Faggots and Their Admirers -

Why do this?

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Want to have a thread for BIG BLACK COCK and the men that love them. I respect and admire MEN WITH GIANT BULGES AND POZZED LOADS and would love to be able to talk with one and get to know him. I am 40 years old, balding, NOT DDF, DTF ISO, BBC, HWP, Fit 510 165# and look way younger and am in good shape for my age-- ALSO 420 FRIENDLY. I work on the internet from home and recently have gotten rather lonely. Any haters and bigots do not need to be in this thread, go troll 4 chan. This is about the "BBC" and my insatiable lust for magina. and is a safe space where they can be treated with respect and affection.

So introduce yourselves.
You fucking faggots.