Business Facebook fought to keep a trove of thousands of explosive internal documents and emails secret. They were just published online in full. -


Eric Ciaramella is the whistleblower
We will need some dedicated people here. It's 3k+ pages of shit to go through.
I'm ready to help!

I figured if we wanted to divvy it up or something it'd probably be best to go by exhibits rather than page ranges, so I've gone through the entire pdf and cataloged each of them according to page number and a brief description of each exhibit. The majority of them are small email chains, which is nice since that's where I suspect we'll find the spicy stuff.

pp.0001-0071: Godkin's Declaration in opposition to Anti-SLAPP
pp.0072-0072: Cheryl McDuffee's Declaration of service to defendants

pp.0073-0155 Exhibit 001: Michael Vernal's testimony from 08/30/2017
pp.0156-0213 Exhibit 002: Ali Partovi's testimony from 10/10/2017
pp.0214-0317 Exhibit 003: Simon Cross' testimony from 10/25/2017
pp.0318-0407 Exhibit 004: Allison Hendrix's testimony from 06/21/2017
pp.0408-0422 Exhibit 005: Konstantinos Papamiltiadis' testimony from 09/01/2017
pp.0423-0478 Exhibit 006: Bernard Hogan's testimony from 07/26/2017

[Yots: Unlike the other testimonies, Facebook didn't seek to seal these following ones, apparently.]
pp.0479-0485 Exhibit 007: Ted Kramer's testimony from 01/13/2017
pp.0486-0489 Exhibit 008: Tim Gildea's testimony from 01/10/2017
pp.0490-0496 Exhibit 009: Tom Scaramellino's testimony from 04/21/2017

pp.0497-0500 Exhibit 010: f8 Event and Facebook Platform FAQ

pp.0501-0505 Exhibit 011: Dave Morin->Ami Vora email from 05/07/2007

pp.0506-0508 Exhibit 012: Facebook Platform keynote "Foundational Message"

pp.0509-0513 Exhibit 013: Mike Vernal->Cal Sjogreen et al. email from 07/18/2011
pp.0514-0521 Exhibit 014: Dan Rose->Russell Grandinetti et al. email from 05/03/2007
pp.0522-0526 Exhibit 015: Douglas Purdy->Mike Vernal email from 02/14/2013
pp.0527-0531 Exhibit 016: Ruchi Sanghvi->Mike Vernal et al. email from 02/19/2008
pp.0532-0536 Exhibit 017: Mike Vernal->Douglas Purdy email from 06/29/2013
pp.0537-0546 Exhibit 018: Mike Vernal->Monica Walsh email from 04/18/2011
pp.0547-0551 Exhibit 019: Mike Vernal->Will Cathcart et al. email from 06/27/2011
pp.0552-0567 Exhibit 020: Eddie O'Neil->[tasks] email from 10/07/2011
pp.0568-0570 Exhibit 021: Douglas Purdy->Harshdeep Singh email from 05/03/2012
pp.0571-0577 Exhibit 022: Jillian Stefanki->Jonathan Thaw et al. email from 06/24/2013
pp.0578-0583 Exhibit 023: Avichal Garg->Mike Vernal et al. email from 08/25/2013
pp.0584-0587 Exhibit 024: Konstantinos Papamiltiadis->Ime Archibong email from 12/22/2014
pp.0588-0589 Exhibit 025: Ilya Sukhar->Sara Jeruss email from 09/18/2013
pp.0590-0592 Exhibit 026: Mike Vernal->Vladimir Fedorov email from 05/22/2012

[Yots: These exhibits are mainly text listings of media articles about Facebook, probably not interesting (internal company newsletter, perhaps?)]
pp.0593-0617 Exhibit 027: Text listings of media articles about Facebook from 10/05/2012
pp.0618-0645 Exhibit 028: Text listings of media articles about Facebook from 10/01/2012

pp.0646-0658 Exhibit 029: Sam Lessin->Evernote Publish email from 07/25/2012
pp.0659-0662 Exhibit 030: Jenn Bouchard->Company Announcements email from 03/25/2012
pp.0663-0666 Exhibit 031: Rose Yao->Austin Haugen email from 05/23/2012
pp.0667-0674 Exhibit 032: Mike Vernal->Aryeh Selekman et al. email from 05/23/2012

