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Half all of the fun of being friends with Marky Mark is getting him drunk enough to do phone pranks
Is that right? -_- Some dipsh*t called him up and effed me over while I was legally trying to rehome puppies in groups that were created to rehome puppies. I'm not over that one. Someone also called up "Mark" about my personal information account.

I guess he was sippin the Canadian Aviation gin, huh?

I never forget a slight. Never.


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Two Facebook workers have possibly been exposed to sarin gas at a mailing warehouse at the social media giant's HQ in California, fire officials say.

The mail processing centre was evacuated as officials worked to determine what caused mail to test positive for the nerve agent.

"We have two possible exposures but right now they are not exhibiting any signs or symptoms," Menlo Park Fire Marshal Jon Johnston said.

Mr Johnston said incoming mail processed by a machine tested positive for the substance.

FBI agents are at the Silicon Valley site along with a hazmat crew, a spokesman said.

Facebook spokesman Anthony Harrison said four buildings were evacuated and that three have been cleared for people to go back in.

The suspicious package was delivered around 11am local time to one of the company's mail rooms, he said.

"Authorities have not yet identified the substance found," Mr Harrison wrote.

Sarin is a toxic compound that disrupts the nervous system and has been used as a chemical weapon.
File photo of the incident.



So to sum up this horribly-written article that was crafted to piss off skimmers:

- Facebook is now going to moderate posts that would confuse people about voting or tell people not to vote.
- Facebook is now going to moderate posts that would confuse people about how to fill out a census.
- Facebook is now going to let its users shop around for other users' ads.
- Facebook is not going to bring in more content moderators, but will instead officially steer some of the outsourced guys that are probably already focused solely on the 1488 memers towards the 1488 memers.

Almost nothing has been said, but CBS padded it out and phrased it in such a politically-asinine way that it would attract the eyeballs and tardrage of anyone even slightly red-pilled on the subject matter.

TL;DR: it's clickbait.


Oy vey alt right nazis trying to remind the higher-ups about the 6 gorrilian clearly an attack on glorious Israel

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