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I'm sure David Schecklebergstein... I mean their non-denominational lawyers made sure this wouldn't be a problem before implementing these codes of conduct. FFS


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At first I thought this was fake news because no way this could be real, right? Welp:
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"market knowledge of news event"
lmao what the fuck does this even mean
I think it's great to hear that I can finally go on facebook and threaten death on bill clinton, because his predator status has beeen clearly established by media reports.

Not that I ever would, but it's nice to know that facebook thinks it's okay.

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So you aren't directly inciting violence, but you are facilitating it. I can't wait for the lawsuits to start rolling in.


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Same with Podesta and Epstein lol
If you disavow independant media (which I'm sure is what they meant by "market", as in dominant in the marketplace), then Podesta is completely vindicated.

I'm not saying podesta isn't a molesta, but if you go by media, he isn't.

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Go stub your toe and commit not breathe for 5 hours. -New Facebook Standard of voicing discontent towards others.


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People trying to force me to accept troonism are dangerous and as such I will proceed to tell them to kill themselves like I've been doing for years.

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So let me get this straight. Zuckerberg is daring the law to fuck him in the ass so hard his offspring's offspring will be born with prolapsed anuses?

He's pulling a Producers. That has to be it. He can't possibly be that fucking dumb.

EDIT: Wait, wasn't he one of the people clamoring for the government to get involved more heavily in Internet shit?


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Does this means I can claim that someone is a pedo and then proceed to call him a nigger faggot as many times as I want?
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