pp.0675-0703 Exhibit 033: "OpenGraph Business Model" internal company presentation from 08/29/2012

pp.0704-0707 Exhibit 034: Dan Rose->Sam Lessin et al. email from 08/16/2012
pp.0708-0714 Exhibit 035: Chad Heaton->Sam Lessin et al. email from 08/10/2012
pp.0715-0720 Exhibit 036: Douglas Purdy->Sam Lessin email from 08/30/2012
pp.0721-0727 Exhibit 037: Sam Lessin->Mark Zuckerberg email from 11/19/2012
pp.0728-0746 Exhibit 038: Sam Lessin->Mark Zuckerberg email from 10/27/2012

pp.0747-0760 Exhibit 039: "OpenGraph as a business" internal company presentation from 08/??/2012

pp.0761-0763 Exhibit 040: Andrew Bosworth->John Hegeman et al. email from 12/20/2012
pp.0764-0793 Exhibit 041: Justin Osofsky->Mike Vernal et al. email from 11/08/2012
pp.0794-0796 Exhibit 042: Mike Vernal->Vladimir Fedorov email from 09/27/2013
pp.0797-0803 Exhibit 043: "Platform 3.0 Plan" internal document

pp.0804-0805 Exhibit 044: Dan Rose->Mike Vernal et al. email from 01/24/2013
pp.0806-0809 Exhibit 045: Mike Vernal->[OG list] email from 10/30/2012
pp.0810-0812 Exhibit 046: Mike Vernal->Mark Zuckerberg et al. email from 11/16/2012
pp.0813-0819 Exhibit 047: Douglas Purdy->Mike Vernal email from 04/11/2013

pp.0820-0824 Exhibit 048: Sheryl Sandberg->Mark Zuckerberg et al. email from 11/19/2012
pp.0825-0861 Exhibit 049: Douglas Purdy->Sam Lessin et al. email from 11/26/2012
pp.0862-0871 Exhibit 050: Douglas Purdy->Dan Rose et al. email from 11/23/2012
pp.0872-0874 Exhibit 051: Dan Rose->[mteam list] email from 12/03/2012
pp.0875-0889 Exhibit 052: Jud Hoffman->Erin Egan et al. email from 01/28/2013
pp.0890-0893 Exhibit 053: Justin Osofsky->Mike Vernal et al. email from 11/24/2012
pp.0894-0896 Exhibit 054: Charles Jolley->Mike Vernal et al. email from 11/15/2012
pp.0897-0898 Exhibit 055: Mike Vernal->Josh Williams et al. email from 12/19/2012
pp.0899-0902 Exhibit 056: Mike Vernal->Douglas Purdy et al. email from 01/15/2013
pp.0903-0938 Exhibit 057: Ime Archibong->[Product Partnerships] email from 04/28/2015
pp.0939-0942 Exhibit 058: Jonathan Thaw->Douglas Purdy et al. email from 05/17/2013
pp.0943-0944 Exhibit 059: Katie Faul->Simon Cross et al. email from 10/07/2013
pp.0945-0949 Exhibit 060: Mike Vernal->George Lee et al. email from 01/23/2014
pp.0950-0955 Exhibit 061: Douglas Purdy->Mike Vernal et al. email from 08/15/2013
pp.0956-0964 Exhibit 062: Douglas Purdy->Mike Vernal email from 04/11/2013
pp.0965-0971 Exhibit 063: Mike Vernal->Dan Rose email from 11/20/2012
pp.0972-0977 Exhibit 064: Mike Vernal->Mark Zuckerberg et al. email from 11/20/2012
pp.0978-0984 Exhibit 065: Chris Daniels->Mike Vernal et al. email from 06/17/2013
pp.0985-0989 Exhibit 066: Mike Vernal->Justin Osofsky et al. email from 10/26/2012
pp.0990-0992 Exhibit 067: Mike Vernal->Javier Olivan email from 09/24/2012

pp.0993-1008 Exhibit 068: Facebook Messenger internal company presentation from 07/??/2013
pp.1009-1016 Exhibit 069: "Industry Update" internal company presentation from 04/26/2013
pp.1017-1022 Exhibit 070: "Industry Update" internal company presentation from 03/15/2013

