Facing ‘Cash-Flow Crisis,’ the U.N. Cuts Hiring, Heating, Escalators and the A.C. - United Nations slated to run out of funding by October's end.

Butta Face Lopez

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But if we let the UN die, who will provide a platform for some of the worst abusers of human rights to lecture the rest of the world on human rights abuses while spending their money to investigate said abuses in the Bahamas?

Perhaps more importantly, WHO will condemn Israel's every action?
The organisation has far outlived its usefulness by about 60 years and at this point is a complaints forum for national assemblies to attack America. A place for the Chinese and Russian government to try and veto anything it considers contrary to it's interests. A place where bureaucrats from shithole countries work tirelessly to become bureaucrats for the UN, because the pay grade is better. And a place for Arabs to bang on about the creation of the Palestinian state as a cudgel against Israel, when none of those said states actually want Palestine to be a thing.

It's peace keeping missions are a joke, since it's just national armies wearing blue helmets instead of their own. And it's outlived it's usefulness as well, as governments are just willing to provide military support without any UN approval. IE French in Mali, Russians in Syria, USA in Iraq.

It should have been de-funded long ago. The dream died with the League, it should have stayed dead.


Cutest commissar this side of the segmentum
If there is anything I hate more than organizations with too much power and overreach, it's organizations that pretend to have a lot of power and overreach that literally do almost nothing.

The idea of a UN isn't a bad one, it's a idea that's however always horribly implemented.

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