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Facebook trying to get me to buy "stars" to support streamersWill this replace Twitch "bits?" No, because I don't buy that shit either

Discussion in 'Games' started by Haramburger, May 3, 2018.

  1. First time seeing this, how new is it?
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  2. Facebook is caught up in one of the largest data leak scandles in history .

    Zuckerberg :Hold my beer and let's ask them for credit card info.
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  3. Ad revenue model is dead. Video streaming platforms are trying to get consumers to directly pay for the content they consume via these stars/bits/super chats and take some of that fee profit from Patreon.
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  4. I don't think it's dead, since print magazines still thrive on it rather than actual subscribers. I also don't think facebook realistically needs any more than 50 staff members to tweak features & keep the servers up when it was started by college kids. They could afford to scale back on the busy-work they call "labor." Honestly twitter having several thousand staffers is mind-blowing to me.
  5. I haven't touched Facebook in years.
    I can only see so many pictures of somebody's kids and what they ate before I can't take it anymore.

    How much longer until Facebook goes the way of MySpace?
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  6. It's not about the platform company, it's about attracting/keeping content creators without having to really pay them. They monetize other areas of the site. The fact that they probably take a decent fee on these microtransactions is just bonus.

    Clearly ad revenue is pathetic unless you're mega big, even before the ad-pocalyapse.
  7. Link.

    Huh. I had no clue this was happening, and I've got both a real account for family purposes and a burner account I use for everything else. Now I kind of wonder how much Facebook is paying them.

    There doesn't seem to be any kind of central hub you can go to to watch ABC or XYZ game, though, is there? Unless I'm missing something this means discoverability must be close to nil for somebody starting out.
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  8. I haven't see that yet, but I do use FB Purity and Ublock Origin on the site.
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