Containment Fan Art Thread -



Ginger Neck Snapper
HellOnEarthIII, an artist I follow who provided the last highlight in this thread, comes at us with more fanart of good ol' Chris with big tiddies, and also (in an act of blasphemy), a gender-bent Bob Chandler.
What's with internet degenerate artists making porn of real people? Least Hell doesn't draw cp as far as I know.

I was in a mood to draw chris-chan related stuff recently and I decided to make an account and upload some of it here


those belts are not really accurate to how chris made them but I didn't want to cover up the nipples so that was a crucial decision to lower them a bit

sylvana x magi-chan.png

also out of boredom I made two fan characters which I included here
the new sonichu squad 2.png
drawing sonichu, rosechu and the chaotic combo would be too much efford at this point