pp.1023-1027 Exhibit 071: Benton Williams->Sam Lessin et al. email from 09/17/2013
pp.1028-1030 Exhibit 072: Peter Dang->Justin Osofsky et al. email from 03/14/2013
pp.1031-1035 Exhibit 073: Konstantinos Papamiltiadis->Ime Archibong email from 09/25/2013
pp.1036-1041 Exhibit 074: Konstantinos Papamiltiadis->Chris Daniels email from 08/15/2013
pp.1042-1047 Exhibit 075: Ime Archibong->Kelly Jang et al. email from 09/09/2013
pp.1048-1052 Exhibit 076: Konstantinos Papamiltiadis->Chris Daniels et al. email from 09/24/2013
pp.1053-1060 Exhibit 077: James Yu->Ilya Sukhar et al. email from 12/06/2013

pp.1061-1101 Exhibit 078: "Login v4 (+Platform changes)" internal company presentation from 01/27/2014

pp.1102-1106 Exhibit 079: Konstantinos Papamiltiadis->Ime Archibong email from 09/23/2013
pp.1107-1111 Exhibit 080: Simon Cross->Konstantinos Papamiltiadis et al. email from 09/05/2013
pp.1112-1118 Exhibit 081: Douglas Purdy->[Platform Products] email from 04/21/2013

pp.1119-1172 Exhibit 082: "Mobile Publishing" internal company presentation from 12/17/2013

pp.1173-1180 Exhibit 083: Bryan Hurren->Ashley Rutledge et al. email from 10/28/2013
pp.1181-1187 Exhibit 084: Konstantinos Papamiltiadis->Sergey email from 02/06/2015
pp.1188-1206 Exhibit 085: Alanna Kostiw->Monica Tsang email from 04/29/2015
pp.1207-1209 Exhibit 086: Konstantinos Papamiltiadis->Keith Amodt email from 03/30/2015
pp.1210-1222 Exhibit 087: Konstantinos Papamiltiadis->Anthony Velazquez email from 03/30/2015
pp.1223-1230 Exhibit 088: Konstantinos Papamiltiadis->Chris Barker email from 04/01/2015
pp.1231-1244 Exhibit 089: Konstantinos Papamiltiadis->Jon Park email from 04/01/2015
pp.1245-1251 Exhibit 090: Mark Weiss->Konstantinos Papamiltiadis email from 04/15/2015
pp.1252-1258 Exhibit 091: Konstantinos Papamiltiadis->Dmitry Alexeenko email from 03/18/2015
pp.1259-1263 Exhibit 092: John Midgley->Chris Barbour email from 02/18/2015

pp.1264-1270 Exhibit 093: "Private Extended API Addendum" internal company document

