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Latest piece for DStecks' Bad Reviews... featuring one of the lamest characters in the Sonichu stable. So how does one spice up lame?

You JJ Abrams the fuck out of the image.


Yay, a new fanart thread. :biggrin:
Unfortunately, I was dumb and lost my fakemon drawing but I do have the recolours I've doodled.
Edit: fixed it so there are spoilers for the images.
Wow! Obviously you already know this, but you're very talented! ;>

So I used the medallion I got on eBay as a reference and made my own out of Crayola (Fucking) Model Magic, and I'm wondering why he even had to use
any paint at all? I'm gonna use acrylic paint and krazy glue to make it more authentic, but until then here's my attempt at my own relic of fail.
Well the answer is simple: He's a lazy piece of shit. Was it slightly more work-intensive to actually use individually colored components in order to get your superior results (as opposed to drawing on the mouth, etc.)? Yes? Well that would be why Chris didn't do that himself.