faking my weigh in? walk with me, opening up | weekly vlog - 03/09/20 -


She wanted to show us more stuff that she can do, but the videos just keep getting corrupted! Nothing she could do!

Edit: Really, what's this bullshit? Your videos "keep getting corrupted" when you try to do something different but they are just fine whenever you do a sit down video? Fuck off.


I was like - whuuuuut???

Hell she looks sick - red, bloated and glassy-eyed

She walks to the restaurant 🙄 damn this hog lol

She also demonstrates how she 'didn't fake her weigh-in' and doesnt prove it at all as you do see a flash of her top as she steps forward


The hilarity at 16.18 when she says 'i just want to thank the President' (for doing something about coronavirus) - that whole segment sounds like an Oscar acceptance lecture 😂

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Her views are down and people think she's boring, so it's time to put on another sob story and squeeze out the crocodile tears for some sweet sympathy. She has forgiven herself for being a trainwreck, you guyz, because that's what matters. It matters that she has forgiven herself and not that she should seek forgiveness form other people and try to actually change. Fuck off, Amber.

Nail-polish-putter-oner???????????? :stress:

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Of course she somehow links her minor weight-loss success with her audience finding her boring. Perfect excuse when she inevitably quits.

Little does she know, she's always been boring. There are just way more batshit cows flooding her main market right now with slapfights and drama.


Reservation for one at Yamatos
You're not on a weight loss journey
You only lost some weight because you were sick and your gullet was out of order
You're not losing weight
You're not going to lose any weight
You will gain back what you lost and more
You are boring af

Also, she walked backwards to close the refrigerator door because her shirt collar was open in the back and she didn't want her buffalo hump spotted, lol.
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Point blank PERIOD.
My thoughts. It's a long one, gorls but I randomly woke up from sleeping and thought why not.

Apparently Amber has been cutting off some hair little by little each day after binge watching girls on YouTube cutting their own hair. Guess going to a salon is deffo not gonna happen. She says she has cut off about 4 to 5 inches so far and will never go back to short hair because long hair is "her thing" and her face shape was much better back in the day for short hair. You still had a moon face back then, Amby. At least your hair looked healthier.

She bought those reusable shopping bags because they're so much cuter than regular bags. Who cares is they're better for the environment? They're so kayoooot uwu just like all those useless water bottle you buy, yet you still continue to drink from plastic 🙄 She actually almost bought another water bottle at Kroger later in the vlog but she has so much will power and stopped herself you guise.

Becky wants to show us her autistic Waluigi hat when Amber fucking screeches out how she thought she was Destiny (?) and then cackles like an absolute crazy person for an entire minute. Can't get the other sped off your mind like ever, huh? Destiny + Amber 4 ever. :heart-empty:

Time to go out to eat and grocery shopping. Amber says that if she doesn't go out to eat before shopping that she will buy way too much. So I guess anytime they go grocery shopping this pretty much confirms they get food beforehand. Way to make an excuse for eating a plate of big ass fried pickles and other greasy foods. Diet going strong.

She is making her first ever slop smoothie. It comes out baby shit brown and you can tell she tries so hard to prove that she loves it. Has to test if it will "work with a straw". Don't worry yall, it does. Calling it now we will never see that thing again.


She talks about Corona-Chan to prove to us that she is cultured. For some reason feels the need to censor it when she says it lol. She washes her hands frequently like hygienic queen she is and thanks Donald Trump for his help :story: She will be avoiding going to the movie theater from now on because too many people.

About the fake weigh in:
She just tucked her tarp into her rancid fupa guys, that's what we saw. But she accidentally showed us some of her rotting belly and had to edit it out. Thank you, Amber, sincerely. :cryblood:

Eric bought her some Bora Bora scented goodies from Bath & Body Works. Take a bath, bitch. You stink.


She is removing her nail polish and straight up sniffs the polish remover because it smells s0s00o0o0ooo gewd guys. Is this why you have a fucking wonky eye, which by the way is going strong in this video.


Sniffing that shit must have burned up her last 2 brain cells cause she says she is "a good nail polish putter onner" like a 2 year old.

Boring walking time lapse. She walked 15 minutes but had to stop before she over worked herself because she has exercise induced asthma. Not like it's the huge amount of fat crushing your tiny lungs or anything. Twinkie looks cute at least.