pp.1271-1283 Exhibit 094: Konstantinos Papamiltiadis->Keith Amodt email from 02/11/2015
pp.1284-1289 Exhibit 095: Konstantinos Papamiltiadis->Eddie O'Neil et al. email from 02/06/2015
pp.1290-1300 Exhibit 096: Allison Hendrix->David Doyle email from 02/11/2014
pp.1301-1309 Exhibit 097: Sam Yagan->Konstantinos Papamiltiadis et al. email from 03/13/2015
pp.1310-1313 Exhibit 098: Eddie O'Neil->[tasks] email from 10/17/2014
pp.1314-1315 Exhibit 099: Rob Daniel->Dan Rose et al. email from 07/17/2013
pp.1316-1333 Exhibit 100: Jillian Stefanki->Scott Hershkowitz et al. email from 01/09/2014
pp.1334-1336 Exhibit 101: Harshdeep Singh->Eddie O'Neil email from 02/05/2014
pp.1337-1345 Exhibit 102: Eddie O'Neil->Michael Huang et al. email from 12/22/2014
pp.1346-1354 Exhibit 103: Eddie O'Neil->Konstantinos Papamiltiadis et al. email from 02/12/2015
pp.1355-1357 Exhibit 104: Ilya Sukhar->Eddie O'Neil email from 10/22/2013
pp.1358-1361 Exhibit 105: Douglas Purdy->Kevin Lacker email from 08/15/2013
pp.1362-1368 Exhibit 106: TR Vishwanath->George Lee et al. email from 10/09/2013
pp.1369-1373 Exhibit 107: Eddie O'Neil->Ilya Sukhar et al. email from 10/22/2013
pp.1374-1376 Exhibit 108: Allison Hendrix->[Platform feedback] email from 03/04/2014
pp.1377-1380 Exhibit 109: Bryan Klimt->Kevin Lacker et al. email from 12/02/2013
pp.1381-1383 Exhibit 110: Douglas Purdy->Ilya Sukhar email from 12/02/2013
pp.1384-1386 Exhibit 111: George Lee->Eddie O'Neil et al. email from 01/31/2014
pp.1387-1390 Exhibit 112: Aaron Bernstein->Ime Archibong et al. email from 09/09/2013
pp.1391-1399 Exhibit 113: Vladimir Fedorov->Ilya Sukhar et al. email from 10/15/2013
pp.1400-1404 Exhibit 114: Ilya Sukhar->Bryan Klimt et al. email from 08/25/2013
pp.1405-1412 Exhibit 115: Ilya Sukhar->Kevin Lacker email from 09/20/2013
pp.1413-1421 Exhibit 116: Ilya Sukhar->Kevin Lacker email from 11/18/2013
pp.1422-1437 Exhibit 117: Ilya Sukhar->Kevin Lacker email from 08/05/2013
pp.1438-1440 Exhibit 118: Ilya Sukhar->Eddie O'Neil email from 12/02/2013
pp.1441-1445 Exhibit 119: Kevin Lacker->Ilya Sukhar email from 08/16/2013
pp.1446-1447 Exhibit 120: Douglas Purdy->Ilya Sukhar email from 10/16/2013
pp.1448-1450 Exhibit 121: Ilya Sukhar->Eddie O'Neil email from 10/30/2013
pp.1451-1452 Exhibit 122: Ilya Sukhar->Mike Vernal email from 02/04/2014
pp.1453-1454 Exhibit 123: Francis Larkin->Eddie O'Neil et al. email from 02/04/2014
pp.1455-1458 Exhibit 124: Ilya Sukhar->Eddie O'Neil et al. email from 01/31/2014
pp.1459-1461 Exhibit 125: Douglas Purdy->Justin Osofsky email from 03/13/2013
pp.1462-1464 Exhibit 126: Eddie O'Neil->Ling Bao et al. email from 11/13/2013
pp.1465-1468 Exhibit 127: Vladimir Fedorov->Douglas Purdy email from 01/15/2014
pp.1469-1476 Exhibit 128: TR Vishwanath->Jeffrey Spehar et al. email from 03/11/2014
pp.1477-1481 Exhibit 129: Stephan Goupille->[Platform FYI] email from 02/21/2014
pp.1482-1489 Exhibit 130: George Lee->Douglas Purdy et al. email from 01/27/2014
pp.1490-1492 Exhibit 131: Vladimir Fedorov->Mike Vernal et al. email from 04/23/2014

pp.1493-1515 Exhibit 132: "New Facebook Login and Graph API 2.0" Developer article from 04/30/2014

pp.1516-1534 Exhibit 133: Eddie O'Neil->TR Vishwanath et al. email from 12/05/2012
pp.1535-1544 Exhibit 134: Constantin Koumouzelis->Mike Vernal et al. email from 08/23/2013
pp.1545-1548 Exhibit 135: Simon Cross->Ilya Sukhar email from 03/18/2014
pp.1549-1550 Exhibit 136: Mike Vernal->Ime Archibong et al. email from 02/13/2014
pp.1551-1559 Exhibit 137: Mary Ku->Deborah Liu email from 03/01/2015
pp.1560-1569 Exhibit 138: Matt Scutari->Rob Sherman email from 12/11/2013
pp.1570-1574 Exhibit 139: Konstantinos Papamiltiadis->Marie Hagman email from 08/14/2013
pp.1575-1587 Exhibit 140: Mike Vernal->George Lee et al. email from 08/22/2013
pp.1588-1596 Exhibit 141: Jud Hoffman->Justin Osofsky et al. email from 01/10/2013
pp.1597-1605 Exhibit 142: Jud Hoffman->Mike Vernal et al. email from 01/14/2013
pp.1606-1608 Exhibit 143: Douglas Purdy->Mike Vernal et al. email from 12/30/2012

pp.1609-1632 Exhibit 144: "Facebook Messenger Bundle" internal company presentation from 10/??/2013

