Gurochan you're in good company! After all it's where TJ aka the Amazing Atheist used to post his art and requests to be cannibalized irl.

In short it's a hive of deviant edgelord fetish and butthurt over anyone who criticizes their entirely fucked up kinks. Now let's all vomit. Or don't, they have a thread to fap to that.
I decided to preemptively create a deep thoughts discussion on the nature of extreme sexual deviancy.

I think that it is likely caused by childhood brain injuries as a genetic component would likely be so selected against that it would likely be completely selected out of the population unless it is recessive and if it were a simple mutation that wasn't normally inherited then it would be much rarer than it actually is.

I do not believe that it is anything to do with an increase in dominance as if it were then it likely would be more satisfied by mercy rather than extreme brutality as mercy is generally the thing that would be evolutionarily selected for as it would allow one to benefit from social behaviour.

I do not believe that extreme deviants are able to be held accountable for their actions because of them being caused by physical damage but in the same way they do not have obligations they do not have rights either as they are just simply outside of human morality

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Kazami Yuuka

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Feb 1, 2015
On the origins of the association of extreme violence to sexuality:
I highly doubt brain damage is the primary culprit. These kinds of things begin growing around childhood and take root during adolescence and early adulthood. For example, anecdotally (from /d/), children who commonly received suppository medicine later developed inflation fetishism. Extremely violent sexuality is not genetic, although genetic conditions like psychopathy would increase the chances of adopting violent sexuality.


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Feb 10, 2013
Most sexual fetishes/pathologies are generally excepted to be a mix between nature/nurture. Unfortunately because of the nature of certain sexual pathologies, much of the data that has been collected are considered "dark statistics"