Disaster Famous Internet Cat Tardar Sauce, more commonly known as Grumpy Cat, has passed away. -

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Are we really moralfagging about a fucking cat?
Yes. Absolutely.

Not gonna go full Peta or anything here but ultimately these cat owners are mouth breathing idiots.

Pets deserve the best care they can get, ergo an informed and responsible owner's care. As our pets the dumb animals are at our mercy. We as pet owners are responsible for their lives and wellbeing based on said knowledge. Or should.

Entirely preventable health problems are not the acme of responsibility. But instead it creates a market on the dead animal's fame because of pity. That's what pisses people off.


Are we really moralfagging about a fucking cat?
The reason I'm upset is actually not because of morality. I understand that lower income people can't really afford 100% meat food for their obligate carnivore cats, but these people were fucking millionaires because of this cat. They could have literally been paying a fucking cat chef to feed this cat fancy meat prepared fresh and still had millions left over.

It bothers me so much because it reeks of stupidity and inability to put your priorities in order. I'm sure they don't blame themselves at all or see their cat's death as preventable.

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