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Salt Water Taffy

Only bad witches are ugly.
Working on an SWT-styled Sonichu tarot deck -

CWC Tarot - Fool.jpg

CWC Tarot - Strength.jpg

This is what I was thinking the rest of the deck would be:

Magician - Magi-Chan
High Priestess - Mary Lee (holding Graduon)
Empress - Rosechu
Emperor - Sonichu
Hierophant - Angelica
Lovers - Wild and Simonla w/ Chris as angel
Chariot - Punchy w/ Jamsta and Lolisa
Hermit - Blake
Wheel of Fortune - Sonichu’s kids?
Justice - Allison Amber?
Hanged Man - Naitsirhc
Death - Silvana
Temperance - Bubbles
Devil - Jason w/ Kathleen and Beel
Tower - 4CG collapsing w/ Jack and Clyde falling
Star - Layla star w/Ivy
Moon - Megtune moon w/ Megagi below?
Sun - Wes Iseli sun with Zapina
Judgement - Asperpedia 4 rising from graves (after their executions), Clyde angel of death
World - Crystal?

Salt Water Taffy

Only bad witches are ugly.
Working on some of the harder cards first so hopefully it'll be a pleasant slide downhill from here on out:
CWC Tarot - Wheel of Fortune.jpg

(Sonichu's children surrounded by Boulder Dropping Whale, Marvey Blaziken, Yawning Squirtle, and Toilet Exploding Voltorb. The symbols on the wheel symbolize Chris's beliefs in alternate dimensions and his fluctuating gender.)
CWC Tarot - Sun.jpg

(Zapina riding the My Little Pony from Special 2 with a Wes Iseli sun)
CWC Tarot - Judgement.jpg

(The Asperpedia Four, after their executions, rising from their graves when summoned by the Liquid Chris angel of death)

Salt Water Taffy

Only bad witches are ugly.
Done with the Sonichu tarot deck!

CWC Tarot - Fool.jpg
Chris and Patti
CWC Tarot - Magician.jpg
Magi-Chan with the Sonichu Balls surrounded by Zapbuds
CWC Tarot - High Priestess.jpg
Mary Lee Walsh holding Graduon
CWC Tarot - Empress.jpg
Rosechu standing up for women's rights
CWC Tarot - Emperor.jpg
CWC Tarot - Hierophant.jpg
Angelica preaching to Inos and Lovely Weather
CWC Tarot - Lovers.jpg
Chris getting Wild and Simonla together with the satanic snake replaced with the Voltorb that killed Simonla
CWC Tarot - Chariot.jpg
Punchy with Jamsta and Lolisa
CWC Tarot - Strength.jpg
The Incredible Lioness face-raping Jason
CWC Tarot - Hermit.jpg
CWC Tarot - Wheel of Fortune.jpg
Cerah, Christine, and Robbie surrounded by Boulder Dropping Whale, Marvey Blaziken, Yawning Squirtle, and Toilet Exploding Voltorb, with the symbols on the wheel signifying Chris' current obsessions with Dimensions and genderbending
CWC Tarot - Justice.jpg
Allison Amber
CWC Tarot - Hanged Man.jpg
CWC Tarot - Death.jpg
Silvana riding Night Star with the flag of Graduon standing over Chris with Darkbind, Zelina, and Kel
CWC Tarot - Temperance.jpg
CWC Tarot - Devil.jpg
Beel with Kathleen and Jason
CWC Tarot - Tower.jpg
The 4CG Building collapsing and Jack and Clyde falling out of it and Jason and Kathleen escaping while Christian and the Hedgehog Boys playing Revive Zordon. I tried to replace the lightning bolt with a jagged music note but it didn't turn out great.
CWC Tarot - Star.jpg
Ivy with a Layla Flaaffy Star
CWC Tarot - Moon.jpg
Megagi La Skunk with a Sailor Megtune Moon
CWC Tarot - Sun.jpg
Zapina riding the My Little Pony from the Wedding Special with a Wes Iseli sun

CWC Tarot - Judgement.jpg
A Liquid Chris angel of judgement reviving the Asperpedia Four after their executions
CWC Tarot - World.jpg
Crystal holding the attraction sign surrounded by the Heart Torch and Bionic, Reginald, Metal Sonichu, and Jiggliami