pp.1633-1643 Exhibit 145: Facebook User Agreement document from 09/12/2013

[Yots: As @Power Word: YEET said, these lists take up a significant portion of the 3800 pages, and probably aren't of interest to us.]
pp.1644-1718 Exhibit 146: Onavo Top 2500 List
pp.1719-3184 Exhibit 147: Onavo 82,000 App Rankings List
pp.3185-3228 Exhibit 148: FBStart Onavo Apps List
pp.3229-3230 Exhibit 149: iOS Top 100 Lifestyle Apps Onavo Rankings List

pp.3231-3235 Exhibit 150: Konstantinos Papamiltiadis->Simon Cross email from 11/18/2013
pp.3236-3272 Exhibit 151: Ram Srinivasan->Brady Lauback email from 03/12/2014

pp.3273-3351 Exhibit 152: "Content Production" internal company presentation from ??/??/2014

pp.3352-3355 Exhibit 153: Konstantinos Papamiltiadis->Alberto Tretti et al. email from 10/08/2014
pp.3356-3359 Exhibit 154: Eddie O'Neil->[tasks] email from 10/17/2014
pp.3360-3367 Exhibit 155: Eddie O'Neil->[tasks] email from 04/17/2012
pp.3368-3369 Exhibit 156: Philip Su->[Photos and Videos Feedback] email from 08/07/2012
pp.3370-3371 Exhibit 157: Rohan Dhruva->[Profile Feedback] email from 12/02/2014
pp.3372-3386 Exhibit 158: Sam Lessin->Deborah Liu email from 01/20/2013
pp.3387-3389 Exhibit 159: Dan Rose->David Ebersman et al. email from 08/15/2012
pp.3390-3391 Exhibit 160: Marie Hagman->Douglas Purdy et al. email from 03/18/2013
pp.3392-3399 Exhibit 161: Marie Hagman->Douglas Purdy email from 03/11/2013
pp.3400-3402 Exhibit 162: Ashley Moore->Eddie O'Neil email from 02/03/2014
pp.3403-3405 Exhibit 163: Harshdeep Singh->Eddie O'Neil email from 03/20/2014
pp.3406-3412 Exhibit 164: Tom Stocky->Mike Vernal email from 07/24/2013
pp.3413-3420 Exhibit 165: Douglas Purdy->Mike Vernal email from 04/11/2013
pp.3421-3424 Exhibit 166: Gokul Rajaram->Douglas Purdy et al. email from 03/21/2013
pp.3425-3433 Exhibit 167: Dan Rose->Mike Vernal email from 02/20/2013
pp.3434-3441 Exhibit 168: Charles Jolley->Mike Vernal email from 11/22/2012
pp.3442-3456 Exhibit 169: Charles Jolley->Mike Vernal email from 09/03/2012
pp.3457-3459 Exhibit 170: Mike Vernal->Mark Zuckerberg et al. email from 10/07/2012
pp.3460-3465 Exhibit 171: Mike Vernal->Sam Lessin email from 08/02/2012
pp.3466-3469 Exhibit 172: Mark Tonkelowitz->Joseph Barillari et al. email from 02/04/2015
pp.3470-3472 Exhibit 173: Justin Osofsky->Mike Vernal et al. email from 10/31/2012
pp.3473-3475 Exhibit 174: Avichal Garg->Mike Vernal et al. email from 10/30/2013
pp.3476-3488 Exhibit 175: Charles Jolley->Mike Vernal email from 11/25/2012
pp.3489-3491 Exhibit 176: Douglas Purdy->Ime Archibong et al. email from 03/26/2013

pp.3492-3506 Exhibit 177: Alex Schultz->Mike Vernal email from 11/25/2012
pp.3507-3513 Exhibit 178: Eddie O'Neil->Vishu Gupta et al. email from 05/07/2014
pp.3514-3522 Exhibit 179: Aldo King->Erin Egan et al. email from 08/01/2012
pp.3523-3527 Exhibit 180: Matt Scutari->Nicky Jackson Colaco et al. email from 11/15/2013

