Business Facebook fought to keep a trove of thousands of explosive internal documents and emails secret. They were just published online in full. -

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  • Thousands of pages of internal Facebook documents were published on Wednesday, shedding new light on how the company profited from user data and grappled with rivals.
  • The documents were collected as part of a lawsuit involving Facebook and a developer it took action against, and subsequently leaked.
  • Facebook has fought vigorously against the release of the documents, arguing that they presented an unbalanced picture of the company.
An explosive trove of nearly 4,000 pages of confidential internal Facebook documents has been made public, shedding unprecedented light on the inner workings of the Silicon Valley social-networking giant.

On Wednesday, the investigative reporter Duncan Campbell released a vast swathe of internal emails, reports, and other sensitive documents from the early 2010s that detail Facebook's internal approach to privacy and how it worked with app developers and handled their access to user data.

The documents were originally compiled as part of a lawsuit that the startup Six4Three brought against Facebook for cutting off its bikini-photo app's access to the developer platform. The documents were supposed to remain under seal — but they were leaked.

Some of the documents had already been made public before Wednesday. The British Parliament's Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport Committee published hundreds of pages in a report in December; they were seized from Six4Three's founder, Ted Kramer, when he visited the UK.

And in the months before he put the entire trove of documents into the public domain, Campbell shared them with journalists at NBC News and other outlets, who then published several stories about them. (Campbell said that he was sent the documents in February, the same day that the committee published its final report, and that the sender was anonymous.)

Facebook has fought vigorously against the release of the documents, arguing that they do not paint a balanced picture of its activities. In an emailed statement, a company representative told Business Insider: "These old documents have been taken out of context by someone with an agenda against Facebook, and have been distributed publicly with a total disregard for US law."

Business Insider is combing through the documents and will update this story with our findings.

Here are some of the key revelations from the document dump, including from reports published from earlier leaks:
The leak includes nearly 4,000 pages of internal Facebook documents, nearly 3,000 pages of other exhibits from the case, and hundreds of pages of other pieces of legal documentation.

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Jesus fucking Christ that's a big-ass PDF file. Normally I love to leaf through these things but it's nearly 4,000 pages long.

No shit?! White collar billionaires arent above board? And all they do is eat each other to climb the ladder further? And nothing is going to come of it because some low level desk jockey is gonna be the fall guy because white collar criminals never have their shit actually catch up to them or else go to white collar country club prisons, if they dont end up dead by being disposable?

Im not surprised all this shit is only now just coming out, having also read an article saying people are trying to make him the next pawn of the elections--but have no doubt, there is absolutely no fucking way that everybody didnt knowingly have their hand in the pot when this was going on, now he's less useful or for whatever reason, he's the new boogeyman and all this shit can come out. And everybody's flabbergasted--"How COULD you?! Dont you have any integrity!?"


Are you now, or have you ever been?
Well I wish I could say "Let them fight" about Google vs. Facebook but unfortunately, like peasants huddled in the town these two are fighting over, we're the casualties. You think Zuck or whoever's in charge at that tranny puzzle palace Google gives a fuck about anyone on their networks, other than as a human Capri Sun package full of data, waiting for FB or Google to shove the straw in? Negative.

4000 pages is too much for Joe sixpack to get outraged about, he'll lose interest a half page in to a 4000 page document.


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The Grim Reaper of Federal breakup is gaining on ya, Zuck..... ten years ago, even 5 year ago, the tech-worship the left engaged in meant he was an untouchable saint. But now, in current year?

The left won't take a bullet for him because he refused to ban all the registered Republicans for "hate speech", and have begun calling him an actual right-wing agitator.

Meanwhile, the right leaning and neutral folk he did send to his own personal FB jail or spied on will not forget him as casually as he has forgotten them and will call their Rep and Senator if Trump makes it an issue, as he should.
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No wonder this guy is so paranoid

Facebook last year revealed that it spent $7.3 million protecting Zuckerberg in 2017
no one is allowed to park directly below Zuckerberg’s office due to concerns that a car laden with explosives might position itself there
I like how all of Facebooks dirty laundry smears Zuck directly because he's the living avatar of the company.

Arkancide Pact
Holy shit, so much coming out this week! ABC NBC Epstein,
No wonder this guy is so paranoid

I like how all of Facebooks dirty laundry smears Zuck directly because he's the living avatar of the company.
So he didn't rape or murder anyone? Back of the line zuck, we got rapists and murderers on the loose named Clinton.

This is outrageous, but still, priorities.
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Sissy Galvez
Zuck is a colossal piece of shit so he deserves all of this. Facebook wasn’t even his idea, he stole it. He tried to buy goodwill by donating money to a hospital and they renamed it after him which made him look even worse.

He’s the exact opposite of Bill Gates, not smart and zero social skills. He doesn’t know how to read the room. Fucker needs to ban political ads, ban anti-vaccine groups, etc.

Oh I can't wait to get through all this info, I've always wondered what they did with all the data the collect on people. I always assumed they used the data to spy on other companies but now I'll get a clearer picture (if this shit is real). That a lot of FB funds revolve around Zuck and his intense paranoia is not at all surprising.

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