faking my weigh in? walk with me, opening up | weekly vlog - 03/09/20 -


No shit she's not a weight loss channel. And the whole "this is what happens when I lose weight" thing... gorl is dElUsIoNaL

Apologies for my autism. I've been curious about this gorl's BMR and the fact that she's maintaining (according the her own videos). So, if we use the height of 5' 2'' (I've seen everything from 5'0 - 5'3"), and give the benefit of 520 elbees (which I don't believe, but for this I just used her number) her BMR is 3,037 calories a day. A sedentary lifestyle puts it at 3,644 calories to maintain weight. Nearly FOUR THOUSAND calories and she's not losing anything. Basically, she can cry to the camera all she wants, but numbers don't lie. Even taking her own info as if it were true, she is eating a metric fuck ton of food to maintain her weight. But go off about how people are just haydurs.


I feel like off of lexapro my vlogs are better.
Im so tired of amber saying she cries till she gasps for breath at tv shows. No one does that. Yes people cry at stuff on tv but they dont bawl till they cant breath and honestly if you cry at making a murder like that something is seriously wrong with you.

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I could of sworn she admitted to canceling Birchbox months ago, but maybe I'm going crazy. It's so hard to keep track of the lahs.

Took her a second to produce those tears at the end, but she's a trooper and she got there eventually! I love the dramatic wiping of what appears to be a completely dry face, though. lol

Also really enjoyed seeing her narcissistic shrine to herself in the den. Just a photo of the Patron Saint that is Amberlynn and another one with her and Twinkie (as a reminder that she's such a loving fur-mama!). Nothing with Becky, friends, or anyone else. Like, who does that??? Your parents. Your friends, maybe. But who does that for themselves? We know it's not Becky decorating in there. The den is Amber's space. It's so odd.


Go cry to someone else lol
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Always nice when someone has photos of all of their loved ones around.

ETA thoughts on video:

The thumbs reaction to the Destiny "joke" would almost be heartbreaking if she hadn't put herself in this situation because she's a lazy piece of shit.

You can absolutely tell Hamber is cutting her own hair. Looks like she left it in a ponytail and just cut across the straight.

Just FYI, she likes her smoothies better through a straw. She's so quirky!

I love how she knows the things people want to hear and the things she's "supposed" to say but she refuses to do those things and will make excuses/pretend like she never said those things later. She can talk the talk but she, quite literally, cannot walk the walk.
That pic with candle is kind of creepy. Is this a premonition on her part?


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Amazing how videos of her sitting in a torrid tarp upload just fine but all this exercise and healthy eating she’s doing gets “corrupted”. Also if we have to hear about her fucking hair one more time I swear to god...Becky please just do us all a favour and hack her hair off when she’s asleep.
"Corrupted videos" must be the new "my scale batteries don't work".

Fascinating. No one's buying this shit. Buy a new camera.

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AL noticed her views are lower; but don't worry "guise", she's totes not bothered! Hambeast must be panicking about the thought of losing Youtube coin, gorl can't work a real job.
Her fixed expenses are not huge. The rent for her part of the shack and the insurance and possibly the payment for her car are not excessive but is taking an increasing portion of her income. This means that the variable portion of expenses, such as food, hauls and her entourage is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain. This is scaring her more than the obesity. Without the largesse provided to her friends, they may disappear. Certainly Becky will not stick around if she is not provided to the lifestyle that she is accustomed to and for her, working in not in the plan.

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The hilarity at 16.18 when she says 'i just want to thank the President' (for doing something about coronavirus) - that whole segment sounds like an Oscar acceptance lecture 😂
This had me absolutely rolling because of how fucking stupid ALR is. Political and personal ideology aside, the way the U.S. government has handled this pandemic is objectively embarrassing and ineffective. Trump got rid of the CDC pandemic response team in 2018; he cut funding to the CDC by more than 50%, thus delaying the ability to test for the virus because the CDC just wasn't financially prepared; he put Mike Pence, the religious nutjob who caused an HIV epidemic in his state and clearly has no knowledge of public health, in charge of the COVID-19 response; Trump is literally trying to hide the fact that it's a pandemic in a (failed) effort to save the market; and he seriously asked if a typical flu vaccine could prevent against COVID-19, as if they are even in the same family of illnesses. He's a scientifically illiterate moron, and if ALR were ~*following this so closely and reading a lot about it*~ then she would know that.

I honestly, truly, cannot believe that people this dumb exist. I'm not even MOTI-- I'm just baffled.

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god dang it, bubby
one of my favorite Hamber manipulation tactics is to pretend she cries at everything like an exceptional 11-year-old Tumblrina who is looking for sympathy when her mom grounds her for a week


also wtf with the hair she is so exceptional.. first off why does she have to ask the Ambabies how she should cut her hair?? she is almost 30.