The rest of the video is her just ranting about how we think she is boring now and she just doesn't understand why. She is finally giving us what we want with the weight loss but since there's no drama no one likes her anymore. She blames losing weight on her losing money. She also admits to click baiting the fuck out of her videos because she was (and obviously still is) a greedy money hungry piggy like fellow fatty Charlene Gold. I mean at least you can admit it but, gorl. Don't act like you're unbothered by it cause you spent like 5 minutes complaining about how your views are lacking and how you just want money and don't care about your health.

Ends the video by crying. Fawk, so raw.



She just did a grocery haul in her last video, why is she going grocery shopping again?

Still going out to eat


Shows herself getting out of the car and already complains about feeling dizzy from it



Puts her diabetic, powdered hands on fucking everything at Kroger's

Head hump?



Great, another video recorded over multiple times. Rip timeline

Doesn't like yogurt (typical fatass), says it makes her gag.

Makes a smoothie (liquid calories is the last thing you need at that size).

Toddler hands


More subscription boxes that give you sample sized makeup. Says she keeps forgetting to cancel them. Says she doesn't like them but still shows them on camera for whatever fucking reason

Fatsplaining us how to not get Coronavirus. Says she'll go out less (an excuse for more sit down videos) and admits that she's at risk because of her weight. Says she has the hole world in her thoughts (fuck off) and thanks Trump for "trying to help" (what the fuck). Hopes for a vaccine soon. That's not how it works you dumb bitch.

New day, tired again. Throat hurts because she sleeps with 2 goddamn fans running on. Complains about needing to fix her sleep schedule for the 10th time in the video



Says she tucked her shirt in her weigh in video because she was worried that you couldn't see the weight on the scale


Sounds smug af when talking about her stomach.

More makeup shit.




Shows off her fake plants collection and says she's a plants person (god forbid she starts gardening if she likes plants so much)


Has a lot of clothes to put away (give to Dana, totally not because she gained more weight and they don't fit her anymore). Don't get her started on that.

Bitch thought it must've been Sunny D or something. Why the fuck does she have to smell everything?




She's so boring that she vlogs herself cleaning her nail polish.

Processed stuff not tasting right? No shit!


Out of breath and heart beating like crazy from walking waddling for 15 minutes. Says she could've walked for longer, but didn't want to overdo it (good thing she does that with eating instead)

Talks about how she started becoming immobile since high school. "Has been years" since she did an exercise like this (fucking walking for 15 mins)


Pasta with sausages... get those carbs in, gorl


"I'm going to EAAAT it"

It's just funny to hear the way she pronounces some stuff and what her face looks like it when she does that




Crying about people in the comments saying her videos are getting boring and that they aren't entertaining (That's because they are. Since 2020 started all you did was sit down videos where you talk about what you want to do and so far you did fuck all). Of course she gaslights them by saying this always happens when she loses weight

Reminds us that this isn't a weight loss channel. Generic speech about how she wants to be healthier and be around her friends, fur babies and her girlfriend (why not say it's Becky?) longer.

Says she HATES people telling her in the comments to lose weight or else she's gonna die, but it's the cold hard truth (so she's fine with people saying that now, but remember when she pinned that comment in one of her videos telling her that she is going to die?)

She doesn't lose weight for the viewers. She only does it because people wanted to see it. "We both win". But now she trashes on them for saying they find it boring but it doesn't bother her.

"YouTube graced me with a nice income". Yeah, just keep flexing with your YouTube money you dumb bitch, you'll need it for when you'll have to buy a casket big enough for you and a dozen diggers to lower it in your hole.

Throws a pity party about how when she was little she had no money because her parents spent it all on drugs. No money for an extra pair of pants (and it's ironic how now she has money but can't get an extra pair of pants because none other fit them :story: )

Says she's not "money hungry" anymore even though she still makes 10 mins videos of her rambling just to get the extra ad revenue.

Says that when she got to Kentucky she made videos that made her look like a train wreck even more on purpose to get more views. But it's not about that anymore! It's really not!

Says that once she loses enough weight she'll be able to get a normal job... "if she has to". Like hell you're gonna get a normal job ever. No skills whatsoever, huge gaps between your last job and now

Keeps looking around while talking about all this, never straight into the camera = lying




Cries about how she wants the people that she loved and that went through bad times with her to also go through good times

"Rambling is my forte"