pp.3528-3531 Exhibit 181: f8 Event and Facebook Platform FAQ

pp.3532-3538 Exhibit 182: Ilya Sukhar->Eddie O'Neil email from 10/16/2013
pp.3539-3550 Exhibit 183: Peter Martinazzi->Douglas Purdy email from 01/07/2014
pp.3551-3566 Exhibit 184: Andrew Bosworth->Sheryl Sandberg et al. email from 05/05/2014
pp.3567-3573 Exhibit 185: Ilya Sukhar->Mike Vernal email from 08/13/2013
pp.3574-3579 Exhibit 186: Ime Archibong->Javier Olivan et al. email from 01/22/2014
pp.3580-3583 Exhibit 187: Douglas Purdy->Ilya Sukhar et al. email from 10/23/2013
pp.3584-3585 Exhibit 188: Rob Sherman->Elliot Schrage et al. email from 04/07/2015

pp.3586-3639 Exhibit 189: "Mobile Publishing" internal company presentation from 12/17/2013

pp.3640-3647 Exhibit 190: James Yu->Ilya Sukhar et al. email from 12/06/2013
pp.3648-3655 Exhibit 191: Justin Osofsky->Sam Lessin et al. email from 08/20/2012
pp.3656-3663 Exhibit 192: Mary Ku->Deborah Liu email from 02/08/2015
pp.3664-3665 Exhibit 193: Sam Lessin->Zach Rait et al. email from 05/24/2012
pp.3666-3669 Exhibit 194: Eddie O'Neil->Harshdeep Singh email from 01/05/2015
pp.3670-3672 Exhibit 195: Steven Elia->[Platform Feedback] email from 04/18/2015
pp.3673-3675 Exhibit 196: Carl Sjogreen->[Custom Open Graph] email from 10/05/2011
pp.3676-3679 Exhibit 197: Mike Vernal->Ruchi Sanghvi et al. email from 02/02/2009
pp.3680-3682 Exhibit 198: David Swain->Tera Randall email from 12/16/2013
pp.3683-3684 Exhibit 199: Mark Zuckerberg->Mike Vernal et al. email from 01/11/2014
pp.3685-3699 Exhibit 200: Simon Cross->Adam Berlinsky-Schine email from 03/18/2015
pp.3700-3702 Exhibit 201: Greg Badros->Mike Vernal email from 10/17/2014
pp.3703-3706 Exhibit 202: Adam Mosseri->TR Vishwanath email from 02/16/2012
pp.3707-3711 Exhibit 203: Eddie O'Neil->Mike Vernal et al. email from 06/29/2012
pp.3712-3714 Exhibit 204: Jennifer Taylor->Eddie O'Neil et al. email from 08/22/2012
pp.3715-3718 Exhibit 205: Tera Randall->Claudia Traverso email from 02/19/2014
pp.3719-3730 Exhibit 206: Georgia Fojo->[Afternoon News Clips] email from 04/07/2014
pp.3731-3736 Exhibit 207: Johanna Peace->Juliet Chaitlin-Leftcourt email from 02/03/2015

pp.3737-3745 Exhibit 208: Johanna Peace->Kacie Thomas et al. email from 04/22/2015
pp.3746-3751 Exhibit 209: Kacie Thomas->Johanna Peace email from 04/28/2015
pp.3752-3755 Exhibit 210: Johanna Peace->Kacie Thomas email from 04/29/2015
pp.3756-3765 Exhibit 211: Kacie Thomas->Johanna Peace et al. email from 04/20/2015
pp.3766-3799 Exhibit 212: Mike Vernal->Douglas Purdy email from 08/27/2013
I'll be using this catalog (and crossing stuff off as I go, if it'll let me keep editing it) as I start to work my way through the exhibits over the next week or so. Hopefully having the stuff listed here is useful for you guys too.
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Eric Ciaramella is the whistleblower
(Sorry for my double-post guys, didn't want to clutter up the list post with these exhibits.)
Here's some of the exhibits that I perused just now. Some odd things, some mildly spicy things. Still looking.

Exhibit 1: Deposition of Mike Vernal (top Facebook dev).
In pages 52, 53, Vernal agrees, or "presumes", that Facebook used Onavo to track competitors market reach, with a particular focus on WhatsApp (related are Exhibit 69 and Exhibit 70, which are "Industry Update" presentations that clearly cite Onavo as their source for their market research).

Page 64 asks Mike about Exhibit 172. Mike "does not recall" whether the proposal to have Android users opt-in to having their SMS and phone logs recorded to Facebook ever even happened.

Page 72 asks Mike about Exhibit 138. Mike also "does not recall" seeing this Weekly Privacy Update before, despite being a Facebook dev.

Page 83 asks Mike about the Graph API and whether Facebook was representing that developers had access to much of the Facebook users' information.

