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I'm thinking about drawing Wittmannchu, the electric hedgehog pokemon, panzer commander and the mastermind of the invasion of Equestria.

I tried drawing Chris-Chan himself as he appeared early in the comics. Tried to go for an idealized version of how he looked like when first discovered by the Internet, kinda giving him a "lovable loser" vibe.

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Quite a while ago, like at least 2 years ago, I had considered working on a comic entirely in inkwash called Fallout: Cwcville.

I got a few pages done, but as I'm not the best at managing my time and have other things to do, I stopped and these pages have been collecting dust. I keep thinking back about the story and it seems like something that would be very fun to do. There would have been lies, murders, betrayals, and kick-ass fighting scenes with karate-chop action. Fan favorites like Asperchu, Mary Lee Walsh, and Metal Sonichu would also make big appearances. Quite a few gruesome deaths would also be in store for more than a few cast members.

The basic plot is this - A roaring fire has swept across Cwcville and left it a horrid wasteland where only trolls of the worst kind can survive. Sonichu and a lucky few have withdrawn to a bunker in his basement, where they wait and pray for Chris-chan to return and bring the joy and color back to their home. Haunted by nightmares and hounded by a sense of responsibility, Sonichu goes against Magi-chan's will and leaves the vault to search for his missing father in the Ashland.

Here is what I had gotten done before I had stopped.

Ch01 Pg 01.jpg

Ch01 Pg 02.jpg

Ch01 Pg 03.jpg

Ch01 pg 04.jpg

Ch01 pg 05.jpg

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Definitely from Steven Universe.
double post

I did another redesign
I made her as a parallel of Rouge.
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And...I did Magichan
Stright outta NiGHTS
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Late as fuck, but I really like the colors and lineart for these. If I saw these on their own without context I'd assume they were actual characters from the Sonic canon.

If you don't mind me asking, do you happen to post your art anywhere else?


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Inspired by the card game mini game in the Chris Chan's Adult Chronicles fangame, I wanted to make triple triad cards! In that game the cards are based off of the "Wall of Originals" while these are based more in the comic and relics. These are just a handful out of the many I'm working on. My two self-imposed limits are no IRL pics of Chris and none of the NSFW stuff.

No idea what I'll do once I finish the full set of them though. My goal is 80, and I already have about 30 images in the bank so far. The numbers are the last thing to get added.


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Might as well post this here. For context I bought Death Road to Canada today and I love it. As it turns out making custom stuff is really easy. So I made a semi custom design of Chris - complete with dirty crapped briefs!


EDIT: Sonichu's done.


I'm going to do a test playthrough now just to make sure they work fine now.
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A combination of EATEOT Stage 1 cover art and Sonichu Issue 0 cover.
Made with simple gradient background and brush tool in Adobe Flash, then put through one of those AI websites that turns drawings into a canvas painting.


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