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Babies for Breakfast Babies for Dinner
Shitty thing I made to combine my two favorite schizophrenics.


Listen up and I'll tell a story
About an autist growing old
Some would try for fame and glory
Others aren't so bold

Everyone in friends and family
Sayin "hey get a job
Why do you only parkour only
Why are you so odd?"

"We don't really like what you do
We don't think anyone ever will
It's a problem that you have
And this problem's made you ill"

Listen up and I'll tell a story
About an autist growing old
Some would try for fame and glory
Others aren't so bold

They sit in front of their pc
Sayin "hey this is fun"
And they laugh at the autist
Saying "he doesn't know how to have fun"

The best things in life are truly sweet
Blazing herbs and dankest memes
You got me wrong says he
The sun don't shine in your pc


Fucking destruction
True & Honest Fan

Was made for a jace-ified Giygas MIDI.
Jace - a hero who goes on giant missions all over the world despite his low social stature and never sees his father.
Gail - a female who professes psychic powers and prays a lot.
Eli - A mostly useless agent who uses toy guns and can "spy."
Tyce - A man from a position of privilege who dropped it all thanks to what an undead being told him. Has a shaved head, uses swords, and can perform magic. Also frequently leaves and joins the party.

How very apropos...

(pls tell me you named the dog Soap).
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