Page 136 asks Mike about Exhibit 46. Again Mike "does not recall" his brainstorming conversation with Mark Zuckerberg on the platform business model for developers, or whether it even went anywhere.

Page 148 asks Mike about Exhibit 47, and in particular, about Mark's comment that "We also need to figure out how we're going to charge for it. I want to make sure this is explicitly tied to pulling non-app friends out of friends.get." The lawsuit will argue that this decision to restrict access for apps to the full Facebook friends list information is what shut down the plaintiff's business.

Page 168 asks Mike about Exhibit 63, and confirms that he thought Mark's idea for total reciprocity was "kind of crazy".

On page 177, Mike goes full Ron Toye.

Mike is asked about Deposition Exhibit 17, which I can't seem to match to anything in their pdf (the 1201989 Bates number they quote doesn't show up anywhere). Which is a shame, because it sure sounded juicy.


Page 195 asks Mike about Exhibit 42. Nothing too interesting.

Page 204 asks Mike about Exhibit 175 and the removal of friends APIs in the upcoming "Platform 3.0" model. (This removal of the friends APIs seems to be the crux of the lawsuit.)

Page 214 asks Mike about Jolley's comment about the (nebulous) scope of the term "social actions" as used in Exhibit 175.

Page 226 asks Mike about Exhibit 43 and the Facebook Platform 3.0 plan. Mike suggests that "Google and Twitter" were included in the list of strategic competitors that would never be given access to Platform.

Page 252 has Mike tell the story of one of the Platform devs spilling to the Netflix integration team that the proposed Platform changes would nullify all of the Netflix guys' work. Mike had to send a long apology to their project team lead for the 'miscommunication', and Purdy promised that they'd all be fucking fired if it happened again.

Page 257:
Facebook dev: "Twitter launched Vine today, it uses our Friends API."
Zuckerberg: "Shut it down."

Finally, Page 262 asks Mike about a chat he had with Platform lead developer Cheever in 2008, and mentions Cheever's pie-in-the-sky idea about how "Facebook Platform should replace the web as the best way to make consumer software applications".

Exhibit 10: FAQ circa 2007, describing the Facebook Platform framework for developers to create third-party apps that integrate with Facebook and use its APIs. Nothing interesting. Identical to Exhibit 181.

Exhibit 15: Chat between Facebook top devs Mike Vernal and Douglas Purdy. Before it devolves into Douglas bitching about having to rock up to company meetings, Vernal says this, which caught the lawyers' attention during their depositions:

Exhibit 17: Developing third-party apps that use Facebook dev tools and APIs sounds like a fucking nightmare.




Exhibit 42: Email about a meeting with Javier Olivan, who really hates Platform apparently. Nothing too interesting.

Exhibit 43: The Facebook Platform 3.0 plan, which restricts the read/write permissions and Friends API access for third-party apps, and details the "reciprocity" plans for apps sharing their data with Facebook. They're real big on reciprocity over there.

Mark Zuckerberg also curates a "list of strategic competitors" that are barred by default from integrating with the Facebook Platform and using the more useful APIs.

Exhibit 46: Mike Vernal has a 'brainstorming' conversation with Mark Zuckerberg about how they want to restrict/monetize the API for their Platform Business Model. (Nothing too controversial.)

Exhibit 47: Mark Zuckerberg gives his take on the Platform Business Model (as discussed in Exhibit 46): he wants full reciprocity with app friends and no charge. After all, even if special-purpose apps on platform are "good for the world", "it's not good for [Facebook] unless people also share back to Facebook and that content increases the value of our network." Because Facebook wants to be the "central social hub", controlling all the user data.

Exhibit 60: Email chain discussing an analysis of impact for removing implicit stories and stream publish for Facebook games. In their discussion, they note that they're planning on killing off OpenGraph, but still telling third-party developers to use it anyway.

Exhibit 63: Has the same (long...) email from Mark as Exhibit 47, but includes Mike Vernal's reply that Mark's idea of "total reciprocity", i.e. for "certain give us news feeds on behalf of their users" is "kind of crazy".

Exhibit 138: List of Privacy Updates for the week of 12/11/2013. Among other concerning bugs, the list notes that their beta testers are already complaining about their "read SMS and phone logs" permission on the Android Facebook app. The list also mentions their plan to work "with Cisco and other [Wifi] manufacturers to collect insights about users whose mobile devices are detected by in-store wifi", albeit "only opted-in users".

