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Le Bateleur

Major Arcana
New track from me, featuring a whole bunch of our people of interest. I'm putting it here because the biggest single block of samples are from Jace, and the title is a DN reference. Also featuring Tyce, Reuben, Brianna Wu, Connor, Homer, Chris, A-Log, two 50s instructional films, MylarBalloonFan, Waterman, a Minecraft kid, and Based Tyrone.


True & Honest Fan
Chat got up to kicking around ideas for a lolcow fighting game again, and I entertained the idea of 2v2 matches.

Jace fights using his knife for close-quarters combat and his trusty airsoft deagle for range, and Tyce relies on various dank amgickss so he can summon slekmtns and the like.

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