Also mentions a tentative partnership with credit service Argus: how can Facebook help? They've got tons of data!

Oh and Facebook was already recording and using our call log data, apparently, and without permission. Until Legal stepped in and told them to stop.

Exhibit 172: Mike LeBeau briefs the Facebook developers on the plan for a feature that lets Android users upload their SMS and call log history to Facebook to improve the 'People You May Know' functionality and related services. Combined in an update to ship with a requested Bluetooth permission, even the devs realized this plan could backfire hilariously.

Exhibit 173: Mike Vernal emails about the Platform Business Model. As a conversation point for their meeting with Zuckerberg, Mike wants to know the "impact on the ecosystem of killing friend [API] information", and the "Top 5-10 Partner Deals" for possible targets of their 'full reciprocity' plan.

Exhibit 174: Somebody fucked up! A Platform app was almost able to divulge sensitive business information, and could've ruined Facebook right then and there.

Exhibit 175: The Facebook devs draft a blog post to try and sell the upcoming changes (such as removing all of the Friends APIs) with Facebook Platform to the third-party app developers, and Mike Vernal notes that he's been encapsulating most of the changes into a big "Platform 3.0" reveal. The major concern between the devs seems to be on the perception of "full reciprocity", which appears to mean that any app that accesses Facebook data has to, in turn, share all of their data on 'social actions'. Here 'social actions' is a deliberately nebulous term.

Exhibit 176: On "Full reciprocity". The team uses a ton of Facebook data, but the data they share back in return is fucking worthless. So what to do? #1 Buy their company? Or #2 Shut them down? Whatever they decide, they can't try #1 and then do #2 anyway, that's bad optics!

Exhibit 181: FAQ circa 2007, describing the Facebook Platform framework for developers to create third-party apps that integrate with Facebook and use its APIs. Nothing interesting. Identical to Exhibit 10.

Exhibit 199: Mark wants Facebook to recommend you dating prospects based on your data, a la Tinder.

Exhibit 200: Adam Berlinsky-Schine (CTO of CoffeeMeetsBagel circa 2015), already given exclusive access to a privileged "Hashed Anon All Friends" API that can access FB friend data of people using their app, complains to Simon Cross that he can't get access to data from people who've opted out in their FB privacy settings, or from people who no longer have a FB account. (Nothing too interesting here.)

Exhibit 201: Greg Badros plays matchmaker, introducing Mike Vernal to Sean Rad, founder and CEO of Tinder. They set up a date so Sean can tell Mike (and Facebook) about a "big product change we're working on".

Exhibit 202: Mike Vernal and the other Facebook devs discuss giving a third-party app access to the data of its users' Facebook friends (who may or may not have the third-party app).

Exhibit 203: Discussion between Mike Vernal and Eddie O'Neil about how to present app permissions to a user of a third-party app to allow for a minimum number of clicks on iOS. (Nothing too interesting here.)

Exhibit 204: Eddie O'Neil, Vladimir Fedorov and Jeniffer Taylor sign off on an update to the Facebook "Graph API" for easier access to Facebook user data from third-party apps. (Nothing terribly scandalous here I think, but then I'm not their lawyer, so..)

Exhibit 205: Facebook is paying PR firm TheOutCastAgency a forecasted $45,000 for the month of February 2014, to do various media and PR stuff. (Again, not too interesting to us Kiwis, but probably of interest to the lawyers in that lawsuit.)

Exhibit 206: List of news articles from April 2014 commenting on Facebook. The lawsuit argues that Facebook steered this (false?) media narrative that Facebook is welcoming to third-party app developers (perhaps with help from that PR firm mentioned in Exhibit 205?), and points out that the first article, "Facebook Courts Developers with New Approach to Platform", was 'coincidentally' written for The Information, which is owned by Jessica Lessin, wife of Facebook developer (and defendant) Sam Lessin.


Exhibit 207: Johanna Peace liaises with TheOutCastAgency's Juliet Chaitin-Lefcourt to produce a blog post—and alert a "target list" of high-profile developer news sites—regarding the new Graph API upgrade for app developers that breaks compatibility with the old version when they roll it out on April 30th 2015. (Scandalous? Maybe...)
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